No demolition without relocation, vows Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte has promised that there will be no demolition of houses without “sustainable relocation” for displaced families.

In a speech at a reunion with batches 1971 and 1972 of his alma mater San Beda College in Malacañang on Sunday night, Duterte reiterated that he will prohibit the demolition unless residents are given proper relocation first.

“During my time, there will be no demolition [if there is no]relocation. Hindi ako papayag. Kasi ‘yung walang mapuntahan, sirain mo ang bahay. Parang aso. E saan pupunta ‘yung mga tao [I won’t allow it. Lives will be destroyed. Those whose houses are demolished will be like dogs. Where will those people go]? Where will they find another shelter?” the President said.

Duterte added that he would be “very generous” and that he would push for “sustainable relocation” for affected families.

He said the relocation of affected families should be packaged with economic activities that would encourage them to stay in relocation areas.

“I’d look for money [to support such activities]. We will go for a suitable relocation and that is why… we have to build new industries. We have to create an activity, economics, [so that people will become productive],” Duterte added.

The President said “the economic conditions of everybody” are a top priority of his administration.

“Ayan ang priority ko [That is my priority]. And I need a lot of money… because I have so many problems. I have to address the economic conditions of everybody, including and perhaps first [those who are poor],” Duterte added.

“And the only thing that I can really tell you now is that [n]obody but nobody, ever knew, [but only now], at the time that [what were rampaging across the country were crime, criminality and drugs… Hindi ako aatras diyan [I won’t run away from them],” he said.


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