• New York Times rattles Aquino, EDSA rites


    “30 Years After Revolution, Some Filipinos Yearn for ‘Golden Age’ of Marcos.” With this headline and a well-researched story, the New York Times once again has rattled President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd and his soon-to-depart Administration. Just as it has done in previous years, when the paper occasionally took note of untoward developments in the country.

    Marcos political renaissance

    In its report, written by Fred Whaley and published on February 23, the NYT reported the following:

    1. As Filipinos were preparing for the 30th anniversary of the “People Power” revolution that toppled Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Marcos family legacy is undergoing a political renaissance.

    2. Some or many Filipinos claim that the time of Marcos rule was a “golden age” of peace and prosperity. One Manila resident said, “I think Marcos was our best president. That was when the Philippines was the leader of Asia. We were respected.”

    One 70-year-old retired schoolteacher told the NYT, she remembers well the time of Marcos when there was no traffic, police officers did not extract bribes and criminals were on the run. “That was a time when our economy was booming. Even Imelda did a lot of good things. She shared our culture with the world. I can forgive her for having so many shoes.”

    3. The family’s political resurgence is being led by Sen Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., “a popular senator” who is running for vice president in the May 9 national election.

    4. Bongbong has built a coalition from his father’s remaining supporters and young people who were not alive when martial law was declared in the 1970s. He has drawn close to popular politicians like Manny Pacquiao and Miriam Defensor Santiago.

    The report was so vivid, and the language so colorful, that President Aquino devoted his address at the EDSA commemoration yesterday to disputing the “golden age” perception and attacking Senator Marcos. He forgot to talk about the meaning and significance of EDSA day.

    A comparison of records

    Aquino lamented that Filipinos appear to have forgotten the meaning of the People Power Revolution as seen in the increasing support for Bongbong’s candidacy.

    To counter the seeming Marcos tsunami, Malacañang has mounted a well-funded campaign to dent Bongbong’s popularity and blunt his candidacy. It has revived martial-law scare propaganda. It has produced a quickie junk book on martial law, authored by a propagandist-for-hire.

    A Palace spokesman told the media that the country is more successful now than it was under Mr. Marcos. “We are now known as Asia’s rising star, an investment-grade economy and an example of good governance.”

    The big problem is that if a serious comparison is made between the record of Ferdinand Marcos and the combined records of Cory Aquino and PNoy Aquino, it would prove to be a no contest.

    Up to now, the Aquino administration still has not matched the achievement of 8 percent GDP growth (twice) during the martial law years.

    If a debate between Bongbong Marcos and Noynoy Aquino about these records is staged, the New York Times will surely be on hand to report.

    But then, it will dawn on President Aquino that all this skirmishing only makes Bongbong more popular, and possibly unstoppable.


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    1. Who started Edsa. Who voted for Cory and Pinoy.
      It’s the filipino people who wanted more.
      Where are they? They should be the one to be blamed because they started Edsa and voted for Aquino/s.
      It’s too late the damage has been done. 30 yrs passed and Philippines did not recover.
      Change should start from every Filipino people. Vote wisely and think of the future.
      Those who will do the counting remember it’s the future at stake. Be honest.
      Remember if you cheat you are also cheating yourself.

    2. If only pnoy became a unifying president instead of being vindictive and dispensing selective justice then maybe he could have improved the lives of Filipinos and peace could have been achieved in the Philippines,
      Now it’s too late no matter what he does now will improve how the world perceive his mismanagement of the country!!!!

    3. The most Brainless and Stupid President we had non other than the Yellow Oligarch….Sick and Tired watching never ending Corruption getting worse to worst and Spreading Lies to all ignorant Fellow Citizen believing them.

      Your end is near yellow team, hope to see you being Judge by well Patriotic Citizen of our beloved Country.

      Soon the MArcoses will reinstate the Golden Years of our mother Land.

    4. Emerson S. Manlapas on

      Thank you, New York Times for sharing the TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…So help BBM the real STATESMAN….

