• The next firestorm to hit Aquino


    The most recent blow to the Aquino presidency is the Supreme Court’s declaration that his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional.

    The next big firestorm that will hit him, and even engulf this administration in political flames, will be the Supreme Court’s decision that his pact with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is patently unconstitutional. That would incite the Islamic group into a paroxysm of violent anger against him.

     Will joy turn to anger? MILF fighters rejoicing early this year over Aquino’s agreement with them.

    Will joy turn to anger? MILF fighters rejoicing early this year over Aquino’s agreement with them.

    Even the most cursory reading of Aquino’s Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) very clearly shows it would lead to the creation of a Moro nation-state—precisely the translation from Malay Bahasa of “Bangsamoro”—in 27 percent of Mindanao’s land area, said to be the most resource-rich part of the island.

    Any third-grader can tell you that creating another state under the Philippine Republic is against the basic tenets of our Constitution.

    When Aquino hurried that pact with the MILF he was gunning for a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize and just wanted by hook or by crook any pact with them so he can boast of “ending one of Asia’s longest and deadliest insurgencies,” as the foreign press referred to it.

    At that time he still had most of the country’s intelligentsia under his spell that he thought he could bully the Supreme Court into approving his patently unconstitutional agreement, especially as he had decapitated it by impeaching out of office its Chief Justice.

    However, the High Court—even with the incumbent Chief Justice, Lourdes Sereno, as his appointee, plucked from a mediocre academic legal career—proved itself to be the hero of Philippine democracy, its last bastion after Congress and Senate sold their souls for pork barrel money.

    Despite the President’s bullying, the Court declared as unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF, source of congressional pork); key provisions of the Reproductive Health Law; and most recently, the DAP (source of his bribe money to impeach Corona).

    Compared with these issues, Aquino’s agreement with the MILF is a no-brainer as
    grossly unconstitutional, and there is little doubt that the Supreme Court will also throw it into the dustbin. If the DAP  was a rape of the Congress, as former senator Joker Arroyo put it, Aquino’s agreement with the MILF will be a gang-rape of our Republic.

    Even Malacañang is now frightened by the likely decision of the Court, so that it has rejected the draft bill to implement the pact made by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, an agency created by Aquino himself. This has shocked the commission and even the government’s chief negotiator, Miriam Ferrer-Coronel, who thought they were merely translating into a bill the agreement Aquino approved early this year.

    Under the CAB, the Bangsamoro will be headed by its “Chief Minister,” who almost certainly, will be the MILF chairman. He answers to no one in the Philippine Republic, only to the 50-man “Bangsamoro Assembly” that elects the Cabinet of Ministers, who in turn, chooses the Chief Minister.

    This is in contrast to the arrangement in the two existing autonomous regions—in Muslim Mindanao and in the Cordilleras—which the Constitution authorized, and its Section 16 specifies: “The President shall exercise general supervision over autonomous regions to ensure that laws are faithfully executed.”

    Nowhere in the entirety of this new pact and its annexes is there such a provision.

    In fact, nowhere in those documents is there even a mention of the Philippine President—the symbol of the Republic, the head of state and of government. The only instance the President is mentioned was when he is named as one of the four people in “whose presence” the CAB was signed.

    The Bangsamoro Government is a parliamentary system for the Bangsamoro—which the Constitution does not provide for.

    It is not even the Commission on Elections that will make sure that the voting will reflect the Moros’ genuine choice of their representatives, as the pact is completely silent on how the elections for the Assembly will be undertaken.

    Whoever supervises their elections, what armed force will ensure clean elections for the Bangsamoro Parliament? It is the “Bangsamoro Police” to be created under the CAB.

    MILF fighters will not lay down their arms and, instead, will be converted as the Bangsamoro police force, which will be under the control of its Chief Minister.

    Paragraph 6, Part VIII of the “Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro” reads: “All law enforcement functions shall be transferred from the Armed Forces of the Philippines to the police force for the Bangsamoro. Part A, paragraph one of the Annex on Normalization stipulates: “Law Enforcement . . . in the Bangsamoro shall be the primary function of the police force for the Bangsamoro.”

    A “Bangsamoro Police” brazenly violates the Philippine Constitution’s Section 6, Article XVI, which categorically provides that there can be only “one police force that shall be national in scope, to be administered and controlled by a national police commission.” Also under existing laws, the national police is supervised by the National Police Commission chaired by the interior and local government secretary.

