Next on Navy’s list: New frigate, anti-submarine helicopter


After acquiring the warship BRP Ramon Alcaraz the Philippine Navy said a frigate and an anti-submarine helicopter are next on its shopping list.

The Alcaraz that is expected to arrive in the country this year, after successfully testfiring the Oto Melara 76mm artillery, Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Geral Fabic said on Wednesday.

“Everything went well,” Fabic said, adding that the ship’s gas turbine, its main propulsion system, reached a speed of 25 knots without any problem.

The Alcaraz left Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday with 14 officers and 74 enlisted personnel on board. After she arrives in August, the ship will be dry-docked in Subic for repainting and will be commissioned in September.

Fabic said the Navy’s next acquisition will be an anti-submarine helicopter for the Naval Air Group, which will complement the three Agusta Westland Power 109 helicopters arriving next year.

He said the new acquisition would boost the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capability.

“These helicopters are just a few among the list of future acquisition for the Navy in order to attain its vision of becoming a strong and credible Navy that our maritime nation can be proud of,” Fabic said.

Earlier, Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo said the Navy will also purchase a brand new frigate worth at least P18 billion, scuttling an earlier plan to buy two refurbished ships of similar class at P12 billion.

Manalo said the decision would be advantageous to the armed forces in the long run because a brand-new ship would have a smaller maintenance cost.

”We realized that it will be expensive in the long run if we are going to buy second hand. So as much as possible, so long as our budget permits, we will buy a brand new one,” Manalo said.

He said a new frigate costs P18 billion, which is triple the price of a second-hand one, but it would not give the Navy a headache for the next 20 to 30 years.

The Navy is getting top priority in the ongoing modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) owing to the growing tension in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

The AFP is also considering acquiring a submarine to further beef up the Navy’s capability.
A submarine, it said, costs billions of dollars, which is almost impossible for the AFP to acquire, considering the funding it receives from the national budget and its list of other priorities.

The study showed that some P500 billion is needed for a desired “mix force” that would equip the Navy with the warfare capabilities that it really needs.

Lt. Cmdr. Nerelito Martinez, former acting chief of fleet staff for plans and programs, said the force mix is a modest list of vessels, craft and aircraft that can provide surface warfare, naval air warfare, undersea warfare and naval special operations capabilities.

He explained the fleet force mix was developed based on operational strategy, strategic defense concepts, tactical concepts, and deployment and sustainment concepts.

In the Philippine Fleet’s its mix force list are three submarines for undersea warfare and deterrence and three mine counter measure vessels for defensive mining in the critical areas to deny enemy entry.

Also on the list are six frigates configured for anti-air warfare, 12 Corvettes primarily designed for anti-submarine warfare, four strategic sealift vessels, 18 landing craft utility, three ocean tugs to tow large units, six yard/fire tugs to provide critical support to the warships in docking/undocking, providing firefighting and salvage services, and providing personnel transfer platforms, 12 coastal patrol interdiction craft, 30 patrol gunboats for territorial and coastal patrol, 42 multi-purpose assault craft, 24 right hull inflatable boats for naval special operations, 18 amphibious maritime patrol aircraft for maritime surveillance, 18 naval helicopters and 18 multi-purpose helicopters.

Martinez noted that majority of the current equipment in the Navy’s inventory were acquired many years back through grants from the US and other allied countries.


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  1. well,as seaman I’m agree to our beloved president to upgrade our naval forces so that we can protect our own backyard from any invaders like china and taiwan.And also my suggestions to gain more budget for uplifting of our Arm forces it’s to cut the budget of Pork barrel instead spend of money to them for nothing and thats really true everybody’s knows that.I salute you mr.president and pls. continue your good job w/straight path to improve our economy and the modernisation of our arm forces for the benefits of all thru filipino.i know you can make it no matter what happen as long your purpose is true.Sambayanang Pilipino will always on your side.

  2. Kaypee dela cruz on

    This is good news to all ofw to make us proud. Also please revise the penal code to include death penalty and amputation to all who will steal and profit in this military procurement to prevent corruption. This is main cause of failed transaction in the past. Corrupt official prioritized self enrichment and not for true service to country. Till this day military are so corrupt not all but some element will steal and sell anything of value from the military supply. Example empty ammo shell vehicle fuel, ration etc and so on. Also we must only procure and operate the best and sustainable asset. With license to build and technology transfer.

  3. Do not be short sighted, include in your buying list guided missiles such as Anti Ship, Surface to Air, Tomahawk, etc., they are cheaper to maintain and to operate but deadly. Their effectiveness were proven during Vietnam conflict where several hundreds US aircrafts were shot down and again during the two Iraq wars where communication centers, command posts and other sensitive military outposts were destroyed.