    5. THIS WAS NOWHERE IN THE ARTICLE…. READ THE ARTICLE YOURSELF– lazy people–http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/24/world/asia/30-years-after-revolution-some-filipinos-yearn-for-golden-age-of-marcos.html?_r=0- THE ARTICLE WAS SUPPOSE BE BALANCE.. NOT SOME PRAISE RELEASE FOR A FAMILY THAT MURDERED THOUSANDS AND CONTINUE TO LIVE ON LIES AND PEOLE’s MONEY
      The big problem is that if a serious comparison is made between the record of Ferdinand Marcos and the combined records of Cory Aquino and PNoy Aquino, it would prove to be a no contest.
      Up to now, the Aquino administration still has not matched the achievement of 8 percent GDP growth (twice) during the martial law years.

    6. this is paid advertising…i dont see any proof of article from new york times nor a link. the figures were fabricated.. especially the GDP figures. this is all crap.. please be more EDUCATED…

    7. The NY Times is certainly doing it’s part in making it possible for the Marcoses to return. I can’t blame you NY Times people. You are ensconced in your high rise comfortable offices, never had to experience how to live in fear knowing that all your basic rights have been stripped away from you, that your economy has been plundered while the Marcoses and cronies partied in expensive yatchs all throught the night and Imelda has collected 3,0000 shoes while thousands of Filipino children were barefoot from lack of resources to buy a single pair of shoes. If renowned newspapers like NY times keep taking a position as it did in this article, which makes it possible for the Marcoses to come back and continue the plunder that their parents have done to my country, we will have the NY times to thank for. If this ever happens, I hope your conscience will allow you to live in peace. But then….DO YOU HAVE A CONSCIENCE?????

      I read this article…and I feel fear creeping in my heart…I feel hopelessness….NY Times a giant in the world of news…helping the moneyed marcoses come back….what are our chances in fighting against such partnership? But I remember EDSA which I was a part of and hope starts building again. NEVER AGAIN!! And it doesnt matter if the Marcoses have The NY Times behind them.

    8. Yes, indeed that this government is more corrupt and disgrace than the time of marcoses marcos serves tge service for 20yrs Aquino became millionaire in6 years.he protected his clan businesses, his allies interest, hid yellow media partners, his inexperienced classmates and buddies. Shame on you, people let history judge you. I will support the young marcos, why? Because his vision is not vengeance, his aim is for bringing back the glory of the Philippines once had. Our olds know the history and I believe in them not to communist mind of mr saguisag etal. Shame on you mr aquino, nothing to replenish in your edsa day. It is a hardship and tribulations we have experienced

    9. History has given its verdict on Marcos and the so-called EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution, now 30 years after. BS Aquino’s convoluted effort to dispute the perceived “golden age” of the country under the Marcos years and his insecure attacks on Sen. Bong Bong Marcos have validated history’s judgment–Yellow elite rule for thirty years after Marcos has not changed the country for the better. That’s the reason for the people’s nostalgia for the Marcos time and the apparent resurgence of the Marcos family, now led by Bong Bong Marcos.

    10. What a pathetic one! it’s shameful to consider him as President of my country…remember hacienda luisita & Mamasapano massacre! The yellow oligarchs is a cancerous illness of this nation needs to be eliminate from the very roots of its existence. Your ancestors questionable wealth mirrors how you runs the business mysteriously.

    11. The early years of Marcos Regime was ideal, he was it his best but on the succeeding years, power got into is head big time, that he became a dictator, added to this is his wife and cronnies.Marcos gives out his best in and his worst to the Philippines/ Filipinos.I was happy his gone…I should say never again…I’d rather go for Duterte.

      • Huh, what? Is Bongbong running for Presidency? It’s clearly your comment is blinded by your emotions instead of objective reasons based on factual events and untainted evidences.

    12. P(abnoy) Aquino’s style is to tell a lie and repeat it all over again and again and again and again until it everybody believes that it is the truth …… P(ab)noy place in Philippine history is that he is the greatest liar the Philippine presidency has ever have. Additionally on every speeches he has done and in every failures his administration has committed he will jumped on GMA & Marcos as the reason for it. Anyway P(ab)noy will be gone in a moment so God bless the Philippines.

    13. Thank you Mr. President for NOTHING. Can you honestly say that you really look after the welfare of the poor? You’ve done nothing for us bec. you used your energy lambasting the Marcos family instead of doing your work. The truth is, you favored you’re cronies. Use all the resources to entice the congressmen and senators for your evil plans to discredit your opponent. Now, who is the dictator bet. you and Marcos? Telling us not to vote for BBM is none of your business. Campaign for your candidates but refrain from telling us whom to vote!!!

