• No charges filed in Vhong incident


    The incident involving comedian-actor Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro and a 22-year-old student and model in a condominium in the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City was reported to the police, but no complaint was filed.

    Southern Police District (SPD) Chief Supt. Jose Erwin Villacorte on Monday said Navarro and Denice Milinette Cornejo signed the police blotter at the SPD Investigation and Detective Management Division on 11:49 p.m. on January 22, hours after the incident happened.

    Navarro’s manager Chito Rono reported on Friday that the actor was mauled by a group of men led by Cedric Lee in Cornejo’s unit at Forbeswood Heights at around 10:30 p.m. of January 22.

    In her statement noted in the blotter, Cornejo said Navarro tried to rape her.
    Cedric Lee, believed to be Cornejo’s boyfriend, said in the blotter that he beat up Navarro because the actor was trying to rape Cornejo.

    Villacorte said Navarro, Cornejo, Lee and Lee’s sister Bernice reported the incident for “record purposes only, and that the parties agreed not to file charges against each other.

    “It is just a simple blotter for record purposes because nobody would like to file a case,” he said.

    Cornejo “manifested that she will not be filing any case against Navarro so we did not turn her over to the Women’s desk anymore,” Villacorte said.

    What the blotter noted was that Navarro arrived at Cornejo’s unit at Forbeswood Heights at around 10:30 p.m. on January 22.

    “While inside, the suspect suddenly held the hands and pulled the hair of the complainant forcing her to lay down on the chair. At that instance, sensing the evil motive of the suspect, the complainant fight back and was able to run to her room but the suspect followed,” the report stated.

    The SPD has turned over the incident to the Taguig City Police, which has jurisdiction over Bonifacio Global City.

    Taguig Police Chief Sr. Supt. Arthur Felix Asis on Monday said he has asked the security agency and the administrators of Forbeswood Heights “to produce the CCTV footage from January 22 until January 25 because we might be able to find something that could help in our investigation.”

    He asked the condominium administrator for the logbook to find out who visited Cornejo’s unit.

    “We want this case to be resolved at the least possible time. We still have to get the
    cooperation of the aggrieved party,” Asis said.
    Interviewed on the Buzz ng Bayan by Boy Abunda on Sunday, Navarro described how he was attacked by Lee and his group.

    In an interview with ABS-CBN reporter Jay Ruiz, Lee said he, his sister Bernice and another friend Cornejo’s unit to fetch her.

    At the door, they heard screams inside. “We thought baka may nag-aaway lang.

    Fortunately, the door was unlocked. Walang tao sa sala. Dumiretso kami sa bedroom,” he said.

    There he saw an undressed Navarro on top of the struggling Deniece. He said he grabbed the actor who fought back.

    “We just wanted to take him to the precinct but he was fighting back, punching without his pants . . . We pinned him down at the sala Because of his struggle, we were forced to beat him up,” Lee said.

    Lee denied they took a video of showing Navarro’s manhood but only with his confession of the attempted rape.

    Navarro’s lawyer, Alma Mallonga, said they will file a case against Lee and other suspects. “The process has already begun. At the proper time, the complaint will be filed [against Lee and other suspects],” she told pep.ph.


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    1. This is a complete set-up done by a syndicate. I guess, this is not the first time this incident happened. It is a money making business, trapping would be victims using the charm of a woman. I do not think Vhong Navarro will tell lies with the pain he underwent with the bruises that may cost his life.

    2. Why Vhong was there? Who is Deniece? What is her profession really? Will friends of Deniece tell the public who she is in private? Who is Cua? Why is he there too? Was there blackmail? Why did the group of Cua brought a cam with them? Was there consensual sex between Vhong and the girl before this incident? Who is this mystery girl who was with them?

    3. Gauging from Cedric Lee’s version of what really transpired to Vhong Navarro mauling incident, we found several conflicting statements he made during CEDRIC LEES “Story-Telling-a-Lie” TV interview. Number 1: He said, after they pinned down and disabled the aggressive Vhong Navarro they immediately made a phone call to seek for police assistance as this is a person’s natural reaction in times of extreme disturbance but it turn out no police force responded to the emergency call. After three long…long hours… Cedric group decided to take Vhong Navarro to the police station. What happened? It took them three hours to decide. Number 2: He also said of seeing Vhong Navarros’s pants yanked down ready to submit Deniece to sexual act although the main door was completely locked inside. Maybe he possesses X-ray eyes? In a simple police matter like this, I don’t think the NBI should be involved unless this guy Cedric Lee has an influential association with the NBI? Aside from Deniece habit of maintaining an on hand “Duct-Tape” in case of “Scheduled Rape”

    4. There’s only one question that could determine which side is credible. Check the CCTV as well as the log book of the security guards. If Vhong arrived at the condo earlier than Cedric’s group, then Cedric’s statement could be more credible because he indeed could have caught Vhong raping the girl. If Cedric’s group arrived earlier than Vhong, then Vhong was more credible because this would show that Cedric and his group were already waiting for Vhong; and the whole thing was a set up.

    5. santiago caisido on

      Kikita lang ng husto ang mga lawyers dyan. Pustahan walang mangyayari sa mga kasong isasampa nyan mga yan. Pinakamadali ang limang taon bago maresolba ang mga kaso kung magsambahan sila ng dimanda. Kaya in the end mga lawyers ang makikinabang.

    6. something is very strange her, she says he tried to rape her but she wont file charges. I think that says she is lying. Im sure if i were a woman & someone tried to rape me i would definately press charges. If he did that to you then he is capable of doing it to others. There is more to this than meets the eye.

      • Mario Maghirang on

        I agree, if you are the victim you should press charges but in this situation there’s something fishy. I think we need to dig deeper to Mr Lee’s background this guy is interesting…whoever is the culprit should pay the price. That’s the bottom line here…justice must prevail and uphold to gain back the reputation of the PNP and the Justice system in the Phil.

      • I agree with you. It was so plain for this woman to say that she was a victim of attempted rape with no bruises on her body. It’s a pity that with her pretty face she was used by a syndicate. This must have precedence and not the first time she acted. She is a recidivist.