• Newcastle disease under watch


    The Department of Agriculture (DA) has imposed strict biosecurity and quarantine measures after the province of Tarlac declared an outbreak of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), a contagious bird disease affecting many domestic and wild avian species, and is transmissible to humans.

    In a text message, Agriculture Undersecretary for Livestock Jose Reaño said the agency has already directed all regional field units in Luzon to observe strict quarantine, and possibly zero transport of poultry specially fighting cocks.

    The DA official said that they have already sent isolates to Australia for genotyping, adding that they expect to come up with a definitive results in one to two weeks time.

    “We have discussed this with stakeholders and vaccine manufacturers and have confirmed it to be NDV,” Reaño said.

    “We are also requesting bird or any poultry raisers to refrain transport of their animals to other provinces because of Newcastle disease infection that we are experiencing to avoid contamination of other birds in Luzon,” he said.

    Reaño also advised all gamecock aficionados to conduct follow-up of vaccination to their birds.

    Newcastle disease is a contagious bird disease affecting many domestic and wild avian species. It is transmissible to humans. Its effects are most notable in domestic poultry because of their high susceptibility and the potential for severe impacts of an epizootic on the poultry industries. It is endemic to many countries.

    Exposure of humans to infected birds can cause mild conjunctivitis and influenza-like symptoms, but the virus otherwise poses no hazard to human health.

    No treatment for NDV exists, but the use of prophylactic vaccines and sanitary measures reduces the likelihood of outbreaks.


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    1. Faith Christine Duran on

      I would like to know how the disease started or the probable reason why an outbreak occurred in that area..
      Hoping for a response. Thanks.

    2. why doesnt the NDV start to clean up those poultry farms affected with newcastle disease within a radius of 8 miles of the farms where they hv found the newcastle disease infection.
      Here in the EU all those farms wld hv been cleared now and all poultry destroyed and a transportation ban created .
      If the NDV doesnt start culling these farms the disease will spread rapidly as it is transported by all kind of birds