No customers, no business, no jobs!

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

IT’S three weeks now and I still don’t have internet connectivity. I just talked to a customer-experienced person from WiTribe, my internet provider and the gist of what she told me was: There is nothing we could do about the technical problems of our system. Repairs are ongoing and the completion date is indefinite. You may opt to cancel your subscription with us and go to another internet provider. Wait or leave us. Easy as ABC.  No compassion nor understanding.

It’s now three full weeks since the repairs started. And you get this kind of answer from their frontliner. Heartless. I am thinking that they are not service providers, they are only after profit. They don’t give a hoot about their customers at all. Suffer much longer or leave now. And I was being pressed for a decision ahora mismo (there and then)!!!  How cruel and remorseless.

That girl who spoke in behalf of WiTribe does not realize that she is a VIP.  Yes, a Very Influential Person!  She has the power to gain or lose customers, create lasting and satisfying relationships with them or drive away their customers to competition. I bet she does not look forward to another encounter with a customer given the gargantuan issues her company is having right now. I bet she resents the intrusion in her comfort zone every time someone calls for assistance, albeit a complaint. She forgets this power to influence in such “moments of truth” and make a positive impression for her company.

Why do customers leave?

They die. The waiting game could really kill those faint of heart.

They move away. Frustrated, maybe they pack their belongings and transfer to locations where WiTribe could not reach them.

They might have other friends in the same business. Every day, receive not one but several unsolicited text messages from Smart offering their various services. I have already blocked their numbers but, since they own their network they use a new number each time. Nakakapikon na!!!!  I will just unsubscribe, hmmmmmm, anyways, I don’t anymore use my Smart number since I have chosen a higher type of subscription with Globe. From friends and readers, PLDT is the better choice among present internet providers.

There is the issue of competitive reasons such as price. The price war is on, the lower the price with the more benefit, wins the game.

Customers become dissatisfied with the product. Three weeks and no internet service. Very unsatisfactory.

Mainly, customers leave because of the attitude and indifference of one employee.   Try shopping at SM, the contractual sales representative will almost always tell you that the color, size and style you want are all out and no more stock.  The WiTribe customer-experienced person offered to cancel my subscription, just like that.  I ask her why she says those things instead of appeasing a disgruntled customer like me.  She says that’s what management told them to tell customers who call about the much-delayed repair of their system. She was just taking orders from higher ups. So I just told the girl to find another job. Since they are driving away their customers to competition, they might not be in business for long and she might lose her job anyway. No customers, no business, no jobs!  Easy as ABC.

Many times, customers are taken for granted.  Management and service givers of companies forget that a customer is:

The most important person in our company whether he comes in person, calls or writes to us.

Not dependent on us. We depend upon him for our living.

Not an interruption to our work. He is the reason we have work. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

Not someone with whom to argue, assert our rights nor match our wits.  No one ever won an argument with a customer.

A person who comes to us because he needs certain products and services. It is our job to provide him his needs in a way that is profitable to him and to ourselves.

Not a cold statistic.  He is flesh and blood, a human being with emotions and preferences like our own.

The most important person in our company.  Without him, we would have no reason for being.

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  1. In this country CUSTOMER SERVICE really does not matter…complain…forget it..the attitude is, if you do not like it tough , go elsewhere..we don’t care. This is the reason that so many business’ s go broke.

  2. i suggest to you mam, you purchase WiFi gadgets that you can put internet simcard with load of maximum or unlimited with Globe or Smart . I hope Smart, Globe , Sun, have internet sim card to be use for dont need your service provider…cancell your contract to them.

  3. In this new world, we cannot work without internet. This is the world we live. Our country must be updated when it comes to technology, ie internet… This is the only way we can communicate for our everyday life, like business, etc, etc. Otherwise , we will be left behind and stagnat… Without information or technology peoples are NOTHING. We should note that, TECHNOLOGY is the Future…

  4. So what’s new about this? It’s my observation that ” Customer service” doesn’t exist at any level or in any organisation here in the Philippines. Is there a translation in Tagalog? For that matter, how about “give way, follow rules/ regulations, discipline” ?

  5. PLDT a better choice…..NOT! well if you could afford their pldt fibr it’s faster compared to the mydsl which sucks by the way.

  6. What a nice article! Again and again it is about CHARACTER! ‘Character building is a nation building’. It always begins with Character! Show humility to sum up!