• The nincompoop senators & govt should support our athletes


    How could the Senate expect Makati Mayor Erwin “Junjun” Binay to heed its order to appear once more before them when the senators themselves do not follow their own rules?

    Senate President Franklin Drilon on Friday said they would compel the local government official to appear before the Blue Ribbon subcommittee or make him face arrest and detention.

    Mayor Binay, who snubbed the inquiry last week, claims the upper house has already passed its judgment against him and his father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, on the very first day of its investigation.

    Senators Koko Pimentel, Antonio Trillanes, and Allan Peter Cayetano are looking into the reportedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building II, which was built at the time of then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, now vice president, until the term of his son Mayor Junjun.

    The Binays deny the allegation and are saying a graft charge is pending before the Office of the Ombudsman so that the Senate does not have jurisdiction over the case anymore.

    On Sept. 25, the lawyers of Mayor Binay filed a jurisdictional challenge before the Blue Ribbon Committee questioning the subcommittee’s inquiry on the construction of the said building.

    Senate Rules of Procedures on Inquiries in Aid of Legislation under Section 3 Resolution 5 clearly says, “in the event that a jurisdictional challenge is filed, it should be resolved first before proceeding with any inquiry.”

    But the nincompoop lawmakers, allegedly upon getting the blessing of Drilon, decided to proceed with the hearings as scheduled despite the jurisdictional challenge filed before the said committee.

    “If these senators do not know how to follow their set of rules, how do they expect others to follow their orders?” asked a lawyer friend of mine. He added, “It’s like saying, follow what I say but do not follow what I do”!!!

    Either these senators are getting senile or are a bunch of simpletons.

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    Gov’t should really invest in our athletes

    If our government can’t financially support its athletes, let us just stop sending them overseas for international competitions.

    Our athletes are one of the best in the world because they posses all the qualities of champions, like the strength, the skill, the drive to be on top, etc.

    One wonders, why then do we always come up short or more often at the tail end of the medal tally board in every international meet we join if our athletes are among the best in the world?

    The big problem is lack of financial support from the government. Instead of taking care of all the needs of these athletes, from the facilities to his or her equipment, transportation during training and on the day of the tournament overseas, and food and allowances, the private sector pays for almost all their needs.

    Take the case of figure skater Michael Martinez who almost did not make it to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic games because the government did not pay for his fare and his family had to raise funds for his transportation.

    Nestor Colonia, our weightlifter in the recent South Korean games, bowed out early after failing in the 120 kilograms event due to hunger as the food arrived late.

    Though it was the fault of the organizers, the Filipino officials there failed to provide him food instead before the game, thus Colonia had to nourish himself with a bag of peanuts, according to him.

    These are just two of the examples that show the government does not support our athletes. And, if ever they do, it’s always short and the families of the athletes have to scrounge for funds or sponsors so as to continue his or her training.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.



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    1. You and your lawyer friend are the ones ill-advised. The jurisdictional challenge to stop the proceedings can be decided by the Sub-Committee but not contempt and order of arrest which can only be discharge by the Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) as a whole . This is very clear in the Senate rules of court in regards to investigation of the BRC. VP Binay and his cohorts should attend the Senate investigation to confront his detractors and refute their allegations to prove his innocence. They are all politicians so it does not matter if it is politically motivated or not. Their ARTFUL DODGING as one writer described their ruse only magnified their guilt. VP Binay was invited several times (open) but he refused to take the opportunity to rebut the supposed pattern of corruption in Makati during his watch, Elenita and Jun Jun. THE PEOPLE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

    2. The government official priority is toadd to his or her already filled pocket and stomach first.

    3. The yellow team never heard of a rule or law that they cannot circumvent in pursuit of their own self interest. Whatever they cannot do or should not do, they do illegally and immorally.

    4. Pinoys are also good at excuses. But i agree letting a pinoy organise anything is tantamount to failure. Organise the lrt, the mrt, the roads, the traffic lights, the immigration, housing, you name it look at how useless it is. They think they are doing a good job & hate any criticism. I know when i read articles like this it makes me laugh as i have seen the pinoy at work. Do as little as possible & only do exactly what you are told to do & if you can get away with doing less then do less. Until you all stand u[p & see these things it wont change.
      Take my subdivision, we have many rules & they have been put up on boards outside the club house & at the gate as you come in, the first showing the speed limit of 20kph. Every single one of them is ignored as nothing will be done. Its the same with people running sports like feeding the weight lifters, he probably had something more important to attend to than feeding the weight lifters, like phoning his wife at home or answering a phone call from someone. He knows nothing will be said to him for not doing his job right as its the philippines