• No grace in Comelec


    THOUGH we, too, have very serious misgivings about the eligibility, qualifications and competence of Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares as a candidate for the presidency, we think the Comelec, especially its Chairman Andres Bautista, has handled her case in a shockingly sloppy, unprofessional way. Regardless if the decision was correct or not, the behavior of the Commissioners, and in particular, Chairman Bautista, causes us great concern for the credibility of the conduct and outcome of next year’s elections.

    The problem, which understandably infuriated the Senator’s supporters, happened Tuesday night when a couple of commissioners “leaked” the news about the 5-1 vote against Poe-Llamanzares by the Comelec en banc. Proper procedure specifies that the various opinions of the commissioners should be gathered, and a proper ruling explaining the vote written and signed before the ruling is officially made public.

    The Poe camp decried the “leak,” saying that it only served to sow confusion, and we agree with that assessment. Even though the information was accurate, it is important for the integrity of the process and fairness to the candidate concerned – who still has some legal remedies she can seek – that procedures are respected. For instance, the now-disqualified Poe-Llamanzares has five calendar days to obtain, if she can, an injunction against removing her from the ballot from the Supreme Court; will that be measured from Wednesday, when the formal announcement of the Comelec vote was scheduled, or from Tuesday, when the news was informally released publicly? The Senator’s competitors may very well now have a valid argument against a TRO she might obtain from the High Court, because she was given an unexpected head start, for example.

    The biggest share of the blame for any confusion caused by the Comelec’s handling of the Poe-Llamanzares case goes to Chairman Bautista, who apparently is incapable or unwilling to exercise control over the important agency he heads. While mildly chiding his fellow commissioners for leaking news of the vote ahead of time on Tuesday, Bautista only compounded the problem by discussing the very same thing at length with the media. And he even offered and published his dissenting opinion and has discussed it in a way that can be seen in no other way but an effort to lawyer for Mrs. Poe Llamanzares’ cause.

    That there is no indication of an ulterior motive to sabotage Poe-Llamanzares’ campaign behind the Comelec’s and in Bautista’s actions is actually more worrisome than if there was a plainly evident conspiracy against her. For the only other conclusion that can be drawn from these confusing and chaotic burst of opinions and declarations is that the Comelec is a reckless and inconsiderate body headed by an unprofessional chairman.

    How then are we to have confidence that the process of inclusion and exclusion of persons who have filed applications to be certified as qualified and valid candidates was handled fairly and correctly? And how can we be certain that the process and results of next May’s elections will be proper, correct and untainted?

    At this point, we cannot be certain of anything—not with this Comelec and not with its disappointing chairman.


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    1. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Bautista doesn’t deserve any respect for mishandling the Grace’s issue in the Comelec. The coming election as a result would be a zarzuela with an inept chairman at its helm. He has lose any credibility left in him after ensuring that the contract with the hocus PCOS machine of Smartmatic again would be used in May with a new name OMR for Operation Mar Roxas. Would it really for or against Mar? One could speculate that the chair and some others have sold their soul for money’s sake. God bless the Philippines.

      • adonis b. rocha on

        Comelec just did the right thing, upholding the constitution…the highest law of the land. Back off !…What timing you are all talking about? You Grace Llamanzares’ blind followers are out of line. Wouldnt Grace and Chiz and their followers be jumping like frogs on the street had the Comelec en banc ruled favourably for Grace? …..in that you folks wont be complaining of the timing for sure. Good riddance Grace and broken dreams to equally overzealous and over ambitious Chiz Escudero. You just showed your true colors. “Alis dyan! “

    2. look if Poe is not a citizen she cant run and this is it ; is it not?

      But the keystone cops logic is what is so laughable.

      .I mean i have repeatedly said..We see people who have been convicted/and found guilty of abuse of public office ,,They are allowed to run again –

      -this kind of “gooniish ” logic confounds me!

      Time and again we see people in high office laughing at he fact ;that they are being investigated/or found guilty of abuse of public funds.

      Yet here we are making a mountain out of molehill ..As to whether grace Poe can run or no.
      ..Surely it is plain–Is she a citizen or not?

      Dr David M Meyer

    3. Poe is not a registered foundling, Has more than one birth certificates containing false statements as declared by the parents who adopted her.

      The way i see it she is not even a citizen of the Philippines since her citizenship was restored thru falsified documents and statements.

    4. Bautista, to paraphrase Bono Adaza, has no balls in his brain and no brain in his balls. He is neither here nor there. We have many of them in government.

