NGCP: Better say ‘maintenance shutdown’ or ‘scheduled power interruption’


THIS is regarding the news item “Pampanga towns brace for 10-hour brownout” published on page A-7 of The Manila Times on 28 May 2015.

Thank you very much for publishing the article and helping to inform the residents of Pampanga about the power interruption.

We would like to clarify that rather than “brownout,” a more accurate term would be “scheduled power interruption,” or, as in this case, a “maintenance shutdown.”

Brownout is a technical term used to describe condition of low voltage, resulting in reduced illumination of bulbs (brown light), as opposed to bright yellow or white light when voltage is normal. There is no loss of power associated with the technical term “brownout.”

The subject of our press release involves an interruption of services to conduct preventive maintenance on NGCP facilities. When operational, our facilities maintain the proper voltage prescribed by the Philippine Grid Code. We strongly encourage the use of the proper technical terms to avoid confusion.

For your reference, we are furnishing you a list of the terms used by NGCP in its media advisories:

Scheduled Power Interruption – a planned interruption, usually to conduct regular preventive maintenance or shutdown of line or equipment. NGCP’s grid-connected users are informed at least 7 days before the scheduled power interruption. Media announcements are made at least 3 days prior to the schedule, to make way for last minute changes in the schedule, if any.

Unscheduled Power Interruption – an unplanned/sudden loss of power. Because of the unexpected nature of the interruption, prior notice cannot be made. NGCP will, however, inform the public, through media, of the interruption, affected areas, and estimated restoration time, as soon as these details are available.

Unplanned interruptions may be caused by any of the following:

1. Generation deficiency due to power plants’ technical problems

2. Transmission system technical problems

3. Distribution system technical problems

For maintenance schedule announcement and other information on the power grid, you may visit or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @NGCP_ALERT.

Should you need further information or clarification, you may contact the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department at or (02) 981 – 2143/2151.

Very truly yours,

Spokesperson and Head of the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Department National Grid Corporation of the Philippines


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