    Aquino’s pact with the MILF is in sharp contrast to government’s 1996 Peace Agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front, which specified that the insurgents would be integrated, after strict screening as to their qualifications and a rigorous training program, either into the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the Philippine National Police. At least 3,000 MNLF fighters, in fact, joined the AFP and the PNP, some of whom even fought—a few killed—in firefights with Abu Sayaff terrorists.

    The creation of a Bangsamoro police is another indication that the Bangsamoro is not just an “autonomous region,” but it is a State, which the pact even specifies has an “asymmetric” relation with the national government.

    The Constitution’s requirement that there can be only one police force (and a single armed forces entity) as students of political science will appreciate, proceeds from one necessary feature of a State, which is that it is the sole entity in a defined territory that has “the monopoly of the legitimate use of force.”

    The   CAB with its five “annexes” ignores the Constitution, as if it didn’t exist at all. This is even in the literal sense, as there is absolutely no mention at all of our Constitution in the CAB.

    It merely states how the many provisions of the agreements will be undertaken: “Working with other groups and sectors, the two parties shall ensure the establishment of a new Bangsamoro political entity.”

    There is even no mention of the Philippine Congress, even if this institution has to pass the basic Bangsamoro law before the CAB can be implemented.

    Aquino’s negotiating panel committed to give the MILF its own state called Bangsamoro. This is way beyond the MILF’s wildest dreams, and even way beyond what the government agreed with the Moro National Liberation Front three decades ago. And that was at the height of the Muslim insurgency and when oil-rich Libya and other OPEC states arm-twisted the Marcos government to give in to the demands of the MNLF.

    The agreement, contrary to what even foreign media had portrayed, does not mean that the MILF will soon lay down their arms, or be “decommissioned.”

    The Annex to this topic says: “The decommissioning of MILF forces shall be parallel and commensurate to the implementation of all the agreements of the Parties (emphasis added).

    With no criteria agreed upon on what “commensurate” entails, the MILF could insist that its fighters would turn over its arms, or whatever would be left after being renamed as “Bangsamoro police’” arsenal, only when the Bangsamoro State has been established—which is after Congress passes the “Basic Law” to implement all the agreements, and a referendum undertaken on the establishment of the new Muslim state-within-a state.

    How then can a President claim any mandate to rule if the Supreme Court rejects five of his crucial programs as unconstitutional: the PDAF, RH, DAP, the Bangsamoro pact, and the defense agreement with the US?

    Such rejections by the Court could mean either he doesn’t understand the Philippine Constitution, or that he thinks, as his fan Gina Lopez has articulated, that it is just “a piece of paper.”

    Very likely, that “piece of paper” will bring Aquino down.

    FB: Rigoberto D.Tiglao


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    1. Brings back to mind how Israel gave Gaza to the Muslims, unknowingly just to have it become the launching pad for missiles fired towards them!

      • Anton, you got your facts wrong. The Arabs (muslims, christians & some jews) are the native settlers of Palestine. This land, as what we know now as Israel, was ‘given’ to the Israeli-Jews by the British (see Balfour Declaration). Now, how can you say that Israel gave this land to the Arabs when it is the other way around. Aral muna…

    2. The Filipinos basically are good people. The problem is that pilipino people though schooled are not all educated some acts as if they are the best person of the country, aloft, high pride and by pilipino term “Mayabang” as if he knows everything. thats the reason the move of our president is Palpak, In giving money to his supporters, he acted as if he owns the Philippines. The administrator should consult his experts around him some are lawyers but like their boss are also mayabang that’s the reason why so many are complaining, others are regretting for voting pinoy in office. Since he is still in office until completion of his term there’s nothing we can do but surely this administration is the most PALPAK the philippines ever had.

    3. Roldan Guerrero on

      This is now the danger of electing an incompetent, totally retardate of the laws who knows nothing but do every means to get what he wishes be it in the legal or illegal way, to the highest position of the republic which is the presidency. Mr. Benigno Simeon Aquino had been a congressman for 9 long years, a senator for 3 yrs and should be very long enough preparation to the presidency but records show he was unable to legislate a single law. We need an intellectual, hardworking and honest president. A man who really qualifies to be called President not an UGLY( not only BOBO but the UGLIEST ever elected president) who looks like a HARDINERO in the Palace, but someone who embodies the welfare of every Filipinos. We must not elect again a crook who pretended so clean but a THIEF EXECUTIVE!

