New Zealand’s honey ‘powered’ to suit diabetics


Various scientific studies have proven that honey contains health benefits and immune-boosting powers because of its natural components. Aside from giving flavor to food and beverages, the US Food and Drug Administration has supported that honey can also be used for wound management.

But different from other honey products found in the market, New Zealand’s homegrown Manuka Health Honey is known as the “only 100 percent natural food in the world shown to have effective and reliable antibacterial activity, as verified by its significant nutritional methylglyoxal (MGO) content,” according to Manuka Health products official distributor in the Philippines, Bee Healthy Trading.

As more individuals consume the popular New Zealand produce, a new variant was recently introduced to the Filipino market. Called the “Manuka Honey MGO 400 with Cyclopower,” this chewable tablet is made for easier consumption and derived from Manuka Heath Honey that contains the same benefits but with lower glucose levels.

Now, Filipinos with pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions can enjoy New Zealand’s Manuka honey benefits as it gets a boost of “cyclopower” beneficial for people with reduced insulin sensitivity.

The Manuka Health New Zealand that manufactures one of the healthiest honey product in the world, has recently introduced this new scientific breakthrough by adding on “cyclodextrins” that are beneficial prebiotics derived from plant fibers.

Japanese scientists led by Professor KeijiTerao of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology together with the Manuka Health Company has conducted extensive research to make this product especially for those with diabetic conditions, and for individuals who have difficulty consuming pure honey.

As a natural bioactive booster, cyclopower helps dietary supplements work better as it contains the cyclodextrin molecule that acts as a “protective cup” that can carry the methyglyoxal component found in Manuka Health Honey.

With its healing benefits working more effectively, the cyclodextrins acts as power for the “bioactive boosting action” that makes absorption easier and effects felt faster. Compared to the Manuka Health Honey syrup, this variant has lower glycemic index, making it ideal for diabetics and prediabetics.

As Manuka Health offers different products such as facial toner, soap, and lotion that are all derived from the Manuka Health Honey, this chewable variant that is available for mouth and throat relief is another innovative product offered by New Zealand to the Philippine market.

With this new offering, Manuka Honey users can enjoy 50 times more efficiency against throat and mouth bacteria in 24 hours and support good bacteria in the mouth and throat.

Depending on the MGO content that ranges from 100 to 550 milligrams, Manuka Health Honey is priced between P1, 300 to P2, 800 for a 250mg bottle, and P2, 300 to P4, 900 for a 500mg bottle. While the Manuka Honey MGO 400 with Cyclopower Mouth and Throat variant is priced at P1, 300 for 16 tablets. ( )

The new Cyclopower products are available at The Hive in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and Lucky China Town in Manila City. This can also be found in Quezon City malls in Robinson’s Magnolia and Ayala Fairview Terreces. Ayala Center Cebu and Ayala Abreeza Mall in Davao also carry Manuka Honey MGO 400 with Cyclopower.


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