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Hosts of morning show ‘New Day’ (from left) Claire Celdran, James Deakin, Christine Jacob, Andrei Felix and Angel Jacob

CNN Philippines rolls out new program line-up

CNN Philippines and Nine Media Corporation President Armie Jarin-Bennett headed the launch of a new line-up of news programs to demonstrate the network’s commitment of providing the public with dependable news on TV.

“Trust is earned, it is not given. Our goal is to continue to earn the trust of more viewers in this country and beyond,” said Jarin-Bennett at a media gathering at Chateau 1771 in Makati City.

Kicking off the year, the network launched its second newscast in Filipino on February 6 anchored by senior correspondent Ruth Cabal. Titled Newsroom Ngayon, it airs weekdays at 10 a.m., and is the first CNN Philippines show that airs live on Facebook given the network’s increasing footprint on digital platforms.

Newsroom Weekend, anchored by Mai Rodriguez airs, every Saturday at 12 noon. It premiered on March 4 to complement the 6 p.m. weekend newscast.

On March 27, News Night replaces Network News at 6 p.m. As the flagship news program of CNN Philippines, it promises to go “above and beyond the headlines.” Anchored by Chief Correspondent Pia Hontiveros, the program will deeper into news stories with in-depth analysis, discussions and perspectives on current issues and events.

In addition, Hontiveros also anchors Global Newsroom at 3 p.m. as Claire Celdran returns to New Day, replacing AmelynVeloso who goes on medical leave. Joining Celdran on the program are original anchors Claudine Trillo and Andrei Felix.

CNN Philippines and Nine Media Corporation president Armie Jarin-Bennett talks about the fresh changes on the news network

Host of The Service Road James Deakin joins the roster every Friday, while Real Talk’s Christine Jacob and Leading Wo­men’s Angel Jacob fill in for Trillo when she goes on maternity leave.

Lastly, Political Insider is the latest CNN Philippines Current Affairs program, which debuted on March 3. It is anchored by former journalist and legislator and now businessman Gilbert Remulla. Every week, he talks to government leaders, lawmakers, and other insiders on the latest political and socioeconomic issues facing the country today and why they matter to Filipinos.


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