• New trafficking scheme using fake BI stamps unmasked


    HUMAN trafficking syndicates have level up their modus operandi in the wake of the Bureau of Immigration’s (BI) implementation of stringent measures and use of modern technology to stop illegal departures and entries in the country’s ports of entry. Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente disclosed the scheme after immigration authorities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) intercepted a departing Filipino woman carrying a BI departure stamp. The victim was supposed to board a Cathay Pacific flight to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates when she was spotted by an immigration officer who referred her for secondary inspection to members of the BI’s travel control and enforcement unit. The victim, who disguised herself as a tourist, admitted that her purpose in going to Dubai was to work as domestic helper. Morente then ordered Marc Red Mariñas, BI’s port operations division chief, to field more BI intelligence agents at the NAIA’s departure areas to ensure that no passenger could sneak past the BI counters undetected and evade immigration inspection.


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    1. jaime dela Cruz on

      How does BI officers at our airports and sea ports detect fake stamps and documents. Most countries I’ve been to use some kind of electronic device that shines a light on documents to determine authenticity. Money changers in the country uses a similar machine to detect fake bills. It should not be an issue with the government to install these devices so no one escape undetected.