• The next 100 days: Slomo or time lapse?



    AFTER his first 100 days in office, PRRD is sure to continue screening his motion picture blockbusters up to 2017 with “Tokhang” sequels. Same screenplay with blips on bigger screens.

    Meanwhile, moviegoers want to see new films like “Edsa Parking Lot”, “Anyare FOI?” and “Infra Fast and Furious.”

    * * *

    On territorial disputes between the Philippines and China, neither side has changed their claimant status, but both agreed on a friendlier approach to the disputes sans provocative actions. Whatever they say, isn’t this better than before?

    * * *

    Headlines can be confusing these days:
    • Chinese coast guards share food with Filipino fishers

    • Think tank belies PH claim China vessels left Panatag

    • PH boats fishing outside Panatag, US think tank claims

    • Filipino fishermen back from Panatag Shoal with big catch

    • China still blocking access to Scarborough Shoal, says think tank

    • South China Sea: Beijing says ‘situation’ at disputed Scarborough Shoal ‘has not changed and will not’

    • South China Sea: Philippines says Chinese vessels have left Scarborough Shoal following Duterte visit

    • China may have left Scarborough Shoal in ‘sign of warming ties’

    • Philippines: China still guarding Scarborough Shoal but Filipinos back

    * * *

    Senator Bam Aquino has decided he would look into the proliferation of fake news and trolling on social media. I think he became an authority on this topic when he was the campaign manager of Vice President Leni Robredo. He can be both panelist and resource person at the same time. Bam if you do, Bam if you don’t.

    * * *

    I have to sympathize with the working student class. They are not asking for dole-outs or government assistance but have decided on their own to get themselves educated not on anyone’s expense but their own. They are the less fortunate whose parents live a hand-to-mouth existence. No income taxes should be levied on them while on part-time employment. Their meager incomes are not sufficient for the daily costs of transport and clothing, let alone the unaffordable tuition and textbooks. They should be given special access to state universities and colleges which are oftentimes “invaded” by the children of affluent families. The future of these students should not be compromised by financial constraints.

    * * *

    By now it is a fact that while majority of Filipinos support PRRD, they would also like him to tone down the “colorful” language and strong rhetoric a few notches or even an octave lower. While at 71 years he may not be that pliable anymore, the public may continue to resent such tongue-lashing especially when even children can see and hear these tirades and expletives on national television. They will not want to see their children grow up mouthing words the “toughie” or “kanto boy” way. That is why they invest their hard-earned money to secure an education and a more civilized behavior in our society.

    * * *

    For photo enthusiasts, the best lens is the one that works best to capture the essence of a particular subject. It’s up to each photographer to discover which lenses work to tell his or her story.

    * * *

    Why insist on a one-day election? Early voting two to three days earlier can decongest clogging at the precincts, which happens when voting is held in just one day. It would also enable not only media members and overseas voters but also PWDs, senior citizens, working students, BPO employees, transients and ethnic groups coming down from the highlands to vote. More windows should be given to exercise the right to vote. While counting is automated, casting votes is still manual.

    * * *

    US stops arms sale to Philippines. Good news for the cottage industries of Danao City and Ilocoslovakia.

    * * *

    Duterte urges Pacquiao to KO Vargas early. Pacquiao has to unleash his “inhuman right” for an “extra-judicial knockdown.”

    * * *

    To Presidential Clarification Office: “Ano ba talaga, mga Kuya?”

    • Philippines’ Duterte: We’ll turn to Russia if US won’t sell us guns

    • Bato umaasang matutuloy ang arms deal sa US

    • Bato saddened by scuttled arms deal of PNP with US

    • De la Rosa: Arms deal with US still a go

    • Rifle deal with US not cancelled–PNP

    • Defense chief sees difficulties with arms made in China, Russia

    • Duterte says PHL can buy arms from China or Russia, but US still an option

    • PNP nilinaw na tuloy pa rin ang pagbili ng malalakas na uri ng baril sa isang kumpanya sa Amerika

    • PH to buy arms from China, Russia

    • Duterte Seeks Arms From China, Ends Joint Patrols With US

    * * *

    Now that AT&T has bought Time Warner, I suggest that the station ID voice be changed to “This…is CNN…Hello!

    * * *

    Just thinking aloud. If Madame Deleilah thinks that Ronnie Dayan is really not guilty, as a former justice secretary, isn’t it proper for her to appeal to him to come out of hiding and face the law? Worried about his safety? Can she not ask media or those CBCP priests and nuns to accompany him when he surrenders? Are we really that dumb to believe that she is not aware of the whereabouts of a high-value suspect like him? Why is she preempting his testimony as one of coerced or pressured? My, my, my, Deleilah…well, it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone…sex bomb, sex bomb….

    * * *

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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    1. That, Sir, is Dayan’s Delilah’s double standard. “Flight means guilt,” said she referring to Sen. Lacson then. “Flight means security,” says she to her Dayan. But words, words represent one’s idea, one’s core. So, that’s what she is, isn’t she? BTW, Joenel Sanchez, at the House hearing, said that he is not acquainted with Herbert Colanggo. Now, honorable Congressmen, remember this line, “Atty, yong resibo.” And the lawyer took out a courier receipt of some 5,000 pesos payable to Joenel from Herbert. Although, initially, Joenel was asking Herbert some 20,000 pesos.