    4. victor m. hernandez on

      What is this? The Philippine government will cede the ARMM teritory to MILF, and make it another soveriegn state, separate and distinct from the territory of the Republic of the Philippines? Don’t you think this is treasonous? A betrayal of the Constitution? A reason for impeaching the President? There must be a Constitutional reason to justify such agreement? or this is total madness? Is he trying to ignite a resumption of war with MILF? And with war, is he laying the foundation to declare Martial Law? Unless, of course, the MILF is willing to re-negotiate? Former President Ramos commented to the effect that the Peace Agreement (Tripoli Agreement) with MILF which led to ARMM, recognized by the OIC, and the United Nations cannot be ignored. In effect the P-Noy administration weill have to contend with Philippines Constitution, and International Agreement. At this stage the Peace Panel headed by Sec. Deles, and the Peace Negotiator Hon. Coronel-Ferrer have to work double time to reconsider their proposal, and temper their optimism.

    5. Not even Congress have power to ratify the agreement. It needs the vote of the people. In a Referendum.

    6. Richarddr1234 on

      If the Supreme Court declares this Bangsamoro entity constitutional, I suggest that other provinces declare independence from the Manila empire.

    7. Shall we anticipate that anytime soon we will be hearing the beating of the War Drums ?

      • eltee mulawin on

        >>> Yes soon at very soon…!!!
        >>> The Philippines is the only Dominant Christian Country in Southeast Asia, similarly the Israel is the only non-Islamic Country in Middle East.
        Soon the Philippines’ part of mindanao province will be like Gaza & West Bank in Israel. God Help the Philippines …!

    8. Romeo Ybanez on

      What prevents the Bangsamoro to buy arms to strengthen its police force and later fight the AFP? It is completely detached from the Philippine Republic under the proposed law. It is just giving them legal rights to completely cede from the republic.

    9. Alam pala ni Pnoy na failure ang ARMM, bakit hindi niya alam ang solution para maging succesful uli or to make a peace pact inclusive for all the populace who are within the area of the so called Bangsamoro Entity. Sana he involves all the discontented parties para walang sisihan in the final conclusion of the peace pact that is in accordance with the present constitution. Hindi yung MILF lang ang kinakausap as if MILF lang ang may complain in the Bangsamoro region. The peace talk should be held strictly within the country not by the help of Malaysians kasi meron na silang kasalanan sa pagsakop sa Sabah in the first place.

      • victor m. hernandez on

        If I recall recent history on Sabah, and Malaysia’s intervention in ARMM and Bangsamoro peace talk, 2 Philippine presidents (Macapagal, and Marcos) protested, and attempted to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia. Macapagal filed a legal case against Malaysia on the Sabah issue, and Marcos attempted to invade Sabah to reclaim it. Marcos attempt to reclaim Sabah was divulge by Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., which led to the infamous Jabidah Massacer. Now, with the 3rd Party Intervention of Malaysia (as moderator of the peace negotiation), P-Noy is too pre-dispose with the demands of MILF for the establishment of Bangsamoro State.

    10. The CAB is akin to appeasement. Peace thru appeasement. What will stop the MILF in proclaiming independence from the Philippines when Philippine laws do not apply to the territory encompassed with the CAB. There will always be rebel groups in Mindanao who have their own agenda, and that is to control the resources rich island. First there was the M.N.L.F, which signed an accord with the government in 1996, creating the ARMM. The ARMM failed miserably because of the self serving attitudes of their leadership. Now the M.I.L.F came about because of this peace accord, which have now signed the CAB, which basically gives then the right to form their own country with their own laws in sovereign Philippine soil. The B.I.F.F comes in, proclaiming to fight for an independent Moro state. When time comes that the B.I.F.F signs a peace agreement, then another group will appear. This is a vicious cycle perpetuated by the hooligans and traitors in Mindanao. I have always heard this from others, “never trust a Muslim”. I tend not to believe that because I have friends who have embraced Islam. Yet, this group of Muslims are giving all Muslims a really bad reputation. It is not about religion, it is about the culture ingrained in their religion.

      • Islam is a warlike religion. They show you peace because of the intention to convert you. Any peaceful passage in the Quran was written when Muhammed was still a minority… Warlike was when they became the majority… Conflict? No. There was an edict where it says that the latest will always rule over the older ones.

