NIA builds P871M farmers’ facilities


TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan: In a bid to boost irrigation services, the national government water administration is constructing P871 million worth of facilities for farmers in the Cagayan Valley region.

Avelino Tuazon, National Irrigation Administration (NIA) division manager, said they programmed several diversion dams, irrigation canals and other line projects, including the maintenance of damaged irrigation facilities.

He said other infrastructure projects which were started last year are set to be completed, and are expected to yield billions of pesos worth of agricultural crops.

“We are done with more than 66 percent of the programmed projects last year. There are various reasons for the delay, but we are confident to complete these in parallel with the programmed 2016 projects,” Tuazon said.

NIA is also projected to complete P1.13 billion worth of projects for 2017 which will “contribute more to the enhancement and expansion targets of the agency to further increase the productivity of farmers.”

Meanwhile, the NIA in Region 2 said the proposal to abolish the irrigation service fee is long overdue, but a law is needed to subsidize its operational requirements to sustain irrigation services for farmers in the country.

Mac Toribio, NIA information officer, said the only way to solve this pressing issue is the passage of a law to ensure that all operational, administrative programs and projects will be allotted the required budget.


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  1. Do not privittize this NIA. This is the soul basket of our farmers, to feed our nation with sufficient supply of their agricultural products for our people. Irrigation and dams is for the people of the Philippines not for the private person or company.. This is why Marcos did this project esp in central luzon for the benefit of our farmers….