• NIA administrator a govt contractor before


    What’s this I heard from the grapevine that National Irrigation Administration (NIA) chief Florencio Padernal owns a construction firm, and has cornered hundreds of millions in government projects before?

    Rumor has it at the NIA office that Padernal owns the Padernal Construction Corporation (PCC), which used to corner fat and juicy projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and allegedly won one or two irrigation projects shortly before he became its head.

    Presidential Adviser on Food Security Sec. Francis Pangilinan handpicked Padernal as NIA’s administrator last year replacing Antonio Nangel, who was fired by President Aquino reportedly for inefficiency.

    NIA insiders claim that although Padernal is a licensed civil engineer, he has never had any experience in irrigation operations or in agriculture, and had no direct dealings with the farmers before.

    NIA employees wonder what qualities or expertise Padernal has that Sec. Pangilinan appointed him to head an agency, whose task is to irrigate millions of hectares of farmlands when he (Padernal) does not know anything about farming?

    However, my mole at NIA said Padernal was picked for the job for being clean, which is perfect for the corruption riddled NIA, according to Sec. Pangillinan.

    Baloney!!!!! PNoy is said to be clean, and vowed to rid the country of corruption, yet the people around him are believed to have enriched themselves with kickbacks from the unconstitutional Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), and the Malampaya funds.

    One wonders if Padernal, who used to be a government contractor, is the right person to head NIA? Wouldn’t he use his position to corner irrigation projects for his company?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    An arrogant city engineer of La Union
    The city engineer of San Fernando, La Union has either forgotten or was not educated at all of right manners and good conduct, particularly when being interviewed live on TV.

    On Monday, Engineer Leocadio Balanon Jr. was the guest of TV 5’s T3 program over the phone, supposedly to shed light as to why the chairman of Bgy. Pacpaco of the city, has been collecting fees from residents to pay for the rental of the bulldozer being used to repair an unpaved road of the said barangay.

    However, instead of explaining that he was collecting from residents for the rental of the heavy equipment, Balanon started to get sarcastic and raised his voice when pressed for an answer by the program’s anchor.

    “Mga ta@#$%do pala kayo”, said the angry Balanon who hanged up the phone when the T3 anchors asked him to tone down, and why he had to say such profanity on air.

    Engr. Balanon is a prime example of an arrogant and uneducated government official who usually forgets that he is a public servant and not the master or boss of the people.

    If this stupid official can curse journalists on national TV, I wonder what he does to ordinary people of La Union who have complaints against him or his staff?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk…Balanon does not deserve to stay in government service a day more!!!


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    1. It’s really a pity that despite the hard work of an ordinary employee/worker trapped in “555 ENDO” unjust practice or in a regular government office work trying to make ends meet which most of the times could scarcely meet the demands of day-to-day life, corrupt government or appointed officials continue to do unabated corruption. In 2015, if our government is not decisive to help the citizens cope with the impact of ASEAN INTEGRATION or the TPP of Japan, US and 11 other countries, our country’s agricultural workers and small business owners will suffer double or triple fold compared to how it is now. Attending the APEC or ASEAN meetings by our president and his chosen men and the Philippines hosting the APEC Convention in 2015 will only mean more expense from taxpayers’ money with lukewarm results if our own government will not plan for the long-term effects of this new “SILK ROAD” path by China. Can non-partisan people from the academe or third party committee members participate in planning on how to help the farmers and other sectors who might be directly affected by the ASEAN integration? Can the government ask the help of colleges and universities to actively discuss about ASEAN plans/implementation? President Aquino’s cabinet members may be retired or out of government service by 2016.