• No Blue Ribbon call for JPE, Jinggoy, Bong


    As an abiding citizen and whose meager income is automatically taxed, the issue on pork barrel did enormously hit my awareness. I am not privy on how the culprits of these pork barrel scams could be put behind bars. If the administration is not able to do so, the scammers should be obliged to pay a fine and the government should confiscate their questionnable assets. The Aquino administration has a huge responsibility of healing this political disease. If Pnoy is true to his “tuwid na daan,” this is the right time to prove it to the mass. More than anyone else, it is Juan dela Cruz who is greatly affected.

    Alice A. Campued


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    1. These thieves in the government are after the taxpayers’ money. Has anybody thought of being a tax evader rather than a taxpayer ? “Kung walang nanakawin, walang magnanakaw.” Stop paying taxes and you stop corruption in the government in your own little way.