NIA irrigation canal blamed for GenSan floods


An irrigation canal of the National Irigation Administration (NIA) is being blamed for floods in several barangays in General Santos City.

This NIA irrigation canal was used in the 1970’s as a source of water by the Stanfilco, a multi-national banana fruit producing company based in General Santos City but it was abandoned by the firm’s management when they shut down their business operation in the 1990’s. The NIA allegedly allowed Stanfilco to construct the irrigation canal and leave it behind with no accountability.

It now serves as the outlet of the water that pumped out of the Silway river dam. A flood-hazard sign in various barangays in Gensan prompted the residents in the area to evacuate when waters rising from irrigation canal leveled up ravagely from the ground.

This is because everytime the rain falls, the operator of the dam control channel opens the pipeline and releases the waters from the dam.

Recently, heavy flashfloods hit barangays of Baluan, Lagao, San Isidro, Bula and

Mabuhay have suffered a heavy flashfloods due to overflowing of the NIA irrigation canal when the heavy rains struck last night up to this moment.

Thousands of residents living near the canal have repeatedly sent letters of complaints to the Gensan local officials urging them to look for a long-term solution to the flood problem at Santiago Odi Street in Barangay Lagao but nothing has been done.

No measures have been taken to safeguard the lives of the residents.

The NIA ignored the appeal of the residents that the Silway river dam have a separate outlet for their water.


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