New technology puts comfort under your control


The ability to control your comfort on a room-by-room basis gives you more control over the energy budget for your home.

NEW technology is making it easier to have a home that is comfortable in any season.

Choosing the right system is key since this allows homeowners to cool the rooms they use the most while saving energy in less-used areas of the house. Industry experts refer to this as “zone control.”

Fortunately, new systems from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating employ advanced technology that can precisely adjust each room’s temperature to the homeowner’s preference.

“With these systems, I can be in control of the air my kids are breathing,” said design expert Cortney Novogratz. “Also, the zoning capabilities allow me to set areas of my house at different temperatures. With seven kids, being able to set the thermostat so that different areas are at various temperatures is a huge benefit. My kids’ rooms can be set at a temperature where they’re comfortable, while the rest of the house might be set at another temperature.”

These systems benefit the environment as well. They are made of mostly recyclable parts and use an environmentally friendly refrigerant that won’t pollute the environment.

Control from a distance
Another feature that makes this a cool way to add comfort to your home is the fact that the system can be controlled anytime, anywhere through a smartphone or other Internet-enabled device.

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