• No champion, only surrogate fathers bought on sale


    The clearest sign that the Bangsamoro bill is a measure of dubious and shabby origins is the fact that it does not have a champion in either house of Congress–one sponsor to present a reasoned and cogent defense of it, one to sing its merits and importance across the length and breadth of the archipelago, one voice to defend it against detractors and answer all objectors.

    The fact is the BBL is a foundling – an infant whose parents are unknown, like one senator out there. What the BBL has is an abundance of surrogate fathers, who were induced to claim parenthood in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.

    A baby with Noynoy’s DNA
    Everyone thinks that this is President Noynoy’s baby, which bears his DNA in the same way that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unmistakably his. It was he who seeded it from the start. Alias Mohagher Iqbal and fake Miriam Ferrer served only as the surrogate couple to bring it to birth.

    There is a well-founded rumor that the silver being used by Aquino to pay surrogates was taken wholesale from the public treasury. If so, we Filipinos are being made to pay these scoundrels to shortchange the nation and fool us.

    Because of the silver, Congressman Rufus Rodriguez executed a 360-degree turn from seemingly principled chair of the house ad hoc committee to servile subject of the emperor with no clothes.

    Because of the silver, and by the principle of party responsibility, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte ought to rise as the champion of the BBL. But he is an ancient warrior and not a credible champion. He cannot remember anymore the last time when he delivered a speech to champion a cause.

    Because of the silver and because of all the largesse from Aquino he has feasted on, Senate President Franklin Drilon will readily volunteer to champion the BBL in the Senate. But his fellow senators and partymates believe his sponsorship is the surest way to lose the battle.

    Unbridled attack on our Republic
    Why are there no willing and vocal champions of the BBL despite all the silver flowing around?

    First, because the BBL is an unbridled attack on our nation, our Constitution and our Republic? It is a “constitutional abomination,” to borrow Senator Juan Ponce Enrile‘s description of the proposed military bases treaty with the US which the Senate rejected in 1991. It should be aborted even though this country has outlawed abortion.

    Second, because everything about the BBL is a lie, beginning with the identities of the individuals who negotiated and drafted it. The very name Bangsamoro is a lie, because there is no Moro nation in the Philippines. There is no Moro homeland.

    Third, the government structure it proposes to set up with a Bangsamoro parliament and Bangsamoro autonomous government is not provided for in the one and only Philippine Constitution, which is supreme in this country.

    Aquino is not the Republic
    The big lie that led to all this talk about a BBL is that when President Aquino signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), he committed the government to the passage by Congress of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. In fact, he has no authority to do so.

    Aquino is not the Philippine government or the Republic. He represents only one branch of government. And his decisions and acts can be declared illegal and unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    No legislator is willing to stand up in Congress or in the public square to champion the BBL because it will be like committing political suicide. He will feel his nose grow longer as he talks about the bill. Every word he utters will be taped and then replayed over and over, and used to defeat him in the 2016 election, if he dares to run for office.

    President Aquino will be brave enough to defend the BBL in public. He has no choice. He cannot disown his child without turning it into a bastard.

    Congress will redeem itself by saying No
    I predict that as the debate over the BBL becomes serious in both halls of Congress, most of our legislators will recognize the surpassing importance of this issue to the future and wellbeing of our people and our country. They will finally acknowledge the real interest they are supposed to represent in our legislature – which is the interest of our sovereign people.

    They will see the opportunity to repair Congress and heal its image and reputation as “the broken branch of government.” They will see President Aquino’s utter contempt for them and for our legislature in thinking that they will do his every bidding, no matter how foul the project.

    After a period of decadence and scandal, when some of our senators were charged with plunder and held in detention, the Senate will realize that in the decision on the BBL, it has an opportunity to redeem itself and recapture its once sterling reputation. For clearly, it does not lack of senators who have the courage of their convictions to reject bullying and bribery by the President.

    Even the House, despite its reputation for corruption and sleaze, will begin to wake up to its higher responsibility and realize that it was vested with the power of the purse and the power of impeachment for a reason.

    Not everyone will wake up to the call of people and country. But beginning with a few, soon there will be more, and more, and eventually there will be a majority who will not be denied in saying that the BBL will not pass this Congress.

