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Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

Jason Day was No. 2 in the U.S. Open last weekend. His mother hailed from Samar. With his latest prize (nearly $700K), his Ma can no longer claim he cannot afford coming home. He should reconnect. That is, if Madonna & Son are interested. We should not have to beg.

Was I edified when I got weeks ago an email from Charlie Borromeo, on Jason (born Down Under in 1987, son of an Aussie Pa, Alvin, and a widowed Waray Ma, Dening). The source said she is down-to-earth, petite, and would not stand out in the crowd but for a Louis Vuitton bag on her shoulder, not common for fans on a golf course. The source asked her if Jason had ever been to the Philippines; she answered: ‘Hindi, kasi walang pera, eh?’ [Ano po? O wala pong desire I asked here last April? RAVS] If he does not care for us like San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecom (mother, Rebecca Asis, daughter of Pinoy emigrants), forget him. Not that we want to tax him but for him and Dening to connect
and reconnect sana for ethnic reasons, to take that sentimental journey home.

I hope he comes home soon, like another guy born also in 1987, to American Baptist missionaries, in Makati, Tim Tebow, now with the Boston Patriots as Quarterback. TT is also our Patriot as he is building a hospital in Davao. Do we see him when his hospital is inaugurated early next year? It may be named after a living donor. Or even after Cesar Virata or Jojobama Binay, being of private provenance.

Of course, we cannot tax Tim and Jason here where Kim Henares is cleaning up the BIR image. Unbribable Ms. YM retired after an unblemished 29 years of service in the controversial BIR (Bigay Ikaw Regalo). How much will she get as retirement pay?

P40,000! Josme! And under process still. No wonder government personnel try to provide for their own future and old age. Not the fault of the BIR, but the incoming Congress should think of improving pay, and providing for retirement, health care and pension packages for government workers. Pay people above the level of corruption and lay down the economic foundation of honesty as in clean governments elsewhere. Government should improve working conditions. Now YM calls herself as a Calderologist, selling pans or calderos, an honorable undertaking.

We should of course improve ourselves; the current goings-on in the Supreme Court are not paradigmatic. Legion of stories elsewhere on the volcanic temper of Manong JPE and Senadora Miriam. Even Senator Manuel Quezon. As lawyers we are enjoined to guide those who follow us. And the Supreme Court Seniors shamefully leak stuff that helps no one but weakens the damaged institution. I find Marvic Leonen mild-mannered but the best of us lose it from time to time. Why a Justice should tsismis about any perceived frailty of a colleague needing support and guidance is beyond me. Wrongdoing, yes, but shortcomings? My own perception of Marvic is that he’s unbribable. And Jomar Canlas, with tight daily deadlines, should be commended for enterprise. Our society leaks like a sieve, chilling devil’s advocacy and asking the foolish questions of the day.

Such as on taxes. Kris Aquino topped the list of individual 2012 taxpayers, paying just under P49.8-M for 2012. Had Manny Pacquiao paid P50M on his billion earned last year, from boxing (he lost twice) and endorsements, he would have been No. 1 and talked of, as to his VP plans. But, he paid only P6.1M, not front page, but comic, stuff; he’s not the only one to make us laugh until we cry. Of course, as Judge Learned Hand said, one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes be as low as possible, there being no patriotic duty to increase his taxes. But Manny even reportedly, in addition, mauled a Barangay Captain. Case status? Wotta Congress.

And the SC should stop being a Circular Firing Squad. No one gains.

If Jackie Enrile is running for the Senate in 2016, he probably would get my vote given his report on campaign expenses and seeming contrition, if there is anything to be contrite for. If he has money left over from donations, he should not pay taxes on same, if he wantss to run in 2016 for the Bigger House or the Better One. The money was given as an investment in democracy, in him, and what he stands for and vows to do. He should prepare now and the BIR should leave him alone given R.A. No. 7166 that took effect in 1991. On February 23, 2005, the Supreme Court ruled “that political/electoral contributions, duly reported to the Comelec, are not subject to the payment of any gift tax.” Abello v. Commissioner, 452 SCRA 162, 173. I hope that some conribution and expense reports, like SALNs, are even true.

Anyway, no woman would settle for being called No. 2. In the 60’s though we were No. 2, behind only Japan, and we were content with being so. Jason Day should be happy to be No. 2, Phil Mickelson, unhappy with being No. 2. Both earned $696,104 last Sunday. As to Tiger Woods, was he in the Open? A desaparecido?

From the celestial heights of there 60’s, we started descending into the abyss, thanks to Macoy and GMA, but partly checked by PNoy. Pareng Boy Brillantes should welcome the complaints against him so we’ll see whether he deserves to be the worthy son of a worthy Comelec father, like PNoy. I am glad the complaint was filed here, not again in the UN, which is not in the business of running national elections and washing local dirty linen.

Miami No. 2? I’d share the pain of Erik Spoelstra, and his Mom, Celia Cenido, from San Pablo. But, God willing, today, Miami gets the whole enchilada. All the marbles. Erik, Kabayan, go for it!


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  1. Just to remind you, Sir, I enjoy reading you and like the witty remarks. Ever since you started (was it during the Marcos years?) writing, Kudos! Also to MABINI comrades of those days! Mabuhay ka!

  2. obviously my favorite ampon, rene has lost it. imagine him saying that penoy partly stopped this nation from going into the abyss, hahahahaha..

  3. Sir, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sa dinami dami ng hindi katangap tanggap na gawa ni Binay eh susuportahan mo pa rin sa 2016? Gaya ng pagpapalit palit ng pamilya nila sa pagiging mayor ng Makati.

  4. You are already out of this world!!!
    Wake up and open your eyes..
    Sayang ba ang boto at respeto na binigay ko sa iyo noon?