No DNA testing for Susan

Sen. Grace Poe (left) and Susan Roces

Sen. Grace Poe (left) and Susan Roces

‘I have no reason to doubt her integrity’ – Grace Poe
“I have no reason to doubt her integrity.”

Embattled Sen. Grace Poe made this statement on Wednesday as she said her adoptive mother, actress Susan Roces, would not be subjected to DNA testing as her camp continues to search for a solid link that would prove that her biological parents were Filipinos.

“I haven’t put my mom under DNA test because I have no reason to doubt her [integrity]and what she has told me about how my life unfolded is not a secret from everybody here,” Poe told reporters.

The 47-year-old senator, who is running for President in next year’s elections, is facing multiple disqualification cases—all questioning her claim to being a natural-born citizen, a key constitutional requirement for those aspiring to become the nation’s leader.

Poe on Monday managed to secure two temporary restraining orders—one each for the two Commission on Elections rulings canceling her certificate of candidacy.

A separate case assailing her claim to being a natural-born Filipino before the Senate Electoral Tribunal has reached the Supreme Court.

Under Article 7, Section 2 of the 1987 Constitution, in order to serve as President, one must be at least 40 years old and above; a registered voter, able to read and write; a Filipino citizen by birth; and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding elections.

Poe’s opponents mainly argued that she could not lay claim to being a natural-born citizen as it is yet to be established that her biological parents were Filipinos.

The senator was said to have been abandoned as a newborn in a church in Jaro, Iloilo.

She was later adopted by celebrity couple Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces.

Poe Jr. or FPJ was the “King of Philippine Movies” and ran for President in 2004. He lost in the controversial elections to then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. FPJ died a few days after suffering a massive stroke six months after the elections.

Apparently capitalizing on her adoptive father’s popularity, Grace Poe ran for senator and topped the senatorial elections in 2013.

Radio commentator Rizalito David questioned her qualification in a quo warranto petition before the Senate Electoral Tribunal and sought to nullify her proclamation as one of the winners on the ground that she is not a natural-born citizen for being a foundling with no known biological parents.

Poe’s camp has been scouring Western Visayas for leads about her biological parents.

A retired judge has even offered a P300,000 reward to anyone who could give any solid information about the senator’s parentage.

Finding Poe’s biological link would automatically flush down petitions assailing her citizenship, but previous DNA tests on possible biological relatives have turned out negative.

The Supreme Court has set oral arguments on Poe’s disqualification cases on January 19.

Poe conceded that finding her relatives has always been a tough ordeal.

“It’s no less an emotional issue as I was looking for them before. As a child, of course, you are curious… a little bit sad, disappointed, that the parents I grew up with were not really my parents. But my [adoptive]parents assured me that all will be well and provided me opportunities [to grow].

The positive thing in the search, according to Poe, is that she has been given the opportunity to meet well-meaning families who want to help her.

“They are kind and decent, and how I really wish I am really related to them,” she said.

“The search is both difficult and easy because while you get disappointed, there is also that great possibility of knowing the truth and creating a future for the children who are also foundlings,” Poe added.

Bodies exhumed
GMA News on Tuesday reported that Poe’s camp had the remains of her alleged biological parents exhumed from the East Valencia Public Cemetery in Buenavista town in Guimaras for DNA testing.

A lawyer and a forensic pathologist were overseeing the process, the GMA News report said.

“First to be exhumed were the remains of Victoria Rodriguez, who is believed to be Poe’s biological mother.

A bone fragment from her thigh was extracted for DNA testing,” the report said.

“Also exhumed were the bodies of Francisco Montañez and his son Paquito to determine the paternal line of the senator. It is believed that either Francisco or Paquito was the real father of Poe, thus DNA samples needed to be extracted from both their remains,” the report added.

DNA samples from Rodriguez’s surviving siblings were also taken.

The DNA testing will be done in Manila, the report said.

Poe’s spokesman, however, clarified that it was the Rodriguez family that offered to have Victoria’s remains exhumed.

Valenzuela City(Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian, the senator’s spokesman, said it was Poe’s lawyers who spoke to the Rodiguez family.

He added that Poe was in fact saddened after learning about the exhumation.

“The Rodriguez family offered this option because they also wanted to know the truth once and for all,” Gatchalian said in a statement.

While he admitted that Poe personally met the Rodriguez family during her last visit to Iloilo, she was not involved in arranging the DNA testing.

Gatchalian said that while the families expressed their willingness to help Poe in her search, they are also asking media to respect their privacy and not to air or show footage of the exhumation process.


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  1. How can we be sure of the authenticity of the DNA testing? GPL and backers will do anything to achieve their greed for power and the lure of the almighty pesos.

