• No Diet Before Death


    For his numbered days
    The call of the richly-laden
    Table is a siren-song.

    His wife’s anxious sighs
    Are no obstacle; he unlearns
    The lechon’s lesson on self-control.

    He sets his sight on the upright
    Ears and curly tail which soon
    Will crackle with his toothy delight.

    He is more than ready, anyway,
    To answer St. Peter’s roll-call.
    Meanwhile — ah, forget the cholesterol!

    * * *


    The intricate embroidery
    In Auntie’s blouse is as delicate
    As the nuanced allusions
    To Uncle’s infidelity.

    Our guesses are as wanton
    As the women painted in Uncle’s life
    By guests, and whispered by kin
    Inside the house ordered cleared by Auntie.

    Eyes stare and icy silence creeps
    Up and down the stairs. Light
    And shadow chase each other
    As in the embroidery in Auntie’s blouse.


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