New year: Coping with a Darwinless evolution



WHAT will the world look like in 2020? Here are snapshots of predictions by various technology experts.

There will be self-driving cars on roads of major cities. Our homes and lives will be organized by connected smart devices interacting with our voice digital assistants. We will wear sensors, perhaps as contact lenses or even tattoos, that will monitor our body and report irregularities to our doctor. Some of us will wear clothing with digital sensors, that will do everything from monitor the way particular muscles work during exercise to control social interactions, such as communicating with the clothes of friends and acquaintances. Manufacturing will be revolutionized by 3D printing and autonomous delivery, be it through self-driving cars or drones, and 3D printing will also be used to make human tissues and organs. Passwords will be a thing of the past, with biometrics replacing them.

Chanced upon an article that says nobody will own cars in the future. Why? By then, all you have to do is press a button in your smartphone, a driverless car will pick you up and take you to your destination prepaid. Cars will be guided by street sensors and GPS. No more worries on parking space, drivers’ licenses, and car registrations. Family trips can be booked in advance or in real time with corresponding type of vehicles needed—vans, shuttles or buses if a large group is traveling. Apple and Google started early with autonomous cars. Tesla pioneered electric cars and the rest are joining the rush for an emission free but responsive mode of transport. Solar-powered car bodies are now in the pipeline. Trains and trucks and houses will soon be using the same fossil-less energy platforms with voice recognition commands. Smartphones will be a command pad coordinating all the tasks needed. Way to the future.

Wish that there is a gadget the size of a coin that can transmit SOS signals anywhere in the world to two or three selected phone numbers (including 9-11). This can pinpoint the caller’s exact location in case of life-threatening emergencies and compromised situations.

Who would want to bring home work with an office like those of Google and Apple? Yes, the idea is to spend more time in the office. Free meals, bottomless sodas, coffee and tea, game rooms and even free laundry. Yes, this has been going on at Silicon Valley for decades. And they have free shuttles just in case you decide to go home and back. And a fat check to cap the niceties.

* * *

The original “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit” is “Kasadya Ning Takna-a” which is still the most popular Cebuano Christmas carol in the Visayas and Mindanao, sung in its original Bisayan lyrics. The music was composed in 1933 by buddies Vicente Rubi with lyrics by Mariano Vestil, both from Mambaling, Cebu City. With the help of Manuel Velez of Sa Kabukiran fame, it was copyrighted also in 1933. (Credit where credit is due.)

* * *

New Year’s greetings for senior citizens:
-May your BP and cholesterol level stay normal.

-May your gout disappear even if you’re unstoppable in eating innards and nuts.

-May your hearing improve so you don’t have to shout.

-May your memory improve so you can always remember your wife’s name instead of just the dog.

-May you quit the habit of showing your senior citizen’s ID even when dining at home.

-May you start liking songs of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus aside from appreciating their bodies.

-May you drink less wine and stop making it as an excuse to prevent dehydration.

-May you quit smoking someone else’s cigarettes.

-May you stop looking at the wrong day, wrong month of a wrong calendar.

-May you open the correct door to stop peeing at the fridge.

-May you stop looking for a new wheelchair model every year just to be ahead of your neighbor.

-May you come to realize that you’re only handicapped in just one part of your body.

-May you refrain from attending reunions of the wrong class of the wrong school.

-Kick the habit of pretending to be surprised at a gift you bought for yourself.

– May you stop buying television with larger screen than your neighbor’s.

Arrogance makes you a legend to yourself. Humility makes you a legend to others.

Heartache is a disease of the mind. Headache is a disease of the heart. Faith heals both.

* * *

A Facebook wall is like a house. The owners opened the door because you are a friend or an acquaintance. They treated you with respect when you came in, offered their hospitality and shared their thoughts with you. they listened and kept quiet when they disagree with some of your thoughts because you’re a guest. Now when you returned the favor by ranting, disagreeing or loudly making noise in front of their other guests in the house, and your action or behavior becomes offensive to some who share that hospitality, that is rude and not “friendly” at all. Do not stray into the corners of the hosts’ house to search for things to complain about. If you cannot behave and would insist on imposing your bratty attitude, then it is time for you to voluntarily leave to say and do your thing in your own abode and not wait to be thrown out into the street.

* * *

New Year is life’s counter. Usually numbered 1-100, it stops clicking when the owner’s thumb is not there anymore.

How I wish 2018 will free our country from decades of endless bickering among political Gryffindors and Slytherins, stop businessmen drinking greed potions, drop those corrupt witches off their broomsticks, snap some of our countrymen out of unproductive ideological trances, and wave the magic wand to make that Filipino spirit spellbound in making our country prosper once and for all.

Thank you Lord for being the tireless Provider of your Blessings in our table. May Your love and generosity spread to others as well.

Good work, good deeds and good faith.


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