  2. All over the world millions of foundlings and adopted persons are seeking their natural parents.
    Everybody wants to know their roots; to know where they come from so they can know where they are going.
    If you dont know where you came from then it is impossible to know where you are heading!
    DNA is the best possibility to find out who your parents were and who you relatives really are.
    So what is the beef so many of the readers of this article has with Poe seeking her ancestors??
    Who are you people to judge her in her quest to find who her natural parents were?
    Is she infringing any of your rights??
    Doesnt she has the same rights as anybody else to do all what is within her means to seek her natural parents??
    Who are you to deny her this natural born right??

  3. Dis Grace had integrity to Susan Roces because both of them are big liar. Susan Roces knew Dis Grace real parents. She not telling the truth to her adopted daughter. Susan tell Dis Grace who are her parents why are not telling her?

  4. I will just laugh at you people if it turned out that the DNA with the Rodriguez family is positive. You really like gossip and rumors and that is the reason why Philippines is so poor because of people like you who love to spread rumors and gossips.

  5. Is this the kind of leader that you want to vote,this is purely an ambitious expedition even the dead entertained.

  6. Why only now that she exerted all efforts to establish her roots. Is it because of The Presidency? You are too ambitious kasi Ms. Grace. You still have another term as Senator or settled for the Vice presidency and by the time you seek the highest post of the Land, you are already made leader. We have the Constitution to follow and that should be followed regardless of the subject matter. Dont use emotions in getting good publicity. The law may be harsh but itnis still the law.

  7. Esta mujer está arrastrando a toda la nación en el caos apenas sostener su ambición . No puedo culparla porque un montón de estúpidas pilipinos está montando en su drama. El hecho de que ella tiro de su ciudadanía Pilipino hay suficiente evidencia de que ella no tiene que ser la cabeza de las Filipinas. Nuestros héroes muertos como José Rizal y miles de soldados que murieron en el nombre de Filipinas va a llorar falta . Tenían todas las oportunidades para salir de Filipinas y denunciar su raza a cambio de una vida mejor en el extranjero , pero se quedaron y siguen siendo patriótica a la muerte. ¿Cómo te atreves gracia Poe tu cara es más grueso que el bloque de adobe. Susan Roces realmente quiere dejar en el Palacio . El ambisyosa.

  8. This woman is dragging the whole nation into chaos just sustain her ambition. I can’t blame her because a lot of stupid Pilipinos are riding on her drama. The fact that she throw away her Pilipino citizenship is enough evidence that she must not be the head of the Philippines. Our dead heroes like Jose Rizal and thousand of soldiers who died in the name of the Philippines will cry foul. They had all the opportunities to leave the Philippines and denounce their race in exchange for a better life abroad but they stayed and remain patriotic to death. How dare you Grace Poe your face is thicker than adobe block. Susan Roces really wants to leave in the Palace. Mga ambisyosa.

  9. I have only one statement to make in describing Grace Poe. “She is very ambitious to become President of the Philippines even if she is not qualified under our Constitution and she lacks the necessary experience to become President”

  10. all this just for her ambition (greed), people should really be wary if she really becomes the president, god save the Philippines!

  11. Ayaw ni poe, ayaw ni susan, ayaw ni sherryl, at ayaw ni rosemary magpa dna match..BAKIT? Pero c Bongbong is willing pero ayaw parin ni poe…BAKIT?

  12. MONEY. Big sum of money.

    The only compelling reason why Grace Poe, her aunt Susan Roces, and biological mother, Rosemarie Sonora will not reveal the real score.

    APO Macoy must have given a generous allowance to Rosemarie et al and keep this sordid affair from public knowledge – a trust fund kept and managed afar in Switzerland.

    A violation by a concerned party such that the truth is revealed will amount to forfeiture to such funds.

    Makes sense that Bongbong Marcos is offering himself for DNA testing because the revelation will cause the funds to revert to the original benefactor and his rightful heirs – Marcos family.

  13. rene catalasan on

    Grace won’t ever find the biological parents with lies and more lies!
    Why she refuses DNA offer from Bongbong Marcos and lately of Susan Roces is not a small matter, but a big..big one.
    Remember Grace that lies and more lies won’t see you free, but only the truth and nothing more than the truth would.
    If Grace can’t do a simple thing how much more the gargantuan duties and responsibilities of a president?
    Dear electorates leaning to vote for her out of sympathy please reconsider your stand!

  14. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Poe could have been the “Best Supporting Actress” for being good but failing to support her contention about her origin and residency. God bless the Philippines.

