No Binay indictment


TWICE in one sentence, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales said “it’s not true” that Vice President Jejomar Binay and his mayor-son have been indicted for graft for their alleged participation in the anomalous construction of Makati City Hall Building 2.

Speaking at the sidelines of Monday’s launch of the Office of the Ombudsman’s Integrity Management Program, Morales questioned a newspaper report (not in The Manila Times) that they are already close to indicting the Vice President and his son, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.

“It’s not true that the Office of the Ombudsman found probable cause, it’s not true,” Morales said.

“Now, whether or not the Special Panel of Investigators found one, we do not know. But it is always the complainant, which means, first the special panel which would reply to the counter-affidavit. So ewan ko, ginawa na nilang [I don’t know, they already made it appear as] gospel truth,” she added.

“E lumabas na sa dyaryo meron na raw . . . so nagulat kami, and in today’s papers na naman [We were caught by surprise when it came out in today’s papers] … so, you know we’re really surprised how the thing came about,” Morales said.

As far as the central office of the Office of the Ombudsman is concerned, according to her, the case filed against the Binays remains pending.

The Manila Times had reported that the special investigation panel of the Office of the Ombudsman has found probable cause to indict the Binays.

Where her office is concerned, Morales said, the case remains pending.

“There was no such thing as the Ombudsman finding probable cause. But I understand there was this reply filed by the Special Panel of Investigators or preliminary investigators saying that they found probable cause to hail [the Binays to]court,” she added.

The Ombudman clarified that the probe panel’s findings will just be recommendatory.

“It’s going to be the Ombudsman who will approve or disapprove [their]recommendations,” Morales, a former associate justice of the Supreme Court, said.

The Ombudsman started investigating the Binays after a plunder complaint was filed against them by former Makati City officials Renato Bondal and Nicholas Enciso 6th.

Earlier, the Ombudsman’s Special Panel of Investigators filed a complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman charging the Vice President, Mayor Binay and 22 others of malversation, falsification, violations of the Anti-Graft Law and the Government Procurement Reform Act

The complaint was filed after months of case build-up and evidence-gathering by the special panel composed of field investigators.

Also named respondents in the complaint are former City Administrator Marjorie de Veyra, City Legal Officer Pio Kenneth Dasal, City Budget Officer Lorenza Amores, former Central Planning Management Office (CPMO) chief Virginia Hernandez, former City Engineer Mario Badillo, former City Accountant Leonila Querijero, former acting City Accountant Raydes Pestaño, City Accountant Cecilio Lim 3rd, acting City Accountant Eleno Mendoza, City Treasurer Nelia Barlis, CPMO Engineers Arnel Cadangan, Emerito Magat and Connie Consulta, CPMO chief Line dela Peña, Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat heads Giovanni Condes and Manolito Uyaco, Technical Working Group (TWG) Chairman Rodel Nayve, BAC member Ulysses Orienza, General Services Department (GSD) Officer-in-Charge Gerardo San Gabriel and GSD staff member Norman Flores.

Private respondents Orlando Mateo of MANA Architecture & Interior Design Company (MANA) and Efren Canlas of Hilmarc’s Construction Corp. (Hilmarc) were also included.


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  1. Wait till the real thing comes out. Meanwhile, take the word of Morales as it is.

  2. VP Binay will be elected first as president this coming 2016 and still Omb. Carpio-Morales and company does not have any single piece of evidence to prove their allegations against the Binay family.

  3. Not yet, but in due time. Perhaps the Ombudsman is just waiting for the SC decision on the CA TRO so that she will be standing on more solid ground. I listened to the audio on Youtube of the exchange between CJ Sereno and Atty. Coronel and no doubt in my mind the Binays are cooked. No way out.

    • Sereno is only one vote there are more than 12 justices voting as a collegial body… so nothing is definite…. so give please give an intelligent opinion……

  4. Mr13%VP Binay case is pending,Morales said no indictment yet today it might happen next week or next month,if it will happen it will be like lightning strike mamumuti si Mr.13%.

  5. Anything to smear Binays name , if you keep repeating lies sooner or later it will get to people’s mind that it’s true !! That’s a
    quote from Joseph Goebbel. Agitprop.

  6. Johnny Ramos on

    This is part of mind conditioning of the Palace drumbeaters. I won’t be surprised if the indictment will come soon so the Sandigan Court will eventually suspend Mayor Binay. Desperate political move is now being done by Mar Roxas thinking it could improve his rating. I think it is time to accept reality that even the relentless tirade of Trillanes did not move his ratings too. The business circles of campaign contributors based the amount of monies the will dole out based on survey rating. Mar Roxas and Trillanes will probably get penny ante because of poor rating.

  7. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Flip-flop that is what the Ombudsman and its minions is doing. The office is without the dignity it is supposed to uphold no feet to stand on. God bless the Philippines.

  8. Jose A. Oliveros on

    That report about the indictment of VP Binay and his son, Mayor Junjun Binay came out in one newspaper only – the unOfficial Gazette of the PeNoy administration – by a reporter who obviously knew nothing and did not even bother to check how proceedings before the Office of the Ombudsman are conducted.

    • When professionalism is wishful thinking and quality is bottom of the pile in importance, then the press indulges a lot in “freedom to invent stories”

    • I fully agree with you @Cocoy. This mega-corrupt yellow regime of the Liberal party are in a wishful thinking mode of inventing bizarre stories thinking it can save their necks after the phenomenal 2016 wind of change. :)

    • Why don’t you directly say the newspaper that reported it was The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the most yellow of all newspapers published in the Philippines. I read it too and looked for reports of it in other newspapers but found none. I was thinking did the Inquirer scooped it over all the other papers? It turned out the Inquirer spooked us.

    • Firestarter on

      After Pnoy’s term ends he will surely face his final curtain for a barrage of cases filed against him and his cohorts in the biggest robbery of people’s money in the government. Expect he will come out with a wheeled chair for his drama series.