• No Clinton bombshell in Benghazi report by Republicans


    WASHINGTON: Republican lawmakers on Tuesday released a report on the deadly 2012 assault on the US mission in Benghazi, accusing then secretary of state Hillary Clinton of underestimating and then misrepresenting the extremist threat in Libya. As Washington insiders pored over the minutiae of an 800-page document that was two years and seven million taxpayer dollars in the making, there was no sign of the kind of bombshell revelation that would fatally wound Clinton’s campaign for the White House. But every hour her team spends responding to the charges—including details of an abandoned bid to deploy troops to protect the Libyan outpost, and of behind-the-scenes meetings in Washington—is a distraction from her effort to build an unassailable lead over Donald Trump. Clinton’s Democratic supporters on the Congressional panel probing the attack and its political aftermath denounced their colleagues’ response, and the State Department said it provides few new facts about the Sept. 2012 tragedy not already covered by several former investigations. And Clinton herself, at a campaign appearance, dismissed the report, saying it did nothing to debunk “multiple” prior probes by independent or bipartisan bodies. “I will leave it to others to characterize this report, but I think it’s pretty clear it’s time to move on,” she declared. White House spokesman Josh Earnest was also scathing, saying that for all their effort, the lawmakers had only proven that the “conspiracy theories that have been flowering on the Republican side of the aisle are politically motivated fantasies.”



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