No delay in Leni proclamation


The Philippine Congress sitting as National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) will not delay the proclamation of vice presidential race frontrunner Leni Robredo amid suspicions of poll rigging claimed by the camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales 2nd of Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila), the head of the Congressional Committee of the NBOC, said a separate proclamation for the Vice President and President is illogical because votes for both positions will only be sourced from the same Certificates of Canvass (COC).

As of May 22, Robredo (14, 415,355) leads Marcos (14, 152,726) by 262,609 votes based on hard copies of the COC and Election Returns that her camp possesses, her Liberal Party being the dominant majority party, and on COC data available from the Comelec website.

“When you talk about a COC of a city or a province, there’s only one COC. In fact, it’s the same COC for the [votes for]senators. It’s one observation for the same COC. If we find that… due execution of COC is okay, then it is okay for the entirety [covering votes for President, Vice President and senators],” Gonzales told reporters.

In a privileged speech on Monday, Marcos congratulated presumptive President and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and the 12 candidates who were proclaimed Senator-elect this week but cried possible election fraud in the vice presidential contest.

“How do you effect a separate proclamation for President and Vice President? I don’t want to prejudge, but we are talking of one COC. If the COC is good for [the vote for the]President, then it has to be good for Vice President. If it’s not good for President, then it must not be good for Vice President. If it cannot be good for Vice President, it cannot be good for the President,” Gonzales said.

He heads the House of Representatives’ panel for the NBOC that also includes Elpidio Barzaga of Dasmariñas (Cavite), Romero Quimbo of Marikina City (Metro Manila), Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro City, Rey Umali of Oriental Mindoro, Fred Castro of Capiz, 1-BAP party-list Rep. Silvestre Bello 3rd and House Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora of San Juan City (Metro Manila).

Congress received 129 ballot boxes and 58 pouches containing votes from overseas voting on Monday.

Gonzales clarified that Congress is only sitting as Board of Canvassers that is mandated to count the votes, not investigate allegations of vote buying and anything that is not contained in the COC.

“We sit as Board of Canvassers who will tabulate the votes. We are not the Board of Inquiry. You can’t be allowed to present evidence of vote buying and other offenses outside of the COC every single time because we won’t finish counting the votes in such a situation,” he said.

“If there is a protest, the battle is before the Supreme Court,” Gonzales added, referring to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, which has jurisdiction over electoral protests involving results from presidential and vice presidential races.

Congress is yet to start the canvassing of votes as of 3:40 p.m. on Tuesday pending quorum.


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  1. prescilla lim on

    just recount the votes, do away with legalities…there is doubt so this needs to be addressed…

  2. What is amazing about this whole drama is the seeming assumption of Senator BBM and his team that whatever they say has significance within the context of canvassing the votes. Since BBM has hired so many lawyers to represent him or speak in his behalf, you would think that these lawyers would know enough about the canvassing process so as not to look and sound like ignorant neophytes. There is a protocol to be followed in an election contest. These lawyers better learn or review this protocol before proceeding further. They are just wasting people’s time, money and resources. Based on the COCs vote total, tomorrow or the day after, Mayor Duterte and Cong. Leni winner will be proclaimed president and vice-president, respectively. It is time to concede and accept your loss, Senator Marcos.

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Senator Marcos should stop dragging his consultants into making fools of themselves. When your protest reaches the Supreme Court, The Justices will be as confused as you are, because the sitting Justices have zero knowledge on how computers process the data inputted to the computers, and it will be the blind leading the blind. However, the Justices can embarrass you on Copyright Law, Trade Secret Act, and Proprietary Law. Another insult to your injury are those people you hired as your consultants and advisers, could hardly tell the difference between their asses and their mouths, to include Mr. Contreras, supposedly the statistics expert.

    Foreign newspapers around the globe are saying that a son of former Philippine Dictator trying to contest the election result, and was beaten by a lady lawyer that have dedicated most of her time helping the poorest of the poor by giving free legal services. Senator Marcos should let the country move and quit crying.

  4. The canvassing and eventual proclamation of the elected president and vice president of the national election last May 9 must come together considering they are from the same Certificate of Canvass (COC). If there is alleged fraud on the vice president position, same is true with the president’s. The National Board of Canvassers is right in proclaming both based on the same COCs.

  5. matinong pinoy on

    Senator Marcos, please stop crying and you are also making your LO IQ followers believed that you were cheated. If you were cheated, do not blame the machines where they inputted the votes, the transmission line where the votes were transmitted, and the transparency server that received and stored the votes.

    The vote buying activities started at barangay and municipal levels and you cannot blame the people selling their votes because of poverty. They would rather have P500 for their vote to alleviate their hunger than nothing at all. You should have introduced a lot of legislations in the Senate floor, targeting to help the poorest of the poor or you could have given back the money that your family have plundered, that were rightfully belonged to the Filipino people.

    You could have won the election if you have admitted the corrupt practices of your family, and apologized for it. You should have known by now that Filipino people in general are very forgiving, However, your very good friend PNoy is still celebrating, have an ear to ear grin, and patting himself in the back because of his success.

  6. The congress has the responsibility to declare the President and VP winner. Let BBM file a rotest but withholding the pronouncement is a disgrace. Whatever the difference is, even a single vote will not alter the outcome. Does a 5 million vote advantage and a 200,000 vote advantage change who win or who lose ?

    • Any deviation from the rule of law deserves investigation. every law-abiding Filipino citizen is entitled to be heard , not to be shun from the truth. yes, even a single vote makes a difference, period.

  7. Rep Gonzales is an LP House majority leader Congressmnan of Mandaluyong who endorsed the impeachment of CJ Renato Corona led by Pres Aquino and was charged of plunder due to misuse of 315 million PDAF funds 2007-2009 .based on the COA audit. Of course based on his record as an LP Congressman he will not support an honest and fair election COC on behalf Of BBM, tho he is very much aware of the sinister plot of his own leader Aquino to stop BBM from being elected as VP but rather condone the anomaly committed by Comelec and Smartmatic and see to it that their candidate Leni Robredo win despite failure of a fair electoral process.If Neptali Gonzales is honorable and honest he will endorse to delay the proclamation till the COC is finished . it is very obvious that the sinister plot has to be done by hook or by crook. God save the Philippines from those whose self-interest is only their priority at the expense of the many poor starving unemployed Filipinos.