No brainer? Or no brain, all brawn?


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said that the decision of the Supreme Court on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was “a no-brainer.” President BS Aquino, on the other hand, said that the SC decision was difficult to understand. What does this comment make of him? One with no brain?

The magistrates and Senator Miriam are authorities on the Constitution while BS Aquino has no training in law. Is he a genius that he believes he knows more about legal questions than they do? Ah, but he doesn’t need brains to attack the SC decision if he has brawn. And the president has plenty of it. The Presidency has enough powers to use against all those who dare oppose him. Worse, he has the temperament to use these powers injudiciously.

As if his brawn were not enough, he’s threatening to call on his loyal supporters in the House and the Senate to gang up on the Supreme Court. He has already sounded the clarion call for action and we should expect the wimps in the legislature to blindly obey his bidding.

Forget the oft-repeated claims of congressmen and senators that they are independent of Malacañang. They had allowed Malacañang to trample on their inherent, constitutional power of the purse so we shouldn’t expect them to protest the continuing humiliation of their institution by BS Aquino. Rather, we should expect them to even defend the President’s act of clipping their powers. Woefully, we can also expect them to give the dirty finger to those who encourage them to resist any attempt to erode their independence and powers.

I had dark forebodings of the personality flaws of BS Aquino when he was still a senator. This was when, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Governments, he refused to report out local bills from the House because they had no counterpart measures in the Senate. I wrote of my utter disbelief that after nine years as congressman and almost three years as senator, he still didn’t know that a House bill doesn’t need a Senate counterpart for it to reach the floor. We had a short talk after my article came out. He maintained his position even after the Senate majority leader then, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, had already corrected him on the floor. However, it’s not his refusal to be corrected that gave a lasting impression on me. Rather, it was his parting words to me: “Baka naman kinakalaban mo ako! [It seems you’re out to challenge me!]”

I expected those words to come only from a neighborhood toughie, not from a senator of the land, especially not from the only son of the acclaimed icon of Philippine democracy. I realized then that BS Aquino takes criticisms as a personal affront. I had written critical articles against Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Franklin Drilon, Dick Gordon and Alan Peter Cayetano among others but they never uttered such threatening words to me.

BS Aquino showed his bent to act like a neighborhood toughie with his veiled threats against the magistrates who ruled against the DAP. He tried to mask this by citing alleged benefits derived from projects funded through this program. Later reports on where the funds were hijacked to showed the emptiness of his excuses.

For instance, it has been shown that he impounded P1.6 billion for the rehabilitation of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 and diverted it to his DAP. This airport has been demeaned as one of the worst in the world but the President saw nothing wrong in taking away the fund appropriated for its improvement.

NAIA-1 was meant to honor the memory of the martyred Ninoy Aquino, the President’s father. However, his memory was demeaned by allowing the terminal to go to seed. Now, there’s money, P1.6 billion, that could help make the terminal truly a memorial to a great Filipino but that Filipino’s son considered such efforts “slow-moving” and used the money elsewhere. No wonder, BS Aquino couldn’t fire the NAIA manager despite complaints against the conditions at the terminal.


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  1. To all Pnoy critics gather every person you can get to your side, still you’ll never get enough to bring down his presidency.

    • Pilipino Ako on

      To all PNoy apologists gather every person you can get to your side, still you’ll never get enough to lift up his presidency.

  2. It saddens me to see people, especially columnists of reputable newspapers, making personal attacks on our head of government. Attack the acts that you think are wrong.

    Granting that PNoy was a C student, is that wrong?

    On the contrary, have we had honest topnotchers in power lately?

  3. simple, his brain was impounded by greed and his illusion of grandeur. all senators and /or congressmen who would say “aye” to him would be butchered in the next elections. For you all, better distance yourselves from the dirtiest of them all or else! Show us at least that you have your own principles, your own way of thinking, independent of whatever the president tells you. Hear your conscience please.

  4. He still lives under the word “Democracy” which led their clans richer after Marco’s reign. He uses media and this noose-looking-yellow-ribbon propaganda to trick people that they care about the people. I cannot even cite anything BIG achievements that he did for his years of service without getting anything in return.

