No greeting cards have been sent as New Year rush is through


WITH the advancement of technology, China’s younger generation prefer exchanging information and interacting through social media, playing games with their smart phones, and spending time with friends and extended families—even during special occasions or festivals like the New Year.

Whereas people used to send New Year cards, or call or visit each other to express good wishes during the Spring Festival, it is now more convenient for many to send instant messages (with graphic) via WeChat—the most popular social media app among the Chinese. WeChat is equivalent to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in other countries,

According to, even exchanging red envelopes is now electronically done. The App-sent/received “red envelopes” appeared not long ago and now has become the most popular New Year activity among the young, spending the holiday exchanging cyber money via red envelope for fun.

It may be unusual in other cultures but, in China, fake boyfriend/girlfriend rental has become a fad for “old singles”—those above the normal matrimonial age—just to satisfy the “requirement” of parents and relatives to avoid being in an awkward situation.



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