• Nissan targets to be No.3


    Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) targets to be the number three market leader in the pick-up segment with the entry of the All-New Nissan NP300 Navara.

    “We want to be number three in the market and for us to do this, we need to achieve 15 to 20 percent in the pick-up segment. We’re looking at sales of 300 to 400 units per month. If the industry will continue to grow then our initial estimate for the industry this year will be at least 300,000 units and of the 300,000 units at least ten percent will be pick-ups and of that ten percent, you are looking at 15 to 20 percent market share,” Antonio Zara, NPI President and Managing Director, told reporters.

    “Our intention is to grow in the Philippines. We are one of the biggest global brands.

    We are much bigger in other countries than we are in the Philippines. Do we have the capability as a global brand to achieve number three in the Philippines, definitely we can do that and it’s just a matter of time and with the right strategy to bring back Nissan to bring back where it was in the Philippines,” Zara said.

    For Toru Hasegawa, Corporate Vice-President of Nissan Motor Corporation (NMC) of Japan, said that the Philippine market is very promising.

    “Now we see a very strong GDP growth of about 6.7 percent every year. In the Philippines only 75 out of 1000 own a car. In Indonesia it’s 70, in Thailand, 200, Malaysia, 400 and Japan, 600. Compared with the other markets, the potential for the Philippines is huge and we got in time to catch this potential” Hasegawa said.


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