• Ninoy is worth braving the stormy weather for


    Ninoy, given his privileges and stature, gave his best to the nation. But it was the subsequent leaders like Cory, Salonga, Mitra, etc. including RAV Saguisag, who failed and did not provide the needed leadership. They squandered the golden opportunity for supposedly glorious turn around of the country after 21 years of dictatorship. RAV for his part declined appointment to the SC for lack of self-confidence, he could have done a lot and he was needed at that moment; instead it let the likes of Prebisterio Velasco, Renato Corona (former CJ), and some more with dubious character in the SC. Well, so many what ifs, if only they had the courage and confidence to do what they believe was right, just like during the times of Rizal, Bonifacio, Jacinto, etc. Timing is everything.

    Jose de Sagun


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