    When the battle over the BBL is over, the Congress of the Philippines will be standing proud and tall.

    And there will be no Bangsamoro parliament to rival it.



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    1. Rufus was voted as congressman by Cagayan de oro city. And those whho voted were all Hudas as well don’t they?

    2. mr yen, sabi nga ni boy sisi a long time ago, HINDI MASAMA MANGARAP. panaginip ang sinasabi mong turn around ng mga mambabatas. sabi nga nila ‘ you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’. anyways, i hope your dream would not turn into nightmare.

    3. P.Akialamiro on

      It is quite clear that Pres. B.S. Aquino does not defend and protect the Constitution of the Philippinesis as he recited in his oath of allegiance. Therefore, he is, at best, “unpariotic” and, at worst, “a traitor”.

      • P.Akialamiro on

        “…..as he recited in his “oath of office” when he took over the Presidency of the Republic.

    4. You are right Yen. BSSimeon never had the right to commit the Republic to this traitorous BBL “Agreement”. The people must know what’s really going on. The SAF 44 sacrifice must not be in vain. The remaining “lawmakers” with a conscience must champion the Philippines, it’s constitution and what it is. THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW.

      Take it to the streets, rally the people.

      The BBL is a criminal document being pushed by a criminal president in behalf of a criminal organization.

    5. christinetan on

      Cong. Judas Rodriguez chided Sens. Marcos and Escudero for having been swayed by PUBLIC OPINION on their stand on BBL. Even if true, there is nothing more devious than being bought by PUBLIC FUNDS to vote for BBL as what the Ad Hoc 50 is doing. Just look at the faces of the SINGKWENTANG HUDAS after their victory. Naluma si Nero na naglira habang nasunog ang Roma.

      • naging ogags na si rufus. e hindi ba representative sila ng mga taong bumoto sa kanila?? e dapat sinusunod nila ang opinion ng mga bumoto sa kanila. ano sila independent individuals at wala ng opinion ang mga taong naghalal sa kanya para i=represent nya sa kongreso???

    6. Cong Rufus Rodriguez spoke with “pork” tongue. They lost their honor in the lower house.

    7. Rufus has shown he is a bought legislator and someone who should never be an elected person in this country. Look he just did a complete turnaround and betrayed the country for pieces of silver.

      • emmanuel mallari on

        perhaps we can call him lupus…. malapit na siyang RIP sa puwesto niya

    8. Mr. Yen, I like your style, congrats. You hit it right big time this scandal called BBL. Cong. R.Rodriguez one time buoyed our hopes that he carried
      the torch in order to right the legal infirmities of the BBL. Yet he proved to be a huge disappointment after visiting the palace! We dream of peace in our country, but not at the expense of our rights! What Rufus’ committee miserably failed to champion the Senate with its brilliant minds will try to rectify and succeed! One country one constitution! Mabuhay ka Mr. Yen.

    9. genesisbughaw on

      Thinking Filipinos as for me are getting accross-sinking in their intelligence knowing the difference between ampaw at may laman

      Thank you! May your tribe increase.

      God Bless.

      Rajah Sulayman

      Pre-Philippine monarchs of the Postclassical Era and the early modern period

      Rajas of Tondo:Timamanukum Alon Gambang Suko Lontok–Kalangitan Sulaiman I Lakandula

      Rajas of Maynila :Lontok Sulaiman I Matanda Sulayman

      Lakans of Namaya: Kalangitan Ache Sulayman

      Datus of the Madja-as :Puti Sumakwel Bangkaya Balengkaka Kalantiaw Manduyog Padojinog Kabnayag Lubay Paiburong Kolambu

      Rajas of Cebu :Lumaya Alho Ukob Bantug Parang Humabon Tupas Katuna Lapu-Lapu Zula

      Rajas of Butuan :Kiling Bata Shaja Siagu

      Sultans of Maguindanao :Kabungsuwan Maka-alang Saripada Bangkaya Dimasangcay Adel Gugu Sarikula Laut Buisan Kudarat

