No filming in Pacquiao camp


pakyaw20150316American trainer Freddie Roach has prohibited any form of filming and video documentary inside the Wild Card gym while prize-fighter Manny Pacquiao is in rigid training for his upcoming fight against undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Emmanuel Ferrer, a member of Team Pacquiao, said the 55-year-old Roach has implemented a strict order not to record the training routine of the Filipino eight-division world champion.

“Coach Freddie doesn’t care about history or anything else. He asked everybody, including us, inside the gym not to take video on Manny while he’s in training,” Ferrer told The Manila Times on Sunday a phone interview. “He doesn’t allow also any form of documentation during training.”

Ferrer said Roach simply wants the training and sparring sessions of Pacquiao to be private.

Pacquiao’s personal adviser Mike Koncz earlier said that the Wild Card gym is restricted to outsiders.

Pacquiao, the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight titleholder, faces World Boxing Council and Super World Boxing Association welterweight champion Mayweather Jr. (47-0 record with 26 knockouts) in a unification match on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA.

“Coach Freddie is so strict in training sessions because he really wants Manny to beat Floyd by knockout and I personally believe it is very possible [to happen]. Manny, for his part, is anxious in his first two weeks of training. He really wants to put everything in proper order. Manny is getting better everyday,” said Ferrer, one of Pacquiao’s jogging partners.

“There will be three to five sparring partners for Manny this coming week, but I do not have any idea who are they. This week it’s going to be a tough for him,” he added.


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  1. It’s all psychological war between the two camps. The moment they signed that fight contract, the fight has began already. I don’t think they are afraid of floyd, if anything, mayweather’s camp is more pressured than manny’s. Floyd’s very good at mind games before the fight, but it seems that freddy fugured that out already that’s why he’s trying to counter that by raising curiousity of not allowing to film his fighters training. They are sending a message to floyd’s camp. Aside from that, mayweather more than anyone else has been the one acting weird lately.. And i believe it’s all part of the psychological war. Both camps getting into each others head.

  2. The filming prohibition is strictly implemented by Freddie Roach so as not to publicize what they are on or on what level they are already in as far as training is concerned simply because of the importance of this bout. Any strategy developed should be between themselves only, As what Sun Tzu has said, know your self and know your enemy and the battle will be yours….

  3. Thats very strange, i wonder if they want to use propaganda in mannys build up. I wonder are they scared if manny gets dropped by a sparring partner they dont want the world to know about it. Its so strange now he is fighting floyd he has gone into secretive mode. It seems to me team manny are maybe a little worried. I dont think you will see that fear in team mayweather.
    Its not long now till we see who wins this fight. My money is on floyd mayweather to win.