  4. Rosauro Feliciano on

    So what’s the grand total cost of this list of naval assets? Will this just be an illusion or just a big white elephant to talk about? If this proposal will be considered by the top management in the government, then the Navy needs well trained personnel to man these armaments. Common sense tells us that our educational system MUST be perfected considering the technological dimension of these war materials; and all will be controlled by the innovation of digital electronic technology and of course in the language that can be understood by software and in the English language. Even China had pirated their own kind who were in the USA working the various engineering disciplines to come back to China decades ago and this is why China is using the language of technology. She is however using Mandarin in ordinary usage. Our military planners are not supposed to make this proposal known to the press. When a person enters the military, either in the boot camps or in the officers course (PMA/ USMA), they are told that a military secret remains so and it’s not to be known even by his wife.

  5. jeffrey pineda on

    kung kano ang budget sa mga senators at congressman sa isang taon ,kalahati nalang ang ibigay at idagdag sa budget sa sandatahan at mga bago ang bilhin hindi mga second hand.batas lang ang ginagawa nila dina kaylangan ang budget yan kasi ang umpisa sa mga KAWATAN na ibalik ang C.A.T. at R.O.T.C.panahon ni marcos protiktado ang lupain ng pinas.go PINOY

    • Navy Buying Billions of pesos worth of equipment!..Are you going to war? The priority is wrong.. Just look at the slum areas.. Many Filipinos are living
      hand to mouth.. Hundreds of thousands are unemployed or underemployed. Children sleep hungry at night and here you are the Navy is buying billions worth of war equipment…Where is the priority? Feed the Children. Offer jobs to the unemployed so they don’t have to be OFWs.. There is something wrong with the priority of this government.

    • PROafpmodernization001 on

      Let’s say, “we are not going to war”! What will you do to the territorial disputes given that the UNCLOS doesn’t even take some actions. Ilang mangingisda na ang takot at ayaw ng mangisda sa sarili nating karagatan? Ang singilin mo sa pagkain at trabaho ay yung mga politikong nagpakasasa sa kaba ng bayan na wla namang nagawa, pati pa ba naman ang kakarampot na kinikita at ikinabubuhay ng ating mangisda ay pangangambahan dahil sa wlang defense capability ng bansa.

  6. It is uplifting to see our armed forces are getting there, slowly we will match them somehow, my hardearn remittance is finally being put to good use.


    • kasalanan na ng taong bayan kung mayroon pa rin mga kawatan, ilang taon na pabago bago ang gobyerno at mga politicos, pero nandyan pa rin sila, kasabay na ng mga rebelde ng bansa natin, nawala na ang idilohiya ng kumunismo pero may mga rebelde pa rin, ang mga muslim na mga kapatid natin, ang iniisip lang ay ang kanilang relihiyon hindi ang lupang sinilangan, ito ang malaking kasalanan at balakid ng ating bansa, samantalang kami at sampu na ng ating mga kababayan na nagtratrabaho sa ating bayan at sa ibang bansa pilit na ibinabangon ang lupang hinirang.

  8. Time to be a Filipino on

    Sana lahat ng Pilipino ay magbayad na ng buwis para may budget ang gobyerno. At sana death penalty ang parusa Sa lahat na mga magnanakaw Sa gobyerno para huwag ng pamarisan pa. Kung ang panggagahasa at massacre ay karumaldumal na Krimen, ano pa kaya ang pagnanakaw Sa bayang sinilangan.

  9. Macker Niwih on

    Salamat at may Pangulo tayong tapat at sinsiro sa serbisyo.. Salamat PNoy, sana ipagpatuloy mo kabutihan para sa bansa natin, sana matupad lahat mga pangarap mo, at sana ikaw na lang ang maging Pangulo sa ating bansa forever. Si Binay, ewan ko, dami kamag-anak, parang si Noli din yan..

    • dapat talaga bigyan ng priority ng gobyerno natin ang modernisation ng AFP para di tayo mani maniin ng ibang bansa, total pinalayas nating ang military base ng US sa pinas kaya ipakita natin na di natin kelangan sumandal sknila,,

  10. dapat maging compulsary ang army training s mga kabataan naten n 18yrs old above at 3yrs training dpt s boys at 2 yrs s girls pag wala army training dpt hindi puede mag work s opis khit rich/poor kp .NO ARMY TRAINING blue job k lng puede…tulad dito s israel ….pag ayaw mo mag served tpos n kinabukasan mo …tg linis n lng ang work mo at hindi k puede mag college.prepare our children sa mga oppressor.

  11. Mga BRO. sana kasi dalawa lang ang partylist sa bansa natin!!, kung baga sa pula sa puti lang. alin man sa dalawa ang manalo. dalawa lang ang mag dede bate?. Kaya mabuhay ang sandatahang pilipino. Makakasabay na tyo ibang bansa.