      Sultans of Sulu :Sharif ul-Hāshim Kamal ud-Din Ala ud-Din Amir ul-Umara Muizz ul-Mutawadi-in Nasir ud-Din I Muhammad ul-Halim Batarah Shah Tengah Muwallil Wasit I Nasir ud-Din II Salah ud-Din Ali Shah Azim ud-Din I Bantilan Muizz ud-Din Azim ud-Din II

    10. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Rufus has contracted “LUPUS” a very dreaded disease. He has condemned himself after turning Judas to the people of the Philippines selling his soul for a higher ambition with thirty pieces of silver. As to his master “P” who played a major role in PDAP and DAP with A BAD man, there is still the remaining months to repent and apologize to his BOSSES for misdeeds and miscalculated decisions which are not his own but his henchmen and KKKs. God bless the Philippines.

    11. Ramon M. Macaraig on

      Rufus just did a 180 degree turn in his principles to that pot of gold…

    12. The electorate instinctively knows the difference between something motivated by self-interest, rather than undertaken in the national interest.
      People also know when they are being treated as fools, particularly when it is the rank amateurs in Malacanang espousing upon matters way beyond their remedial grade.
      BBL is an example of a folly being peddled by fools, and duly parroted by the usual parade of anti-intellectual sycophants.

      The breadth and depth of the growing adverse sentiment towards BBL, including legal luminaries, Bangsamoro leaders, independent analysts, and international observers, only confirms that the people’s intuition is inherently correct, and that the government negotiators have been sleeping on the job/sleeping with the enemy.
      (Miriam ‘Islam Lover’ Ferrer (MILF) will likely become Pnoy Aquino’s latest fantasy pin up if the Malacanang version of BBL is passed.)
      It would have helped if the government negotiators actually had some legal abilities, rather than a track record in contemplating their navels and chasing academic awards. Those who can, do – those who can’t…..

      History has shown that when the obsession of the few rides roughshod over the wisdom of the crowd, then the outcome is never beneficial and always detrimental.

      The added inability of Pnoy Aquino and his interns to even defend the BBL, beyond facile comments and well worn motherhood statements, further underlines their duplicity, hypocricy, and sheer ineptitude by pursuing an ill-conceived course of action from the very outset, and adding insult to injury by protecting murderers and doing nothing to pursue justice for SAF 44 and the other massacre victims. Incorrigible.

      And now, rather than have any serious debate on the issues, the response is to hide and bribe, push and rush, ignore rational arguments and employ emotional appeals. Cowardly as well as corrupt.

      Continuing to railroad BBL will only result in further division and conflict, and undoubtedly be the precursor to an implementation riddled with subterfuge and beset by problems. A bad law results in no law.

      When the ‘Dark Triad’ of machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy combine, then a perfect storm of destruction is inevitably unleashed.

      BBL, Malacanang version, is not a peace agreement, but simply a piece of paper which should be overstamped with a health warning, and when it unravels – which it surely will – then all those who were negotiators, signatories, or supporters should be banished to a settlement in Mamasapano to ruminate upon their treachery and stupidity.

      The added need for Pnoy Aquino to resort to threats and/or bribes to achieve his vanity project, whilst also doing the bidding of the US, reflects the actions of a weak and despicable leader in cahoots with sleazy and invidious congressmen, who themselves have shown no interest in peace, nor in the country, just filling their bank accounts. Let’s see how many participate in the plenary debate, or even bother to turn up!

      Filipino democracy has become bribery based, driven from the highest level and systemised by the lowest of the many dishonorable congressmen.

      Those in government and in congress are either uninformed, unconcerned, and unprincipled, and threaten to undermine the very fabric of Philippine sovereignty and only highlight their incapacity to govern, or embark upon any endeavour without managing to make a pigs ear out of it. Congress and The Senate are in the last chance saloon of credibility and relevance.
      The Chinese must think they are watching a comedy film complete with a clown prince and court jesters. Pnoy Aquino would be a cross between Mr Magoo, Mr Bean, Coco the Clown, and Walter Mitty.

      One certainly cannot expect Pnoy Aquino, who has already bribed The Senate to secure the impeachment of CJ Corona, to act with even a modicum of integrity, and his trapo ways have predictably resulted in him debasing democracy, and prostituting patronage politics with all the immorality of a pimp.
      Maybe Pnoy Aquino was promised 72 virgins, and Pia Wurtzbach, as his ’30 pieces of silver’!

