No clear winner yet in VP race – Comelec


THE race between Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Camarines Sur. Rep. Leni Robredo is too close to call even if 96.85 percent of the election results have been transmitted, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) admitted on Wednesday.

“It’s a tight race,” Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said, adding that there were still some one million votes from Mindanao and overseas that are yet to be transmitted.
As of 11:32 a.m., Wednesday, Robredo was leading Marcos by 231,693 votes.

Guanzon said there were still 250,000 overseas vote that have not yet been canvassed and another 500,000 votes from Maguindanao province in southern Philippines.

The certificates of canvass (COC) from 82 overseas posts were canvassed also on Wednesday by the Comelec sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) for senators and party-list groups.

As of press time oon the same day, the NBOC has canvassed 29 COC from abroad.
Guanzon explained that the votes from Maguindanao were not transmitted because the assistant of the provincial election officer was beaten by unidentified persons who also flattened the tires of their car.

“I have asked the [Comelec] Information Technology Department to personally deliver a canvassing kit with laptop. As we speak, they are already transmitting from Buluan, Maguindanao, the 500,000 votes,” she said.

The commission, Guanzon added, is also inclined to call for a special election in the town of Binidayan, Lanao del Sur, which has some 20,000 voters.

She also explained that no elections were held in Binidayan because the members of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) did not report for work.

Aside from Maguindanao, the province of Sulu has so far transmitted only 65 percent of the votes; Basilan, 84 percent; Tawi-Tawi, 95 percent; and Lanao del Sur, 50 percent.
Guanzon pointed out that the uncanvassed votes were significant enough to make a difference in the tight contest for the vice presidential race.

“And so I can understand why Sen. Marcos is really on his toes,” she said.

Marcos was leading Robredo by almost a million votes at the start of the parallel counting being made by election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Pastoral Voting (PPCRV).
Robredo took the lead in the wee hours of the following day.

The Marcos camp has called on the Comelec to stop the PPCRV quick count because it was supposedly setting a trend in favor of Robredo.

But Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista said that he is yet to receive a formal request from Marcos.

Guanzon said the PPCRV, the National Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) and other election watchdogs are authorized by Republic Act 8436 or the Automated Election Law to conduct a quick count and release results of elections for public consumption.

“You have to be transparent to the people about the status of the electoral process to avoid doubt on the results of the elections,” she added.


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  1. “… the votes from Maguindanao were not transmitted because the assistant of the provincial election officer was beaten by unidentified persons who also flattened the tires of their car.”

    That would be the equivalent of ballot snatching. How many votes involved?

  2. The SC should be asked to intervene through a petition for certiorari with preliminary injunction to stop the unofficial count for the position of vice president given the very tight race, not to mention the 750,000 plus untransmitted results.

  3. No split decision for this match …..a complete vote count must be done by PPCRV.. it must be a knock out on the 12th round ….

  4. eagle's wings on

    Whoever will win the vp race will have a miss-universe-miss-columbia moment. Not in any way in favor or against any candidate, the public deserves the truth. Yes many black propaganda has been thrown in mr. marcos’ way, but hello, no one deserves to be cheated even as there are sectors against his winning the vp race.

    If there is a need to do random sampling of precincts just to ensure the integrity of the 2016 elections, then so be it. how can there be healing if there is an allegation of cheating and malicious conspiracy against anyone? Let us remove that shadow of doubt.

  5. Matino T. Delacruz on

    Another comment claiming an IT expert from PPRCV noticed a flaw in the transaction of canvassed votes. What kind of flaw was it? Was tampering with the DATA being transmitted occurred? Was data manipulated during transaction? In what way?

    Now let us define the Transparency Server; an electronic device (computer) that configured to receive and displays data that are being sent from polling stations around the country. Command such as change/ move/ delete or any type of data manipulations are not recognized by the server, and therefore, no response from the server because it was not configured that way. This possible scenario was already considered when safety features were designed, before the election law was born.

  6. An IT expert at PPRCV noticed a flaw in the transmittal script (transaction) of the canvassed votes. If indeed, this was abnormal, why did he not raise his observation towards the Comelec/NBI? Is there a “shut up” instruction too? Another thing is that there was an admission by the Smartmatic Venezuelan IT expert that he indeed tinkered the machine instruction without the knowledge of the Comelec, is this not a serious concern? To address the problem, I suggest that Comelec/NBI must summon the PPRCV IT expert, the Venezuelan IT expert and then run two machines, one with original script vs. one with the edited script then compare the results.

    • It will not do anybody any good. What everybody is interested is the totals read by the machine and transmitted to Comelec. Any tinkering of the source code does not say who won the VP race. I was just surprise when BBM was leading 1 million, he was not complaining, now Leni is ahead and he is looking for a way to stop the quick count. What a sour loser. BBM. It is not you rejected by the Pilipinos, it is your name that they hate. Do not take this personally.

  7. Matino T. Delacruz on

    Election watchdogs conducting quick counts and release results in the interest of public, was authorized under the Automated Election Law. Bongbong, what is the problem? Your camp said that quick count will set a trend in favor of Robredo, and on what basis? The votes are coming in and it is already there, and all these watch groups doing are counting the votes that was already transmitted to the transparency server. Why prevent these group of people from doing their mandated jobs? Also, your group should have addressed this issue to COMELEC, not the MEDIA, bozos..

    There are 250,000 votes from overseas and 500,000 votes from Maguindanao have yet to be canvassed, and 20,000 voters from a town in Lanao del Sur have yet to go to the poll and vote, as well. From an analysis of an uneducated and ignorant person like myself, the end result will show that you are beaten by Robredo, fair and square. Bonbong, you need to understand the votes that have yet to be counted are from Mindanao and people there were saying that it’s payback time. Why payback time? Remember the BBL? You did not agree on the languages on the BBL, but you did not put enough efforts to go back to the lower house to work on compromise for the passage of that BILL. You thought you were able to get even with your good friend PNoy by trashing that Bill, because he was the one pushing that initiative, saan kadi?

    • You are not reading and hence you’re not updated. The news is that Smartmatic altred a program which puts the hash tag for Bongbong Marcos compromised. Hit the news again my friend so you know and next time before ranting of any sort make sure you are updated because you’re making yourself a fool!

    • “…you did not put enough efforts to go back to the lower house to work on compromise for the passage of that BILL.”

      That’s his job?

    • BBM is doing what is just for the interest of all Filipinos poor and rich alike, BBL is formulated to benefit few special interest and Constitutionally infirm . The problem with many Filipinos especially those whose self-interest is only their purpose turns to vindictiveness and irrational behavior resulting to violence and destruction. And your vindictiveness doesnt help, but rather divides .and remember there is only one form of Philippine gov’t.