  15. This racket brought about by DNA testings to know the biological parents of foundling Grace is getting to be out of hand. In support of a burning ambition to become president, graves and departed souls are to be desecrated and a whole nation told to wait its outcome. It is very clear that this whole affair is being over-dramatized to stoke people’s emotional weakenesses in favor of her and her financial backers’ selfish ambitions. This only make us Filipinos captive to the machinations of Grace Llamanzares, Escudero and their oligarch financial backers’ political and economic agenda. And for all of this we allow ourselves to look cheap and desperate in our quest for a political savior. This political dramatization is too much for us to bear. It stinks.

    • And, even though she will be saved by DNA testing, still, she applied for naturalization to be Filipino citizen again when she became US citizen. She did not apply to be natural-born. Therefore, what will be her benefit from DNA?

    • Revitor you are in no position at all to judge the reasons Poe has to find out who her real parents were.
      She has the undeniable right to find out who she really is and from where she comes!

  16. Bakit iyong mga patay hinuhukay for DNA testing eh may buhay na nag-offer ng DNA testing ay tinanggihan (Bong-bong Marcos)

    • Pagmasdan ang litrato ng dalawa. Hindi ba magkamukha

      Hindi naman magkamukha! Ibang iba ang hitsurang maganda ni Susan.

  17. Claro Apolinar on

    None of these painful events in the lives of the people dragged into this Grace Poe claims would have happened if she had not ambitiously and knowingly acted to run for president–because very very rich oligarchs and politically powerful clans have induced her and are using her to own the presidency for their vested interests. She is a willing tool of the most powerful faction in the oligarchy. And she is unprinciplped enough to do their bidding, and the Philippine Constitution and the privacy of other people be damned!

    • One of them is erap who pushed fpj to run for president during his imprisonment. only fpj can save him from incarceration. and now, grace poe to save jinggoy.

  18. Bakit hindi i flush out lahat ang posibleng sagot sa problema ni Poe? DNA with the Sonoras and Marcoses para matapos ng pag dududa ng mga tao. Nagawang e exhume ang labi ng matagal ng namayapa bat hindi gawin sa buhay? Para matuldukan ng usapan na anak si Poe ni Marcos. Or may katotohanan talaga ang story na ito?

    • Follow the trail when rosemarie gave birth in hawaii in 1968 and resume her showbiz career in 1969. It was a baby girl.

  19. If you are seeking for the truth then don’t exclude anybody. Your belief could be wrong. Getting their (Sonora or Marcos ) DNAs is equivalent to hitting 2 birds with one stone. First if the DNA comes positive, then you are a natural born Filipino citizen, if DNA is negative, then all the rumors about Sonora Marcos relationship will finally be put to an end. Therefore it is a win-win situation. However, rejecting to get DNAs from persons who could possibly illuminate who you are or stop the rumors about your blood relationship to them is akin to rejecting the truth

    • And beside millions of pesos she inherited from The King (from Marcos) she will be entitled from Marcos wealth being a illegitimate child. That’s 3 birds in one stone.

  20. The hectic search being conducted by Grace Poe to find her biological parents is revealing her ‎true personality — a lady too obsessed with her ambition to become president. If her object is to ‎find her roots for love of kindred affinity, she should have done it in the long years or decades ‎past. Her motive now is easily seen as merely to support her burning ambition.‎

    She has not done anything outstanding that we can be proud of — in private life, in the ‎profession, or in the arts. Her only meager record of a few years in public service may not be ‎described as profound. ‎

    I sincerely believe she could mellow to be a good leader has she waited to spend one or two ‎terms as senator because by then she would not be swayed by the urgings of political kibitzers. ‎

    • spend one or two ‎terms as senator

      She is not allowed to be a senator according to the constitution, she is not a natural born same as running for president.

  21. mikhail hieronymus on

    This woman Grace Lllamezares will not stop at anything just to fulfilled her Ambition. Now they are digging (exhumation) the graves of persons in Guimaras, Iloilo for any prove of her parents.

  22. So, Susan refuses DNA testing which is understandable as the result would probe to be embarrassing. That is, half of Grace’s DNA would matched to that of Sonora’s. But why undertake a national fishing expedition when Sen Bongbong Marcos is willing to undergo DNA testing? Come on Grace, in any type of search you start in your own backyard…you have been taking us for a ride far too long. Give us a break!!!!!!!

  23. Establishing her biologiCal lineage is only the first step. She still has to contend with the fact that her application for reacquisition of Filipino citizenship is not valid, because of a gross misrepresentation of a material fact.

    In it, she claimed to be the natural born child of FPJ and Susan Roces. This cannot be considered to be an innocent mistake.

    Of course, if she establishes her natural born status via finding her original parents, she can always reapply for reacquisition of citizenship, which could be granted without delay.

    However, this might reset the clock on her meeting the 10 year residency requirement. So she can only run for the presidency 10 years from now at the earliest.