  12. as long as we have many of these tongressmen and senatongs in our midst, and other corrupt public servants in the government, our dream of making this country strong and dependable is just but a dream. more improvements in the tax collections. big chinese businessmen(the cheats only) are laughing behind our backs.

  13. everything is possible guided only, unfortunately, by mature and security minded politicians. Problem we have had all these decades was that we have a bunch of grandstanding politicians who has nothing better to do than to bring down the government with their worthless political telenovela senate adn congretional hearings.

    Sana sa pag-yayabang ninyo sa mga hearing ninyo ang militar ay may sapat na kakayahang ipagtanggol ang mga posisyin ninyo.

  14. Wish list lang naman yan. Pero, sana nga matupad yan para nman hindi tayo binubully ng ibang bansa lalong lalong lalo na ng china.

  15. May I suggest to President Noynoy to reach out to all the Filipinos around the world to contribute in whatever they can to help in building the strength of our Armed Forces. What is progress without security? Wake up! Without it, you are like treading on quicksand. I’m sure the reach people in the Country will be more than happy to oblige. They are the first ones that need this kind of protection, anyway. I, for one, will be happy to donate as long as it is under our current President. Longlive PNoy!!! May you rule the Philippines until you grow old.

    • Good idea but the PH govt must open an exclusive account for buying military weapons only. PH should open the account with P10 million that will provide a matching fund for any contributer. As contributers increase, PH matching fund must also increase – enough to match funding from contributers. Put the funds on excrow to be supervised by Heide Mendoza of the PH & one OFW accountant. Transparency must be included in the provision of the escrow account.

  16. marcial gerasol on

    we should exploit our natural resoure…… for extra budget….. for example BENHAM RISE… said to have a large deposit of natural gas and oil

    • tama, kung my US military base pa sa pinas di tayo kayang ibully ng ibang bansa kahit china pa yan, di sana ang territory natin di inaangkin ng iba,

    • Ordinarily I will agree that inviting the Americans to establish a Naval Base would be cost effective. However, this is assuming that the U.S. economy will remain strong. Sad thing is the U.S. economy will likely be in crisis in the next coming years that may end up like it did during the 1929 Great Depression. In fact, the Philippine economy has a more positive outlook that the U.S. economy. If that will be the case we will still be left holding the bag if the U.S. pulls out of the Philippines if they could no longer afford Naval bases in foreign countries. This is precisely what happened to the Rome, their military was spread thin throughout the world while their economy collapsed.

  17. domingo ligot on

    I think it is rediculous to acquire an “anti submarine helicopter” for the navy. The likelihood of such helicopter being ever used is nil. Instead the navy should get vessels with alternative usefulness like responding to emergencies in the high seas considering how poor our country is both in financial and capabilities matters. We will just see another equipment rotting in a hangar somewhere with its dedicated personnel wasting away.

  18. Im turning 32 years old this year, i hope maabutan ko pa ang modernization plans ng AFP. So far 3 frigates turned warhips na ang naabutan ko. Sana hindi na nila patagalin ang aquisition ng mga ito at baka maging useless na sila in times na kailanganin natin ang mga ito. We have issues with China and Taiwan, we dont want to wait until one of them does something bad right? We need to show them that we have fangs too. God bless this this nation and its people! Mabuhay Pilipinas!

    • Reynaldo De Guzman on

      We need submarines, that way we can approach without being detected some of the poachers, foreign commercial fishing boats & others violating our EEZ.

  19. Nangangarap na naman si Kawawang Pinoy, Saan kayo kukuha nang Pera,Eh puro kurakot ang mga Tauhan sa Gobyerno natin..Alisin na yang mga Pork Barrel na yan, alam naman lahat nang mga Filipino na kinukurakot lang yan nang mga Senador at Congressman yan.
    Malaking halaga na rin yan Pambili nang mga sandata sa hukbong Pandagat natin. Dapat lahat nang mga barko na yan ay Gagawin dito sa Pilipinas maski ang mga kumpanya ay mga dayuhan,sa ganon magkaroon nang Technology transfer at magkaroon nang maraming trabaho ang mga Shipyards natin. Saan na ba yung pinagmalaki nang gobyerno na no. 3 na tayo sa Shipbuilding sa buong mundo.

    God Bless the Philippines.

    • Reynaldo De Guzman on

      Saan kukunin ang pera? Suggestion ko sa mga multa sa mga nahuhuling poachers, kaya kailangan matuto tayong gumawa ng submarine or bumili kahit sa Korea (North or South) at kung maaari gamitin ang ating pagka no. 3 shipbuilder na ipinagmamalaki. Napakarami ang gumagawa ng illegal fishing sa ating territoryo, kailangan lang submarine to patrol our EEZ.”Self Supporting” ang planong yan.