• ‘No Filter’ and the question of ‘What is it with kids today?’

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    Earlier this year, I was in the middle of discussion about “this new generation of kids.” The chaps I spoke to were quite cynical. They felt kids today were extremely wild, decadent and nihilistic.

    I felt:
    1. Doesn’t that always happen? People from a previous generation always saying how the current one has eroded morals?

    2. I still think for wildness and decadence there’s nothing like the late ‘70s or the early ‘80s (but yes, I’m just going by impression, without any data to support it).

    3. They are generalizing—they are talking about a bunch of young people they’ve heard of speak for the whole generation.

    4. Don’t we all know many amazing millennials who don’t deserve to be heaped in some negative stereotype?

    Alas the chaps wouldn’t listen to me.

    And alas, one misses out when they don’t listen, don’t you think?

    I enjoyed listening to watching the 17 to 18 monologues in the show No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me by the Sandbox Collective. Their website calls this “a monologue series by Millennials, for Millennials, about Millennials”—though it is really for everyone.

    1. Because millennials are not aliens attached to their gadgets—anyone older (like me, a Gen X-er) is likely to see a bit of themselves as they discuss their struggles with love, religion, finding a career, belonging, being understood by parents, anxiety and identity. While technology certainly colors every aspect of young person’s life, some things don’t really change for those on the cusp of adulthood.

    2. Whether you’ll applaud or criticize the sentiment behind each piece, you’ll at least appreciate the honesty behind them.

    3. The performances were tender, earnest and funny. Everyone was great—though a special mention is order for Cai Cortez, with her great storytelling skills and comedic timing.

    Last weekend was supposedly the end of the run but new shows were added today—they didn’t have much of a budget for publicity but the seats have been selling thanks to very positive word of mouth.

    Due to the response they’ve been getting, the folks behind the show are open to the possibility of expanding it and adding more pieces. I would love to hear the thoughts of millennials in a place like Mindanao, for starters. I really think the No Filter team is on to something.

    No Filter is directed by Toff de Venecia and the last two shows happen today and tomorrow at the RCBC Plaza. For inquiries call 0917-8996680


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