• Nico Bolzico is his own social media star


    More than being the equally gorgeous husband of Solenn Heussaff, Argentenian Nico Bolzico has gained a strong following all on his own PHOTOS FROM IG.COM/NICOBOLZICO

    While Nico Bolzico’s 470,000 followers on Instagram runs far behind his wife Solenn Heussaff’s 3.5-million followers, there is no denying that the Argentinean businessman is a social media star in his own right.

    In fact, while his more popularly known extended family and friends—which include the likes of It Girls Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza, among others—also count followers in the millions, it is interesting to note that Bolzico’s posts reflect a higher average engagement from the public than those in his A-List circle.

    Case in point, in writing this story, The Manila Times found the last five images on Bolzico’s Instagram account averaging 55,300 likes while wife Heussaff—who has three-million more followers—garnered 32,000 likes.

    Publishing these numbers, however, has the farthest intention from putting the couple in loggerheads, but simply something Bolzico can perhaps tease his cool and gorgeous famous wife with. Those who know the couple in fact will be the last people bothered by such comparisons, especially since their most popular posts are about each other after all.

    At least in the Philippines, Bolzico can lay claim to popularizing the term “wifezilla”—a play on the words wife and the fictitious monster “Godzilla”—based on the results that a Google search on his name pulls up.

    On Instagram, Bolzico opens their home to followers and shares their funniest behind the scene scenarios. Once he caught Heussaff stiffly dancing, battling a fly, and struggling with pineapple—all filed under his “wifezilla series.”

    Netizens, of course, are always more than happy to see Bolzico’s beautiful and glamorous wife in her unguarded moments, making his posts a hit.

    “I guess people also like to see the non-showbiz side. Of course when I attend events, I’m like prim and proper but when I’m at home I do whatever I want and he always catches that so maybe it’s refreshing for people to see that I am tao pala and kalog,” Heussaff told The Manila Times when asked about her take on Bolzico’s wifezilla series.

    That day, she was sharing the spotlight with her husband at their launch as brand ambassadors of PhilAm Life Insurance, and was genuinely happy to do so.

    Heussaff admitted she was unaware of the wifezilla series’ popularity until a month and a half ago.

    The businessman-cum-model is a hit with his uploads such as this holding hands with brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff while his wife and the latter’s fiance Anne Curtis look on

    “I wasn’t aware of it until it came to a point that every time I go outside I get random statement like, ‘I love your husband!’ They always tell me that Nico is so funny. Even [singer]Regine Velasquez once told me, ‘Solenn, I follow your husband on Instagram, he’s so funny,” the actress said while Bolzico, who was sitting by her side during this interview, flashed sheepish smiles.

    Taking a more logical—and humbler—approach in explaining his online popularity, Bolzico said, “I think all this just happened because I read and like my followers’ comments. She doesn’t do that but I do… Kidding!” he playfully added.

    Bolzico also highlighted the nature of his posts as a come-on because “nothing is planned.”

    “It’s like, there’s one shoot and whatever comes out, we post it. There’s no editing. What you see is what you get.”

    Natural comic
    Beyond his wifezilla series, Bolzico on his own, is adored by newfound fans because of his funny antics.

    Most recently, the model-businessman had netizens in stitches with a photo of himself and brother-in-law Erwan tenderly holding hands, with the latter’s fiancée Anne Curtis and Solenn looking on.

    His caption upped the ante as he wrote, “Always fun to travel with these human beings! Sometimes I am not sure if I married the right Heussaff! @erwan understands me better!” The photo has garnered 144,000 likes as of press time.

    “I just love viewing your post everyday @nicobolzico! You really are so funny!” user naneen.davis commented on Bolzico’s account.

    “Amazing humor,” his follower @beijbabeij followed in another.

    “Your caption is the best comedy story I have ever read in my entire life (plus the picture). It made my day. Thank you @nicobolzico!” user @enashinn commented.

    Besides his witty captions and creative hashtags, Bolzico is not afraid to make fun of himself, which makes him even more a hit. Oftentimes, he captions his selfies with hashtags #horseface. He is neither the kind of person to shy away from posting his awkward photos or his “failure” videos where he slips and stumbles.

    Perhaps one of his funniest snaps on the photo-sharing site was of him and his Filipino tutor. In it, Bolzico faked a nosebleed—a popular Pinoy comedic reaction when one tries to study a language not familiar to him or her.

    But to be sure, the businessman is serious about learning Tagalog. And before his fans get their hopes up that he is doing so to for an impending showbiz career, Bolzico gave an answer that was rather touching.

    “I am learning Tagalog because I want to be respectful with the country that has given me so much. I am very bad at languages, I can barely speak English, so I need to make an effort to learn Tagalog because this is my home now.”


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