NGCP warns vs safety line clearance breach


THE National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has warned construction equipment operators on the dangers of working near the transmission lines and breaching right-of-way clearance.

It cited an incident on May 6, 2016 when a crane, operating in violation of NGCP’s right-of-way safety clearances, caused a “flashover” at the Quezon-Mexico 230-kiloVolt (kV) transmission line, damaging the line conductor and concrete scaffolding in the construction site near the line.

A similar crane breach occurred on June 1 at the San Jose-Hermosa 230-kV line that dented a generator set and damaged construction equipment.

The NGCP said that even minor obstructions could cause line faults and endanger the entire grid. An incident at Doña Imelda-Paco 230-kV line last April 26 where a strand of wire from a nearby building construction fell into the line conductor caused a power outage.

The increasing incidence of safety breaches by construction companies alarms the NGCP as it risks the stability of power transmission delivery.


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