        Al-Taqquiya is a mandated Islamic teaching on lying when talking to “kufar” (non-believers) and that is you and I and I guess this is where the “never trust a muslim” belief comes from… Islamic propaganda is happening worldwide. The greatest weapon of Islam against the non-muslims is the non-muslims’ ignorance of the true face of Islam

      • Mapiamama Matulangid on

        Mr. Natz, donot generalize the entire muslim, if you find 1 not behaving well it doesn’t mean the rest are doing the same…If the RP have the ryt to claim Sabah, muslims in mindanao also have the ryt to their self determination. try to read history of prehistoric tym of Mindanao and try to understand who really owns the whole Mindanao…Bangsamoro entity doesn’t mean covering the whole Mindanao it only wants expansion of ARMM..Muslims are peace loving people but they may only turn mad if you xtians force them to do so..let us hope and pray that the current peace talk do not ends in vain otherwise WAR may be erupted..

    11. I enjoy reading various comments. Some agrees with the expose of Amb. Tiglao. But of all who made some comments, j. dipsing’s comments is the most stupid and bias. He is truly one of the “yellow mobs” who, until now show his canine devotion and blind loyalty to Abnoy. He refuses to see the facts exposed by Amb. Tiglao because he is either wanting of wisdom to discern Pnoy’s ineptitude, inefficiency, mismanagement in running the government. I appreciate Amb. Tiglao’s erudite write-ups as very enlightening, factual, straight to the point and above all, an eye-opener for those who refuse to understand like j. dipsing.

    12. First, HoR and Senate have to rise beyond their bootlicking attitude and subject this CAB to a very thorough review. I am presuming that both houses still have the decency and dignity to protect the interests, not of their pockets, but of the nation (or am I assuming too much?). As presented by Mr Tiglao, the CAB has a very slim chance of passing the review of the SC. It is indeed very surprising to know that an agreement has been signed not on the basis of the provisions of the Philippine Constitution but on what the two parties want the framework to be. I could understand the MILF not recognizing the Constitution but let me ask you: where did the Philippine panel get its authority to negotiate this agreement? Yes, it (the authority) might have come from the President but the basis of that authority is the Constitution. Anything that does not support the Constitution is, as lawyers would say, void ab initio.

      • Mang Cosme, wala na pong dignity at decency ang mga tongressmen at senatongs natin. pera-pera lang po ang usapan nila from the Higher-ups. Mas matindi po epek ng kuwarta kesa prinsipyo o ang bayan. Maging handa na lang po tayo sa kung anuman ang mangyayari sa kinabukasan dahil sa kagaguhan ng C-class na pangulong ito. Di pa po nasisiyahan si Drilon sa 720M pesos. Si Belmonte naman lihim na lihim kung magkano talaga ang nataga nya sa DAP eh gusto pa niyang madagdagan un. kaya wait na lang po tayo.

    13. Ex-Ambivalent on

      Mr. Tiglao,

      I hope you will not regret calling the SC the “hero of democracy” if ever future SC decisions are not to your liking. I hope you will not use the kind of language you used against the Senate.

      Your evident glee at the CAB-clashes-with-Constitution pickle aside, I would like to know what is your position on the basic idea of ceding a (further) measure of autonomy to the Moro insurgency against its promise of peace? Or what, in your opinion, is the way to peace in Mindanao? I am sure both your supporters and detractors will be very interested in that.

      There is a commonality to the GMA-era MOA on Ancestral Domain and the present Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, isn’t there? Can you with your experience help point the way forward?

      As for me, it seems clear that a First Amendment to the 1987 Constitution will be needed to fully implement the CAB. This should have been acknowledged by the administration from the beginning.

      someone who is usually one of your detractors
      but willing to give you a second chance.

    14. Nestor del Mundo on

      Mr. Tiglao,

      Your political analytical mind is spot on. Should the President submits the draft bill of the bangsamoro to Congress, would this act alone is enough for Congress to initiate a trial of Noynoy for his impeachment from the Office of the President? I propose this, in view of the Constitution:
      1) Betrayal of Public Trust for serious high crime of the DAP whereby it affected the very life and orderly workings of the government.
      2) Crime of Treason for adhering to the enemies of the Philippines and giving them aid and comfort within the Philippines.
      3) Culpable violation of the Constitution – his intentional and wilful breach of the Constitution.

