Nippy holiday


Kuya probably doesn’t have much time to shop for clothes due to his day job, so here’s an idea. Versatility will always be key, and picking out pieces that he can use for both work and play can really enhance his wardrobe. Try smart casual pieces combined with letterman or bomber jackets to pair with his old chinos for an easy but effective look. His girlfriend will thank you for it.

Denim pieces are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. If your bae looks more like a hobo than a boyfriend, a dose of denim on denim, flannel shirts, and basic boots can get him from 0 to lumbersexual in two seconds flat. Plus, like rice, denim goes well with everything due to its neutrality. Most men’s wardrobes are built around a few key pieces, and more often than not, they’ll find themselves gravitating towards denim.

For the busy dad who can’t find the time to revamp his wardrobe, get mix-and-matchable items that can be layered over one another or worn separately to add interest to an otherwise bland outfit. It’s about time he replaces those old fading basics with crisp new ones—and maybe more. Warm and heavy pieces ensure maximum coverage for spontaneous trips to Tagaytay while utilitarian ones give him the freedom to “rugged” it up wherever he may be—from the boardroom to the great outdoors.

Pin-striped shirt from Bagutta at Tryst Studio, varsity Jacket and beige chino pants from Zara, white shoes from Dr. Martens, eyewear from Oxygen

Denim jacket with faux fur lining, button-down shirt and denim pants from Zara, boots from Dr. Martens

White button down shirt, sweater, gray overcoat and trousers from Zara, oxfords from Dr. Martens


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