    Remember Corona? Well, he supports charging him for his wrong doings basically due to hectares of land that Corona gave away from Hacienda Luisita. Maybe if Corona never did it, he could have been spared. But remember Justice and Executive are different branches and are of equal power. Justice branch ensures that everything is in align with the Constitution for the security and just of its citizens.

    He doesn’t have any laws made and now he says it is hard for him to understand the SC’s decision? Well I guess he definitely did not understand it – literally. Maybe he is a media-controlled kind of person. The propaganda of the people behind media. Feed people with false information to cover the things that the government is shadily doing. One of it is to least prioritizing education of its people to be idiots. And show that people like Aquino is ready to help you with your problems – but when, where and how? Just posing hopes with no actions.

    Well, our country still has the same Cancer that Rizal is pointing out on his works. Not because of a colonizing entity, but with its own leaders. A dictator that hides behind the yellow ribbon.

  5. victor m. hernandez on

    The only thing worth impounding, rather than money from unused, underused, or idle funds from government agencies and other projects, is flood water. We have lots of them, particularly now that it is rainy season. This impounded water can be used for cleaning, watering plants, and irrigating the fields. DAPat lang, don’t you think so?

  6. Being too full of themselves are indeed the common denominator among those who in power these days….

  7. P. Akialamiro on

    With the remaining brawn, no wonder he can still be the “Man of Still (Steel); “still” to accept his mistakes; “still” to apologize; “still” to believe in the SC; and, now, not to “still” believe in the ‘charisma’ of the yellow ribbon because, after all, yellow symbolizes “cowardice”.

  8. Alfredo a.k.a Usi Sero on

    Well Mr. Danao, PNoy thinks he’s untouchable because he’s the son of Ninoy and Cory who are “perceived” to be heroes…I still have doubts though that they are heroes. Ninoy allegedly the reason Marcos was not successful with his Sabah initiative when Philippines still had respect from its neighbors. As for Cory, she was a bad manager, arrogant and did not take constructive advice…just like her son. In hindsight, I believe Laurel could have done a better job than Cory.

  9. Now that the story on NAIA-1 had been told, people already knows why this airport dilemma happened. No question asked. Period.

  10. Mr. Danao, thanks for the information about the King of DAP. It is already out in the open that this man PNoy was only a “C” student at the Ateneo. I an assume that the only reason why the Ateneo professors gave him the lowest passing grade was because he was the son of Ninoy, nothing else. If he was the son of a nobody, for sure he was already dismissed earlier for failing grades. Their is no need to look for better evidence that the man has really nothing between his ears but brawn. PNoy is a bully because he is in a position of power and of course he owns the Treasury of the Philippines. If he were not, he will be a pathetic coward. Adding to his personality problem is his psychiatric and psychological deficiencies which can be seen clearly in the manner he speaks, walk and actions. The country is so unfortunate electing a man with a questionable character and mental status. The Pilipinos should not have used emotions in electing a man with a very low value.


    As you have stated Mr. Danao, this person cannot and will not accept his mistakes.
    This is the kind of president that the Philippines has who is self-conceited. He thinks
    that he is always correct and that he can never go wrong. HE WHO TEACHES
    HIMSELF HAS A FOOL FOR A MASTER. Kaya yong sinabi niya sa iyo noon
    na “baka kinakalaban mo siya” ay maliwanag na nagpapatunay na itong taong
    ito ay hindi makakatanggap ng pagkakamali. Nagagawa niya lamang ito kapag
    mayroon mga taong na pumapalakpak sa kanya na gaya nila tupak, at yong
    mga binusog niya sa congress.

  12. like what i said before. the definition of DAP was the conspiracy between the president of the philippine and the philippine congress where the filipino were robbed. thievery on the part of both branches of government. plain and simple. daylight robbery at best. and an armed robbery at its worst.

  13. Dumb, dumb, dumb. It is frustrating to deal with a person who uses brawn rather than brain. If there is nothing between the ears, we cannot do much but wait after his term let him suffer the consequences. He may turn up to another former president to in jail! It us sad indeed. I used to support Pnoy.