    14. I think the 70 year old school teacher “if she even exists ” has lost her marbles as well as her memory,

      • I am a 71 yrs old retired government employee, I know what the 70 yrs old said was true. The real dictator is Cory, not Marcos. All I can say is that I cannot forget so many unpleasant things that happened under her rule, and that the EDSA revolt was the worst thing that happened to the Philippines after World War II.

      • Razortongue Rose on

        And so does all the bad things about Martial Law. If not for the Martial Law, we have become a communist country… Ninoy is responsible for bringing communism hiding behind the cloak of idealism.

    15. totally true, this benigno has shown us that we should “never again” vote an aquino into office !!

      also the choice offered also sucked from the teat of the KBL, son of a bicolano KBL bigwig , Minister of Agriculture of Ferdinand, Sr., a Sonny Escudero !!!!

    16. The dictatorship of Marcos was permitted by the United States. Without the US, martial law will not happen. Marcos and President Reagan are close friends like Pinoy Aquino and DOTC Abaya and Abad. Campaign donation was provided by Marcos to Reagan during the US presidential elections. Our poor country was looted by Marcos and Reagan. That is the reason old politicians like Saguisag and co. are rejecting EDCA because this will influence the future of our country. That is also the reason that Japan is trying to remove U.S. bases in Japan.

    17. Ogie de Guzman on

      It’s because the common FIlipinos (those who commute daily along the traffic strewn roads of Metro Manila, get wages that are not enough to feed a family of 3 or more, do not get the service from their taxes which most of the times they have to bribe government employees to work on their papers, and the common folks who cannot get their children to schools to get a proper education and the list goes on) have seen and experience daily what the Aquino (both mother and son) have delivered to their constituents…..practically nothing. The “Daang Matuwid” is a big farce and that is why MArred Roxas is also lumbering in the campaign despite a daily exposure on TV and print ads (by the way, who’s paying for all of those?)

      • Herminio Gener on

        Pera na mismo ng mga SSS MEMBERS IPINAGKAIT PA SA MGA SSS PENSIONER. AASA PA KAYONG MAKINABANG SA TRILLION BUDGET NG PILIPINAS.Milyon-milyong donation para sa mga YOLANDA VICTIM … NASAAN NA??? Bakit hindi pinakinabangan ng mga biktima??? Kaninong bulsa napunta….HINDI BA CORRUPTION ANG TAWAG DYAN??? Sa mga tanga at nagtatangahan paki-esplika nga kung ano ang inyong naging pakinabang sa kasalukuyang gobyerno para mapatunayan nyo sa amin na napakalaki ng inyong pakinabang sa administrasyon ni Pnoy!!! #Anti-graft and Corruption in the Philippines.

    18. Sino ba yang so-called palace spokesman na nagsabi na ang Pilipinas ngayon ay “Asia’s rising star” and an “example of good governance”? Ito ba yung taga Tineg, Abra? Or yung laging nakasimangot ang mukha?

      Mr. Spokesman, where did you come from? Are you from Planet Pluto? Ikaw ba yung pinapanis ang laway pag may meeting sa Malacanang where your principal presides?

      Anong “Asia’s rising star” ang pinagsasabi mo? Aber, ano ang mga indicators na ginamit mo, developed by non-partisan experts with multi-disciplinary backgrounds? Paki-publish nga.

      You talk about “good governance”. Pwede bang paki-publish din ang official definition nito, the assessment parameters used, and the current results. Failing this, please shut your mouth.

    19. jun abella andres on

      we have to appreciate President Aquino, for making Senator Bongbong look more adorable and more popular. Thanks to his words.- jun andres….

      • hehehe, you right..the more he talk trash about BBM, the more BBm becomes so popular that people now see who has a better attitude…vindictive vs BBM kind nature personality

    20. Indeed, the first term of Ferdinand Marcos was a very good one. Unfortunately the good years ended when he had himself reelected and became a dictator, making that chapter, the worse we ever experienced.

    21. Aquino lies to the uneducated and his Liberal Party support his lies.
      All of Aquino’s claims of progress and good governance are nothing but lies.

      Look around, every agency and service has been managed by the incompetent corrupt political appointee’s of Aquino.