• New superstore upgrades ‘sachet shopping’ convenience


    People living in highly urbanized places like Metro Manila con­sider time a precious commo­­dity. Convenience always takes precedence in a fast-paced lifestyle, including shopping or buying food and groceries.

    Many Filipinos nowadays, especially those living in condominiums, go to convenience stores to buy meals, snacks, ready-to-drink beverages or even cigarettes and ice cream to satisfy their pressing cravings.

    And while the United States may be driven by super-sized, bulk products, the Philippines has long been known as a “sachet country” with most consumers buying tingi or retail in mini sizes.

    A new player in retail believes that there is still an opportunity to raise the bar for less hurried shopping

    A new player in retail believes that there is still an opportunity to raise the bar for less hurried shopping

    This sachet habit has been ingrained so much into Filipino culture with the impression that paying a small amount each time means paying less. In fact, they have grown so comfortable in this system that they look for sachets in almost everything available in the market.

    And again, while superstores and supermarkets acknowledge this aspect of the Filipino buying habit, there are a few who believe that there is still an opportunity to veer away from this shopping tradition in order to raise the bar for less hurried buying.

    One such entity is Landers Superstore who position themselves as an option for a market seeking higher quality essentials, whether food, household products, or gifts for the holiday season. The brand is the newest membership shopping superstore in Metro Manila.

    Blissful experience
    Specifically for Christmas, Landers hopes to curb the harried Christmas shopping experience everyone goes through year in and year out. With its 8,000-square meter vast shopping space, one can easily go through well-lit aisles without bumping into another shopper.

    “We are giving more value to customers so they will always have a blissful shopping experience,” company president Gwen Lim during the media launch of Landers’ third branch in Otis along Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila on December 1. The other two, which opened earlier this year are located in Balintawak and Otis.

    “This Christmas, members can enjoy and shop at their own leisure without going through the frantic holiday rush,” she added.

    The executive further stated that they carry imported goods not usually available in local supermarkets. And while it is easy to dismiss the chain as just another superstore, Lim claims they offer a much wider variety goods with products Filipinos had never come across before.

    “Landers Superstore prides itself in offering only top-notch products. The wide assortment of goods ranging from imported products coming from as far as the US, Canada and Australia to high quality local and exclusive brands gives a wide array of options for everyone,” she explained.

    Beyond shopping
    Landers is also the first membership shopping superstore in the Philippines to have a coffee shop (Doppio), a diner (Landers Central), and a bakery (Dough & Co.).

    The superstore further provides barbershops in their first two branches where waiting husbands and even kids can get their own pampering while mom goes shopping.

    Moreover, shoppers who fill up their tanks at the superstore’s own gas station get P2 off per liter of gasoline and P1.50 per liter of diesel from Caltex.

    “This is not just a Christmas deal; the fuel discount is an everyday offer,” Lim clarified.

    Regular membership card costs P800 but an introductory price at 20-percent less is currently available, with the option of one extension card.

    Meanwhile, business membership is priced P1,000 and is eligible for up to four extension cards.


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