• NLEX-SLEX link 20% completed


    TWENTY-percent of the North Luzon and South Luzon Expressways (NLEX-SLEX) connector, a link that will join McArthur Highway and C-3, has been completed, a top official of the Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) said.

    “The completion rate [of the NLEX-SLEX connector segment 10]is 20 percent,” MPTC’s President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Rodrigo Franco said at its mother company Metro Pacific Investments Corp.’s (MPIC) full year financial operations briefing in Makati Tuesday.

    Segment 10 is a parcel that will link NLEX and McArthur Highway to Manila’s Port Area.

    The P10-billion project aims to decongest traffic in Metro Manila, provide trucks with an alternate route and provide better access to the North Harbor and Ninoy Aquino and Clark international airports.

    Segment 10 will significantly speed up and reduce the cost of the transport of goods from Central and Northern Luzon to the Manila harbors.

    The segment 10 parcel is an elevated expressway that will connect McArthur Highway and C-3.

    It will utilize the right-of-way of the existing PNR railroad tracks that cut across Valenzuela City and Malabon City.

    Franco said the 5.65 kilometer, 4-lane expressway is expected to be completed by mi d-2017.

    The NLEX-SLEX Connector Road is an unsolicited project with an original length of 13.5 km, which included a 5.5 km road segment that is common to the Project and the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 (MMSS 3). The Metro Pacific Tollways Development Corp.
    (MPTDC) as the proponent was granted original approval by the NEDA Board on January 18, 2013.

    However, after series of discussions and re-approval of the Project by the NEDA Board in February 2015, the Common Segment (5.5 km) was removed, as the proponent of the MMSS 3 has priority in the implementation of that segment. This reduced the length of the segment 10 Project to 8 km.


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