• No basis to file raps vs Duterte at ICC- Palace


    Malacañang has belittled plans of the camp of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato to charge President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

    Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said there is no basis to file a complaint against Duterte who was accused of having ordered the killing of criminals when he was the mayor of Davao City.

    “That [accusation]is just an imagination. We will respond when the case is filed. That is merely a propaganda,” Panelo said in an interview.

    “Perhaps, it [the criminal complaint]will not be entertained because there is no basis. Of course, if you have to file a case, you should have evidence, you should have documents, proof to back you up,” he added.
    Matobato’s lawyer Jude Sabio said he is preparing the case against Duterte to be filed at the ICC.

    Sabio said he will fly to The Netherlands this year to file cases of “crimes against humanity” against the President.

    Matobato in his testimony at the Senate linked Duterte to the alleged Davao Death Squad, supposedly responsible for alleged extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

    Duterte had admitted that there were thousands killed in Davao City during his stint as mayor but denied that he was behind it.

    Panelo was unfazed by Sabio’s threat to file a case, saying it is only part of the plan of Duterte’s opponents to damage the President’s reputation.

    “They will not stop. The critics of the President will not stop from making any move that will discredit him. That’s for sure. It’s really their job to discredit the President,” Panelo said.

    “For as long as the President’s popularity is still up there, for as long as he follows the Constitution, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. And he does follow the Constitution,” he added.


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    1. arnel amador on

      it’s not about legai issue, it’s about propaganda to create bad perceptions towards digong, and they are paid for that. they have a lot of money to spare, isn’t they? what is few millions of pesos to spare when you compromise multibillion dollars profit, which could be lost, because of digong…

    2. “Understanding the ICC-pdf”
      “Is the ICC meant to replace national courts?”
      “No. The ICC does not replace national criminal justice systems; rather, it complements them. It can investigate and, where warranted, prosecute and try individuals only if the State concerned does not, cannot or is unwilling genuinely to do so.”

      In this case, Matobato/Lascanas cannot file a case against PRRD to the ICC, because they haven:t proved yet that PH government “does not, cannot or is unwilling” to prosecute PRRD

    3. Obviously a bad scripted plan of the Liberal party and it’s yellow destabilizers. If ICC will dip its hand on this drama, they should start first with North Korea, China, Saudi, Syria and US for being more than guilty of crimes against humanity. Duterte is simply combating a valid cause which are criminality and illegal drugs period.