• New weekly series tackles millennial culture


    Millennials are known for their independent lifestyle, hours and hours of social media usage and even funding their own travels.

    ‘G.R.I.N.D’ features millennials (clockwise, from top left) Ayra Mariano, Bruno Gabriel, Jazz Ocampo and Benedict Campos

    In its newest youth-oriented show that challenges the stereotype of this new generation, GMA Network airs “Get Ready It’s A New Day!” or “G.R.I.N.D.” starting tomorrow right after “I-Witness.”

    Featuring the intertwining story of four young people who struggle to find their place in the world as they face the challenges of living by the day, the show identifies millennial culture and modern independence.

    The story revolves around advertising manager Carlo Yuson who has developed grit for success, but easily gets jealous of co-workers and bosses. His best friend Solanj Martinez, an underachiever who wants to prove something to the world, invests in a café business but puts her love life at stake. Opposite her is Lui Gonzales who takes on the responsibility of being the breadwinner in a dysfunctional family. Then there’s the handsome and discreet gay RK Katakutan who tries his luck in the big city to help his struggling family in the province.

    G.R.I.N.D. is produced by Wizpher Mac Production and stars Bruno Gabriel as Carlo Yuson, Jazz Ocampo as Solanj Martinez, Ayra Mariano as Lui Gonzales and Benedict Campos as RK Katakutan.


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