Business owners should brace for a new round of increase in local business taxes as well as yearly garbage fees in Quezon City. Councilor Victor “Jun” Ferrer (first district), the city council’s head of the Ways and Means, has proposed an ordinance amending the city’s Revenue Code by an additional 10 percent increase in business taxes to be imposed and collected next year. Ferrer also proposed an ordinance increasing and imposing an annual garbage fee that includes households and providing penalties to it for those who will not comply. Ferrer said the increase will boost the city’s preparation to construct more school buildings to accommodate the additional population of schoolers with the imposition of the K-to-12 program of national education.


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    1. I guess QC, has a lot of surplus money 3 billion that it can afford to infuriate and aggravate QC business owners & property owners. Didn’t they raise property taxes last year for illegal settlers relocation? have they done it? To be fair, are they willing to take a 10 % CUT in their salaries, perks and allowances? Enough is enough. Show us results first before raising new taxes. BTW, haven’t they approved a budget for converting old street lights to newer LED bulbs. South triangle was supposed to be the Pilot program, haven’t seen a single LED bulb.
      Maybe it’s time to consider moving to a more thoughtful & considerate city! Just saying!