    5. Chairman Bautista in all honesty mentioned he was being pressured regarding Grace Poe citizenship and residency. At least he is honest enough to let the people. know .. As always…you can’t expect this administration to be bias as they are all appointed by this administration in the Comelec..

    6. “True colors” are now coming out of the picture and it seems obnoxious odor on political rampage is also “leaking”. What’s this? Parang nakakaduda na ang mga ito? Two Comelec execs “justifying” the error on Poe’s political documentations just to qualify herself as presidential bid this 2016 election.

    7. I believe that the Dual Citizen and Retention law apply prospectively or in the future. Because the 1987 does not have a citizen retain provision. This law supplements that when it was passed then a filipino citizen retains citizenship even if you renounce it to get another citizen. so you dont have to process to get your filipino citizenship back. So, just like the Aguinaldo doctrine, Grace Lamanzares is not a natural filipino citizen! And, I believe that fondling is not or should not be the issue but is highlighted because it is a novelty that hits sentimental emotions which clouds decision.

    8. I am sick and tired of Poe. If things don’t go her way , she disparaged them. She and her cabals are the most destructive element of society. Her feeling of entitlement disrespect our institution and the Filipino people. Duterte on the other hand asked his supporters to pray and to think you call him berdugo Duterte is for order. Poe is for herself creating disorder. Shame you are pandering for her.

    9. One again: the burden of proof that mrs Poe isnt a natural-born filipina doesnt rest on her shoulders!!
      The idiots who filed the claims against her stating that she isnt a natural-born filipina has the legal obligation to submit proof that she isnt a natural-born filipina
      I havent rread any single shred of evidence they have to substantiate their claims that she isnt a natural-born filipina.
      So to be very blunt and straight to the point: those retarded idiots who are on the Commelec Commission dont have the slightest idea how to deal with this case and they should have thrown aal those foolish claims out!!
      The decision of Comelec to ban mrs Poe is a classic example of a ruling given by stupid and retarded idiots.
      Ignorancy can be helped but stupidity is uncureable.
      It is an international accepted legal rule: he who claims has the burden of proof on jis shoulder to submit evidence that his claim is legally valid!!
      Apparantly Comelc members are inventing their own retarded rules just to lok interesting to the filipino!! It is a real disgrace and a downright shameful display of abuse of power.

    10. For instance, the now-disqualified Poe-Llamanzares has five calendar days to obtain, if she can, an injunction against removing her from the ballot from the Supreme Court; will that be measured from Wednesday, when the formal announcement of the Comelec vote was scheduled, or from Tuesday, when the news was informally released publicly?

      It has to be neasured from the date that the Comelec officially informed mrs Poe-Llamanzares of the decisios to disqualify her in writing and all tyhe judicial motives and grounds to disqualifyv her as a cadidiate .
      The decision has to mention the period of time she has to file a petition for an injuction with tyhe Supreme Court.
      It is really unheard of that a legal commission is informing the media and public way before the parties involved are officially informed.

      Obviously it seems to be a common behavior in the Philipinnes for members of a comission to do so.

    11. Comelec is a reckless and inconsiderate body headed by an unprofessional chairman.

      Chairman Bautista is a Aquino appointee, Like every other Aquino appointee they will do what they are told to. Watch the Supreme Court votes when they rule on Poe, Aquino appointed 5 justices with another coming soon.

      When the 6 Supreme Court justices appointed by Aquino disregard the constitution to rule in her favor.will everyone have some idea what is going on in this country ?

      • Most of the justices appointed by Aquino voted against him on the PDAF. Doesn’t that prove their independence and ability to think and make decisions on their own?

    12. Chairman Bautista should inhibit in the 2016 election. He is obviously for POE. Parang lawyer na siya ni POE. Lets demand him to inhibit. Malay ba natin kung ano ang gagawin niya. Think this, Bautista is an appointee of Aquino kaya maaring si Poe ay secret candidate ni Noynoy. D siya ganyan ka brave magsalita kung walang basbas si Pinoy.

      • Others say Bautista is getting orders from PNo who appointed him. Doesn’t seem to be true because he voted agaist Poe’s disqualification. Its obvious he is for Poe and not for Roxas. At least he shows some independence from PNoy and the Liberal Party.

    13. binabae ang chairman. while he concurred with the majority decision disqualifying poe, he wants her to be allowed to run???? he should resign if he cannot implement what the constitution mandates that: a candidate must be natural born and has a 10 year residency. kung naawa siya kay poe, magresign na lang sya. sisirain niya ang buong comelec and putting this election in jeopardy!!!