NGCP: Luzon grid power supply enough for summer


The country’s sole energy grid operator, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), said the country’s power reserve in the Luzon grid is more than enough for the summer months.

“The NGCP has always been watchful especially during teh summer months. We are on heightened awareness. We are looking after the grid with special care,” said Cynthia Alabanza, NGCP spokesperson and adviser for external affairs, said in a briefing on Friday.

“Which is why we have to mitigate any possible unforeseen circumstances with load side management and demand side management. This is why we advice electricity consumers to manage their activities by putting those that are not timebound during those hours when electricity supply is not strained. Peak hours should be devoted to activities that need to be prioritized. Night time and weekends would be a good time to conduct leisure activities,” Alabanza said.

NGCP Power Network Planning Division Head Fidel Dagsaan Jr. said that the grid operator has forecast that demand for Luzon grid in May would be about 9,870-megawatt (MW) a 1.48 percent increase from 2016’s 9,726 MW.

The NGCCP also projected that Week 27 of this year or May 13 to 19 will have “the thinnest power supply.”
Dagsaan said the power situation is good but that it will take two major plants to be shutdown for the whole grid to be put on red alert.

“If the plants that will go on an unplanned maintenance shutdown and the power that will go out from the grid is 1350 MW or more, we would go into red alert,” he said.

“That is why NGCP is urging consumers to be prudent in using power this summer. We see the projection that there is sufficient supply. We don’t want to strain the grid too much because during the summer months, power consumption is really high. These are all projections and our load profile may change. Consumption can go higher so an emergency shutdown is possible if the power plants are strained,” Alabanza said.

“We just have to make sure that we have enough elbow room to manage power supply, thus we must all be prudent and use electricity properly,” she added.


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