    15. I agree with you Mr. Roldan Guerrero when you said “The Aquino presidencies, mother and son, are undoubtedly the biggest jokes and insult for the Filipino people!” For a long time, the Filipino people have been deceived by the Aquinos. Was Cory really that good a person? At the height of the EDSA revolution, she was hiding in a Cebu convent while all Filipinos else were risking their life at EDSA. When she became president, she made sure Hacienda Luisita will be spared from Agrarian Reform. When she could not convince GMA to protect her Hacienda, she teamed with the convicted plunderer to try to oust her. When the abnoy son became president, he made sure GMA will rot in jail and Corona will be removed. After 4 years, up to this day, the Thief Executive has not produced any solid evidence against GMA but she continues to suffer imprisonment. I am sure karma will finally catch up with the Aquinos.

    16. I wonder how will SC justices will vote , if there is one justice member by the name of Marvic Leonen as one of the key figures in writing this unsconstitutional CAB 13-1 or 14-0?

    17. Alejo Rosete on

      Ambassador Tiglao – I fully understood your column and I salute you with both hands.
      If not you – how could we know what is really happening in our country under the leadership of President BS Aquino.

      This President we have is not only the “Thief Executive”, not only a “Liar President” but also the “Unconstitutional President”.

      Just to accomplish his “whims and caprices”, he resorted to unconstitutional acts to accomplish his ends. He should be shot at the “Bagumbayan”. He does all these acts to become famous – THE WRONG WAY.

      To be a “Nobel Prize” nominee?. Ambassador Tiglao should be nominated to the Nobel Prize for all his exposee’ . BRAVO AMBASSADOR – MABUHAY KA.

      Thank you Manila Times for having a Columnist like Ambassador Tiglao.

      • Alejo: Shooting the Thief Executive at the Bagumbayan or Luneta in the modern days is an insult to Dr. JOSE P. RIZAL, our national hero. I’d rather recommend or suggest that the lying, unconstitutional, arrogant, ignorant and drama actor Thief Executive be executed at Hacienda Luisita, the land they claim belongs to only them and their clan. Bullshit!!! Last but not the least, include her sister with the annoying voice known as the Queen of all DOM’S and great Career Wrecker. Kawawa naman mga magulang ng mga ito. Nananahimik na sa kabilang buhay eh, ginagamit pa din nila para makakuha na simpatiya sa taumbayan. Wala kasing sariling images ang mga tinamaan ng lintik na mga ito.

    18. Thy call it Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB). It is not comprehensive without the health sector emphasized. There is a workforce crisis, which, threatens the lives of millions of Filipinos, especially the poor in the ARMM. Universal healthcare is not just about equipment and facilities, or funds to pay for services. Universal healthcare is about getting people to care for other people. This means delivery of primary care. Without primary care, universal healthcare is just an elusive dream.
      In the CAB health is never mentioned. Health is devolve to the LGU. How will the Universal Healthcare System be implemented? How will they absorb the healthcare workers? How will Phil Health come in? There will be chaos in the health industry.

    19. solid one from Gibbs Cadiz, PDI : “classic case of wish fulfillment. as usual, of course, tiglao never once mentions that his scenario has happened before–under his beloved GMA, with her MOA-AD not only declared unconstitutional and illegal by the SC, but also that the process that led to its crafting was “whimsical, capricious, oppressive, arbitrary and despotic.” aray ko. did he let out so much as a squeal then, much less call for his boss’ impeachment for violating the constitution? hihihi. now you can practically feel how desperately he wants the same thing to befall the aquino-milf peace process. never mind the very real need for peace in mindanao (how can you not encourage the search for it!? and for all this government’s faults, it has worked the hardest and gone the farthest–more than any other administration before it had ever managed to do–in terms of trying to find a workable, long-lasting solution to the region’s strife); tiglao just want the satisfaction of a score against his hated hated pnoy. ah, what butthurt can do.”

      • jason bourne on

        You have a point Mr dipsingh. I for one was thinking the same thing. But it still does not erase the fact that this CAB is just another foolish attempt to appease these rebels. I am pretty sure the war in Mindanao will not end even when peopel have their own state within a state. They will turn against each other and fight themselves. Just look at the middleast.

        The best solution was done by one President although I did not expect it from him – Mr Erap. If we did just followed up on his job of wiping out all the camps we would not be talking about this CAB now.

    20. How will this CAB incorporate Health issues like the Phil Health. Where is the Universal Healthcare System? How will the healthcare workers be absorbed?
      There will be chaos in that region. It will not work.

    21. I see what Isagani Cruz meant when he shared this article on Facebook. Instead of responding to what was raised, people demonize the writer. Are Tiglao’s points so strong, so valid that the only response available is to attack the person and his past associations?

