• ‘Ninja cops’ behind Binondo kidnappings, Lacson claims


    ROGUE police officers or the so-called “ninja cops” have shifted to kidnap-extortion activities from illegal drugs in the past months and have preyed on Chinese-Filipino businessmen.

    Senator Panfilo Lacson made the claim after relatives of one of the kidnap victims sought his assistance in going after the kidnappers.

    Lacson, who heads the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee, said at least eight Chinese-Filipino businessmen from Binondo and elsewhere fell victims to rogue police officers involved in a kidnap-extortion scheme.

    President Rodrigo Duterte last week disclosed that crime syndicates have shifted to kidnapping apparently because of the government’s relentless campaign against illegal drugs.

    According to the President, six incidents of kidnapping have been reported in the last three weeks in Binondo, Manila.

    Lacson said a police chief inspector is facing preliminary investigation after being positively identified by victims.

    The senator said the family of one of the victims, who happens to be a friend, sought his assistance.

    The case, he said, was handled and solved by the PNP anti-kidnapping group.


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    1. Why BuCor resorted to allowing inmates run the place tbrough factions and kubols? Hindi nila kaya na. Just like Mexico jail. The few good men and guards have no choice as these prisoners are well connected with high officials. Note high officials who have access to killers. And convenient killers are uniformed licensed men. In the 80s and 90s I know 4 people kidnapped. And Duterte saying Delima is mastermind of this drug business? If she committed a crime I believe it is accepting money for her candidacy from rich prisoners. Her name maybe was even used by her ex bf or her staff. Delima has nothing to show for wealth and her anti corruption track record belie the allegations. At any rate investigation should follow.
      Kawawang Plipinas.

    2. It appears the the story of the teleserye Ang Probinsyano is derived from true story. In the teleserye, sclawag police offices being portrayed by Rez Cortez and Ricardo Cepeda lied low from being drug protectors after the arrest of the drug lord (Albert Martinez) they are protecting and instead concentrated their nefarious activities to kidnapping. Could it be that the the ninja cops are getting ideas from this teleserye or the story writer have internal knowledge of the operations of the ninja cops?

    3. As I predicted going after the middlemen and users is not going to cut crime but introduce new crimes because crime lords are still at large. They will mafke money no matter what. Duterte knows this and he knows them. He only goes after the small frys thinking that no demand no supply. That is low thinking. So is he really that brave to round them up? Obviousluy no. He can only intill fear to people in small locality like Davao City but in fact Davao is known as smuggling city, highest death, and 2nd place of rape. Only on outside it is peaceful. Martial law days in Manila was also “peaceful” but human rights violations and murders were high. Kawawa ka if mistaken identity or caught in crossfire. Australian and US immigrations already warning their citizens high risk of kidnapping in major cities in the south special mention Cebu.