No anomaly, PPCRV insists


AMID suspicions of rigging, the Parish Pastoral Counting for Responsible Voting (PPRCV) on Saturday insisted that no cheating occurred during the unofficial and partial counting of votes conducted by the group since Monday.

PPCRV communications director Ana de Villa-Singson said no anomaly took place as proven in the “anomaly tests” conducted by PPRCV’s information and technology (IT) experts.

Singson said their experts made sure that the data transmitted by the vote counting machines were untouched, thus the votes that went to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, Liberal Party candidate for vice president, were not padded.

Singson said the PPCRV was not an instrument to cheat Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

“We ran several anomaly tests to demonstrate the credibility of the partial unofficial results. No single anomaly was found,” she asserted.

Singson pointed out that the anomaly tests were conducted in order to prove that there was no anomaly in the group’s count. She stressed that the PPCRV is standing by the correctness and validity of its performance of the job given to them by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

The PPCRV is a Catholic church-based election watchdog.

On Wednesday, Marcos’s lawyer Francesca Huang said a new “script” or computer command was placed on the PPRCV transparency server at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday that changed the hash codes of the packet data.

The replacement of hash code led the Marcos camp to suspect that the results of the elections, particularly in the vice presidential race, were rigged.

The Comelec had claimed that it was not informed about the changing of the script by Smartmatic.

The National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) earlier said a hash code serves as a digital fingerprint, which is unique for every file document.

At the same time, it is “a security measure used to ensure that the integrity of an electronic document, data file, or a program has not been compromised,” NAMFREL said.

On Thursday, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista admitted that the hash code was replaced but this did not affect the number of votes of any candidate.

But the Marcos camp noted that after the script was inserted, the senator’s lead of almost one million vote was erased and by dawn on Tuesday, Robredo was already leading by 200,000 votes.

But the Comelec and poll technology contractor Smartmatic shrugged off Marcos’ claim, saying the alteration was meant to replace question mark (“?”) in the names of candidates with “ñ.”


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  1. For those who doesnt know about the computer language, even if iam not a programmer, for sure the computer programmer know this. I am only computer user, but in my experience in abroad, as you can see in your lap top or desk top, the key board of your computer from nos. and symbols, they have all the meaning and equivalent, as this is the COMPUTER LANGUAGE. This signs, symbols is the key or the brain of the computer. Hence , the programmer can do his program thru, this symbols and signs..So in case of smartmatic personnel , who change the sign or hash tags, even he dont know what is all about,once he change the signs or symbol of the present system, IT WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF THE PROGRAM. Of course he will said I dont know.. But the one who gave instructions to him is the master mind of this cheating…Remember , all SYMBOLS, SIGNS, at your key board on your lap top or computer has a meaning..because that is the LANGUAGE OF COMPUTER. Once the computer programmer made a program, they are only the one who can change the code if they want..And later they will tell somebody, just do it.. just type this symbol “…”… which has a meaning that will affect the whole program…So in my conclusion, SMARTMATIC and COMELEC CHEATED BONG BONG MARCOS DEFINITELY…

  2. PPCRV is a tainted entity and should stand down and be replaced by a more reliable and neutral citizen’s arm. De Villa-Singson moves around social circles closely identified with the Yellows so her impartiality is suspect, like it or not.

    ## 46 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

  3. I’m not for any vice presidential candidate but to change the script or computer program while canvassing is ongoing is completely against the law. This should not have happened. A simple change of a running program can trigger all sorts of results. How can anybody say that it did not affect the counting result? Where is the audit trail due to the changes made? Smartmatic should be fined and should be banned for doing this. Comelec should be much smarter. They should have put a freeze on the running script. Changed can only be done with the authorization from Comelec. We have to be more sensitive to the millions of Filipinos who came out and voted. All we want is our vote to be counted properly We wish to always have a secured, honest and clean elections.

  4. itong PPCRV kahit noon pa man kulay dilaw na ito.. isa ito sa kasangkapan ng yellowtards sa mga pandaraya tuwing may election.. nagbabalatkayong mga tupa at santo ang nagpapatakbo nito…

  5. No matter how the Comelec, or for this matter, the PPCRV, denies that the result of the election was not affected despite changing of the hash code, people won’t believe them. The only way they can satisfy people’s thirst for a clear determination of winner is thru manual recounting. There will always be a cloud of doubt if the result comes from machine operated counting. The thing to do now for the camp of Sen. Bongbong Marcos is to secure the ballot boxes so that switching doesn’t happen. Maraming milagrong nangyayari kahit pa sinabi ni ate Guy “walang himala!”

  6. jeff jaramillo on

    What is the significance of the “enyee” that it has to be done in that moment?

    Issue a HOLD DEPARTURE ORDER to that Venezuelan technician and all Smartmatic people and check their bank accounts and luggage where they possibly hid the pay-off money from PNOy

  7. the PPCRV spokesperson is harping/mumbling in the wrong direction. the question is not about touching the data in the server but how the data are configured to be displayed on the monitor. the data in the server may have not been compromised since once they have entered the storage, they are more difficult to tamper with without leaving traceable evidence. any knowledgeable IT personnel knows that for the data to be displayed correctly or erroneously in a monitor, a software program is needed to configure how the data will be sorted out, analyzed, tabulated, arrange, etc to enable display of the results. this is where the change in the hash codes plays a crucial role since anything can be inserted (as sub-routine) in the program structure to alter what is to be displayed. it is more suspect that it appears that the change was already pre-programmed in a flash disk and introduced without any validation/verification of what are the contents are the flash disk. a file in the flash disk can be easily hidden (with specific password to access) like a trojan horse to activate when the change is made.

  8. PPCRV audited itself, by its own people. Then announced, “NO ANOMALY”. Self-serving.

  9. if there is a change in the system there is cheating or doubts the honesty of the system…Are you idot or paid editor …..Bullshit what a fool you are….be logical…

  10. Samuel Santos on

    It seems like this article did not “undergo” the editor’s pen. Hehe

  11. Winner is crystal clear and the only way the losing candidate can do is create a cloud of doubt and that’s exactly what the BBM supporters are doing wreaking havoc. The end of switch and bait ballots and vote buying are gone that was a trademark of stealing election in the past. Now either they have to deal with the tamper proof new system or find their way of a new method of tampering these so called VCM’s to get their way of stealing the election. COMELEC should not submit to unscrupulous and agents of doubts and delaying tactics and act as one voice to qualm this so called script change. Acting as a whole agency can only qualm rumors and chaos to end the cloud of doubts that this so called script change which is now being use as a tool by the defeated politician to try to nullify an honest and peacefully conducted election.