• New Zealand for every kind of dad


    TREAT the man in your life to a trip like no other. Whether your dad is the restless adventurer or the calm creative, there’s no shortage of Kiwi activities for your home’s paternal head to enjoy. These activities aren’t just for grownups either. Check out this list that highlights some great New Zealand experiences any kind of dad personality can take away from.

    The Wanderer. After sunset, the skies come alive with twinkling lights. Nightscapes make stargazing in New Zealand a truly magnificent experience. The Dark Sky Reserve (in photo), in the South Island, has been labelled as one of the best stargazing sites on earth.

    Thousands of magical glowworms showcase the wonder of nature in this iconic New Zealand attraction

    The Health Buff. Underground volcanic and tectonic activity has been shaping NZ’s land for thousands of years. As a result, natural hot pools—particularly around Rotorua —are popular with locals and visitors alike; a soak in the waters of Kerosene Creek or Waiotapu Stream is uniquely relaxing.

    The Eco-champion. New Zealand boasts some of the most unique birdlife in the world—a quarter of its birds are found nowhere else on the planet. Including the famous flightless kiwi, this is also the home of the colourful pukeko and takahe, and the mischievous kea.

    The Creative Soul. Take your dad for a feel of NZ’s history and culture at one of the country’s many museums. Every town and city has its own selection, but many find a visit to Te Papa—the Museum of New Zealand—in Wellington to be a great choice.

    The Adventurous Spirit. A lot of NZ’s activities are sure to leave you and your dad jaw-dropping in utmost thrill. Jetboating, bungy jumping and zorbing – hurtling around in a giant transparent ball – are just some of these Kiwi favorites. For more details log on to www.tourismnewzealand.com


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