      I fear a new supreme court confrontation is unavoidable.

    22. Eduardo Manuel on

      Trouble is not only with the unconstitutionality of the agreement but also with the group who would feel left behind, like the MNLF, BIFF, etc. It happened before with the ARMM which favored the MNLF and so MILF raised trouble then.

    23. Dear Rigoberto D. Tiglao,

      I look forward to reading your truth speaking columns everyday. I enjoy getting the complete facts and full picture. I detest being told the half-truths being told and the deceptive pictures being painted. Keep up the good work.

      I agree that PNOY is incompetent. He only feels the power and believes that everything and everyone can be bought.

    24. This article is incendiary. Even before the house is built, Tiglao is already setting fire to it. Let the legalists from both panels and the govt settle the issue of preparing an acceptable draft for submission to Congress. Congress is not stupid to let go of something which will destroy Mindanao.

      • You maybe right. Congress is not stupid. But because of PDAF and DAP they were doing stupid things.

      • Cesar C. Martin on

        Congress is not stupid, alright! but it is now useless as in totally disabled! All they can do not now and oh how good they are in doing it, is lick the ass of the retarded president of the yellows and who was elected as president of the republic just because his mother died.

      • Sir, I’m not sure which congress you are talking about. It shouldn’t be the congress I know as a Filipino. All i know about PH congress is it is for sale for the highest bidder. Each member is looking for immediate ROI plus profit. Recent developments raised the bar of their price tag. Stupidity is not even an ounce of their concern. Who cares!…the colour of money rules…

    25. If indeed such will happen if the BBL will be railroaded as a law and declared unconstitutional by the SC, then it only proves how arrogant this administration has become. The paramount duty of the President of the Philippines is to defend the Constitution. And if he is acting as if the Constitution is just a piece of paper as one socialite-crony has mentioned, then this president becomes a traitor to his own country and is insulting the office in which he sits. What can be done? Remove him from office.

    26. P. Akialamiro on

      The DAP fiasco and the ‘haphazard’ MILF pact are two glaring undoings of Pres.B S Aquino’s mediocre administration. He is not willing at all to ‘listen’ or follow, yet, he assumes that he is a great leader or ‘ama ng bayan”. The 13-0 decision on the DAP is of no consequence to him; he is still trying to find a way to have congress to side with him. Once again, he is proving to be a “Man of Still”: He must be one who is ‘ashame’ to admit mistakes. Admission, they say, is a sign of ‘greatness’.

      His ‘matuwid na daan’ shows partiality, insincerity and inconsistency. Going after the ‘corrupt’ enemies shows weakness, in all sense of the word. In the long run, it will backfire. “Palpak” once, twice; what’s next, Sad, sad….sad!

    27. can you imagine if that was to happen? a separate state within the republic of the philippines? it would almost be like the kingdom of lesotho right smack inside south africa. and that’s exactly how it would be. i am just curious. how could the administration get into such a negotiation all in it’s own, and then sign the negotiated agreement without consultations with congress. why does this administration transacts business as such to the detriment of the country as a whole? what would happen now if the supreme court stikes down the constitutionality of such an undertaking with the bangsamoro? is Pnoy even aware of this? the repercussions against this nation if the treaty was to be struck down by the supreme court because of its unconstitutionality? is Pnoy trying to use the armed forces as pawns of war if the treaty with the bangsamoro fails and war erupts once again between the armed forces and the MILF? and is this the reason why the armed forces is being equipt like never before in preparation for such event? is the intention of such an act to arm or equipt the armed forces intended against china’s incursions into philippine territory or a preparation for war if the MILF agreement fails on its own or if struck down by the supreme court? God forbids if its for the latter. too many filipinos have given up their lives against fellow filipinos. i suppose this is what Pnoy’s dad meant when he said that the filipino is worth dying for and the same thing that Pnoy said in his SONA that the filipino is worth living for and to add, that the filipino is worth fighting for. filipinos against filipinos? is that what he meant? i guess so because if the MILF treaty fails, filipinos of the koran and filipinos of the bible will surely die for each other. thanks to Pnoy’s ignorance.

    28. Miguel Doromal on

      The Bangsamoro even have their own FLAG and yes it’s not the Philippine flag!

