• Niccolo Jose: One of a Kind Artist


    There are so many kinds of artists as there are types of art. But the 26-year-old Niccolo Jose is truly in a class of his own, since he is one of only a few artists that create unique art, art pieces and furniture using found wood.

    The term ‘found wood’ refers to wood that comes not from tress, but from old homes, construction sites and other sources. Niccolo got into this type of art after he returned from the US where he stayed for five years while earning credits toward a double major in Studio Art and Environmental Studies. Passionately interested in both art and the environment, he found a way to combine his two interests. Unlike other artists who work with commercially-available materials like paint, Jose’s art is nature-based: over the years, he has experimented with art in various forms, weaving sculptures, creating portraits and fashioning unique pieces using materials found in nature.

    This year Jose showcses his use of wood as art—not functional art like furniture, but art created for purely aesthetic purposes. The exhibit, to be titled “Remnants,” will open at the Altro Mondo Gallery in Greenbelt 5 on August 29 and will run until the second week of September.

    “Remnants” will show off a different side of Niccolo as an artist and sculptor and this is something he is veery excited about. “This will feature me as an artist…a sculptor, not a designer. It’s purely art,” he says, “and it’s beautiful,”


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