New Year glow up



If your 2017 has been as complicated as mine, I am sure you’re looking forward to 2018. Well, New Year’s is just a day away! (Yay!)

Wear stripes. Wear polka dots. Keep money in your pockets. Jump at the stroke of midnight.

Feel great and ring in 2018 with this equally flashy and explosive makeup look. It’s just might be what you need to compete with the fireworks at a New Year’s Eve party.

First, start with a glowing base.

In order to achieve this, I mixed a little bit of Make Up For Ever Uplight gel highlighter with my foundation. After evening it out on our model’s face, I set it with loose powder and dusted a bit more of my subtle highlighter over.

Next, I added the contour, blush and highlights.

The contour has to be slightly more intense than usual to match the rest of the look. Since that was the case, I blended in a bit of darker blush over the contour, then used a light natural looking blush in a nude shade over the balls of her cheeks and added dimension with highlighter over it.

This works well for Polina who is very fair. Pick a shade slightly darker if you’re a bit on the morena side.

Brows have to be bold and strong as well. Heavy or dramatic makeup works well with well-defined brows. Think of them as a frame for your eye makeup.

This is where it gets a little more complicated.

Apply a light shadow with a peach-pink shade all over your lids, up until the curve of your eyeball socket. You can close your eyes and feel for the edge. Apply until the inner corners of your eyes — kind of where they curve towards your nose bridge. On the outer corners of your eyes, apply a darker shade and blend the two shades together.

Sweep a lighter shade that is complementary under your brow bone, along the inner corners and under your eyes. For this look, I used a mix of gold and champagne. Pick out shadows that have shimmer or glitter on them for a more eye-catching look. Pile on the glitter while they haven’t banned it yet!

No glitter for this look though, because I don’t have that in my kit. Glitter is a pain to clean up.

You can actually go safe and end with this look. Just put on some lipstick or one of those lip stains, curl your lashes and put on some mascara. No need for eyeliner even!

But if you’re up to the challenge, you can move towards the next step and add in the dark eyeshadow.

For this look, I went withblack eyeshadow.

Apply some along your eyes, top and bottom, and smudge it out towards the edges of your brows. It creates this illusion of a winged eyeliner and will add drama to your eyeliner later on. Think of it as applying two different shades of black, or in this case, two different textures of black.

Open your eyes and check if your application is even.

I know others like to pose with their eyes closed to show you how even their makeup application is, but the real testament to that is when your eyes are open. Eyes are shaped differently, so makeup application will not usually look even on lids, if they are to look even with eyes open.

And let’s face it, we don’t go around walking with our eyes closed, do we?

So, check if your makeup is on point with eyes open. You may not end up with those coveted photos of lids, but at least you’ll look great in person.

Next, we apply eyeliner!

The eyeliner application is winged, mimicking the dark eyeshadow you just applied earlier.

For this look, I did a full wing application and included the bottom waterline. As you can see, the darker eyeshadow sort of acts as a background to the liner.

Curl the lashes and apply lots of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. You can apply falsies if you want to, but you can also get away without them since the eyeliner application is already heavy.

Also, the great thing about this eye makeup application is that even if they smudge later on in the night while partying, it will just look like you meant to do that since the initial application was already intentionally smudged. Because, really, who remembers to retouch when they’re too busy having fun? (I know I don’t.)

Finally, apply some lipstick.

For this look, I used Happy Skin’s Matte Lippie in Flower Power and layered glittery gloss on top of it. You can opt for any glittery or metallic finish lipstick to complete the look.

Spray on some finishing spray, and you are set to welcome the New Year with a feisty look to boost your spirit.


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