      The court of public opinion has passed judgement on BBL, and on Pnoy Aquino – A failed leader and a traitor – like grandfather, like grandson. A shiver without a backbone. Morality without a compass.
      A coward with no place to hide – like mother, like son.

      “There is a higher court higher than the courts of justice and that is the court of
      conscience. It supercedes all other
      Mahatma Gandhi

      The whole treacherous episode has been characterised by incompetence and bribery. Two wrongs do not make a right, but will lead to a fight.

      BBL is, legally unconstitutional, morally unethical, socially undesirable, and will be unworkable in practice.

      BBL by any other name is still a dogs dinner
      Mohager Iqbal by any nom de guerre is still a terrorist
      Pnoy Aquino by any name is still a fool

      MILF, undoubtedly, are skilled negotiators and are strategic in outlook, fanatical in beliefs, singular in focus, and ruthless in implementation. Heavyweights with guns versus academics with books. No contest.

      BBL will be the green light for phase 2 and 12 steps to purgatory.

      Intimidation – people
      Manipulation – plebiscite/elections/COMELEC
      Organisation – separation from national bodies
      Segregation – muslim/ non-muslim
      Acquisition – arms
      Militarisation – recruitment and training
      Corruption – finances/war chest
      Legislation – sharia law
      Co-ordination – international networks
      Consolidation – power/positions
      Expansion – geographic reach
      Secession – final objective

      Never trust an alcoholic with a drink, an Aquino with a promise, or a muslim with a gun.

      The only politician to have shown any integrity and professionalism in the whole sorry saga is proving to be Bongbong Marcos, which is surprising, but credit where it is due. For such an important bill the vast majority of Senators have kept their mouths shut and been conspicuous by their absence. Typical.
      Time will tell whether Marcos has genuine principles and courage, or whether they are like his degrees, or are as shallow as the retrobate of congress – Rufus ‘show me the money’ Rodriguez.

      Time for all Senators to stand up and be counted. Let the public see who will come up short.

    13. Claro Apolinar on

      May your — and most Filipinos’ wish and prayer — be granted by Almighty God.
      In Monday night’s ABSCBN interview by Tina Monzon Palma of House ad hoc committee cahir Rufus Rodriguez, he was saying the House plenary will amend the BBL bill and purge it of all unconstitutional provisions.
      Let’s pray he has not become a BIG LIAR like his friend BS Aquino.

    14. Umaasa pa ba kayo na magbabago pa ang isipan ng mga mambabatas? Nakataya dito ang kanilang kaligtasan para hindi sila makasama sa ididimanda at ipakukulong ni Aquino,dahil sa pagtanggap nila ng suhol galing sa kanya! Hindi na pera at pakinabang ang nakataya dito,kung hindi ang kanilang hahatungan kahihiyan!
      Sila ay hawak lahat sa leeg ni Aquino! Huli na para magsisi ang mga magnanakaw!
      Kung utak demonyo sila, si Aquino ang AMA! Walang sino man ang pueding magtraidor sa kanya!
      Matutulad din ang senado sa mambabatas!na naging sisiw sa harapan ni Aquino!supreme court mas madaling kontrolin ito ng hari ng DAP!patunay na pagbaligtad nila!

    15. Wow, this piece is reeking with eloquence. And it is far more superior than any critique I have ever read on the Bangsamoro swindle.

      Indeed, the Abnoy is the father of this child (the BBL proposal) which is as odious as himself, born out of his avaricious yen to bag a Nobel Peace prize. But my goodness! What hubris! Imagine putting himself in the level of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the other rational and highly deserving personages of history. When he is completely devoid of rational sense to understand the duties and responsibilities of the office he sought. When he cannot even convene the National Security Council to discourse with it. When he cannot even answer intelligently the scrutiny of brilliant minds re his own country’s geo-politics. When he cannot even answer with sincerity and presidential candor the grieving demand of the SAF widows for justice and retribution. What has he got indeed to win any recognition? NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING, ZERO.

      And now, he has the guts and the gall to dismember our republic and throw away our resources, including our money, when he is not even a duly elected president. SHAME ON HIM!