    29. I really don’t agree that there is islam state ( IS ) in the part of philippines, aquino didn’t familiar what is islam religion…muslims don’t recognize non-muslims as their friends it is written in their quran that it prohibits them to mingle with christians and other religions..As you observe also in saudi arabia, the country which their prophet muhamad was born, other religions are absolutely prohibited..and also in the other state when an islamist factions tried to establish islam state, other religions are being persecuted already..like in iraq, libya, syria…and the islamist in gaza who believed israel does not exist…and if bangsamoro demand will be granted i will suggest that the philippines will install iron dome immediately..

    30. Pete Espiritu on

      Truly disgusting…but it runs in the blood…Benigno Aquino Sr., Japanese collaborator, traitor…Benigno Aquino Jr., hero in the making but a true bedfellow of the Left, remember his absence during the fateful Plaza Miranda bombing perpetuated by the NPA…Benigno Aquino 3rd, wants to dismember the Republic…personal vested interest is above love of country and its people!!!

      • I strongly agree with you. And there are people (kuno) clamoring to re-elect him. Common people. Committing mistake once is understandable. But doing it for the second time, matigas na ulo nyo.

    31. Miguel Doromal on


      BS AQUINO and his ilk who crafted and negotiated the CAB must all be hanged for treason!

    32. Mr. Tiglao, It is not the firestorm that will hit Aquino, but it is the Filipino people who will be hit by firestorm if negativitism and vicious attacks of personality prevail in our country. I appreciate constructive criticism but not to “blow smoke up in our arse..”.
      It is the common and poor Filipinos who suffers. This words should not be used.
      “That would incite the Islamic group into a paroxysm of violent anger against him”.
      Do you think they’ll be against Aquino, they’ll be against the Christians in Mindanao like what happened in Zamboanga by Nur Misuari faction.

      • Horacio B. Freires on

        Bro let it be. .

        BETTER. . Let there be violence & anger and hatred, deaths, etc.. . that’s the mark of the muslims. . “Islam is the best religion. . .but the muslims are the worst followers” as one European writer had stated centuries ago. .

        RATHER THAN we should not follow the grand error of Mahatma Ghandi . .of India creating Pakistan. . due to daily riots, insurgency, cultural & religious hatred & violence. . .NOW NUCLEAR MISSILES ARE POINTED TO NEW DELHI. . .AND VICE VERSA. . THERE IS PEACE BUT IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR. . If we allow any area of our land to be controlled militarily by the ‘isip-pulbura’ na mga muslims, what happened to India will happen top us. . NUCLEAR MISSILES WILL BE POINTED TO METRO MANILA, THE CENTER OF PHILIPPINE CIVILIZATION. . They will dictate their will to us. .

        It’s good for Pnoy to delay the final peace process. .

        Let’s wait till there is no more oil in the middle east . . and we have developed water (hydrogen from light water, Protium) as source of energy. . to finally sit down and negotiate. . no more financial support for them. . We negotiate on a stronger grounds. . AND THAT’S AFTER 2016. .

        Let us be reminded that there is a reliable prophecy that ISLAMIC RELIGION IS IN THE PROCESS OF SELF-DESTRUCT. . . AND WILL DISAPPEAR SOON ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET EARTH. . and will never return. . like that Egyptian religion of yore..

    33. So the enemies of the state are starting to infiltrate the Judicial body and the senate. Naalala ko pelikula ng 300. Binayaran ng persia ang senate para sumuko at gawin tuta nila. Ang tanong “persia” ba ay local or foreign

    34. This is the kind of exposure the public must know. Hoping that all columnists, yellows included will make excellent researches and expose the crookedness of this Thief Executive administration of PNoy. And why in heavens sake, did PNoy reward Marvic Leonen with a seat in the Supreme Court for being a key figure in writing this unconstitutional pieces of paper? Let us ask Justice Marvic Leonen why he used PNoy as his stepping stone to the Supreme Court. Thanks again Mr. Tiglao for your continued exposure of the illegal ways this PNoy administration have used its power to expose us in harms way because this information will surely affect common folk in the South.

    35. Roldan Guerrero on

      Not in my wildest dreams that an individual below mediocre level be elected as President of this Republic. A presumed retardate and a spoiled brat who knows only how to spend anybody*s money in his own whims, now squandering the peoples money to get his desires. The Aquino presidencies, mother and son, are undoubtedly the biggest jokes and insult for the Filipino people!

    36. Member of the Middle Class on

      He really is his father’s son. Research Ninoy’s link with the Malaysians.