• NHA Chief’s and ‘haoshao’ contractors’ shacks for policemen


    This government, just like the ones before it, has the propensity for slow implementation of programs and unfinished projects.

    Slow and delayed response to the massive death toll and destruction left by typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas still spawns controversy.

    In Metro Manila, we are now aggravated by unfinished road projects, courtesy of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and its contractors.

    But, let me tell you that members of our Philippine National Police (PNP) force have long put up with this government’s negligence and foot-dragging by the National Housing Authority (NHA) on its housing program.

    Despite the usual flak the PNP gets due to the wrongdoings of some criminal elements in its ranks, we can vouch that most policemen and policewomen are indeed “law-abiding” law enforcers.

    And, these members of the 150,000 strong national police force are deserving of decent housing for their themselves and their families.

    We’ve found out, however, that the NHA headed by one Atty. Chito M. Cruz has reneged on this administration’s promise of decent housing for these cops.

    President Aquino had vowed to formulate, implement and manage housing projects for military and police personnel.

    PNoy directed the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to “give priority” to funding the P4.29 billion housing program.

    The program was to become part of the NHA’s Socialized Housing Program.

    The program would approximate the beneficiaries’ housing allowance to the monthly amortizations over a 30 year period.

    That promise which PNoy made in 2010 has remained an unfulfilled promise, thanks to this one Atty. Cruz.

    Four years into Aquino’s term, majority of the PNP members remain practically “homeless,” not owning their houses.

    Many have to rent makeshift rooms in slums, among informal settlers.

    This is a tragic disservice to our lowly-paid men in uniform who are dedicated to protect our lives and properties.

    So, we decided to investigate and saw it with our own eyes.

    My team went to the NHA sites in Zamboanga, and just recently in Laguna where we found Cruz’s work of art.

    Many of the structures built by NHA contractors were unfinished. We also found them sub-standard as we were aided by industry experts during our look-see trip in both provinces.

    It was also when we proved reports that the NHA actually awarded the PNP housing projects to incompetent, unlicensed and unaccredited contractors.

    Yep, these culprits turned out to be non-members of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) and are not accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB).

    I guess we can call these fake contractors “hawshaws.”

    Small wonder that the few thousands of families of PNP personnel, who are supposed to be fortunate to own their homes now, actually have their roofs falling on their heads.

    As I’ve said before, this is such a disservice to our police officers who deserve better.

    We, therefore, appeal to the housing czar Vice President Jojo Binay to investigate this and determine the culpability of Cruz.

    We also call on Sec. Mar Roxas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), who is supposed to oversee the PNP.

    I’m not sure though if PNP chief Director-General Alan LM Purisima will be interested to look into this serious concern of police officers, as he himself is embroiled with some “housing issues.”

    Cruz does not deserve to stay in office a day more. This guy is a nincompoop and should be fired from his job!



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    1. This is again another case of complacency and incompetence in planning and implementation of another government agency. Wake up appointed officials!

    2. I disagree with Mr Tulfo’s statement that most personnel (men & women) of the PNP are “law-abiding law enforcers”. If this statement was true, then these so-called “law-biding law enforcers” would have exposed a lot of their criminal fellow police officers. It is impossible for the crooked PNP to conceal their illegal ways. The fact the so-called “law-abiding officers” kept quiet and not turn in their comrades make them complicit and just as liable in the crimes of their fellow police officers.

    3. Voice from the Wilderness on

      Majority of the chiefs or head in the present government bureaucracies are incompetents because the one who appointed them which is the inept president in malacanang is himself INCOMPETENT and psychologically challenged!

    4. Pay your police a decent wage & they can buy their own homes where they want to buy them. The country shouldnt provide housing for them, what hapens when a police officer leaves the force, do they then lose their home & have to start again. What hapens if a police officer is killed does his family have to move out & start again.
      Pay them right & even more of them will be good honest policemen & as i said they can buy their homes where they want to live.