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    As a little girl, I was never one to dream of pretty dresses and big wedding parties. I was too busy pretending I was Elizabeth Wakefield and Kristy Thomas to even think of white dresses and fairytales. Instead of daydreaming about prince charming, I often chased after dreams of scholarships and job titles. My parents definitely raised a unique one so when the day came for me to say “I do”, I was stuck as to how I wanted my wedding to be like. All I wanted was to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big and surprise everyone with the wedding but my dad wanted to see his only girl walk down the aisle, along with relatives who thought I would grow old a cat lady.

    In the world of social media, hashtags and filters make up a girl’s big day. Carefully crafted videos and photos often tell the tale of a magical day but as an events person myself, I knew that these things never went on without a hitch. Yes, I wanted the day to be special but I didn’t want it to become inauthentic. True enough days leading up to our very small and intimate wedding was far from perfect. My husband and I understood that this was real life and we weren’t blinded by the preparations. Our wedding, just like life, was flawed and imperfect and yet we adored every minute of it.

    It took my husband and I a total of two weeks to prepare for the wedding and in those two weeks, we were also transitioning into new jobs so the wedding preparations were set aside. We bought everything off the rack and final preparations were done the night before (where nobody slept) just to make sure it looked beautiful enough to ce­lebrate our love story.

    My appointed “man of honor”, my best friend and my brother, Carl brought the house down with his speech while my dad’s tears made me rethink my decision. My mom was the levelheaded one as usual while real friends came and gave their time to celebrate with us, which I believe is the greatest gift of all. There were a few glitches but overall, it was a day I never even thought I would have the pleasure to have.

    But at the end of the day, my Lolo Bojie held a beautiful ceremony with people who I’m certain would be in our lives a long time. We shared our vows in front of people who we knew loved us and we loved just the same. We embraced our new lives together by understanding that while it may never be Pinterest perfect all times there’s beauty in appreciating its authenticity. We were reminded of what marriage is about and who should always take center stage: God and by taking away all the frills, we unintentionally made the day about Him.

    Today, as we look back on that special day, we are filled with awe at God’s grace and how he brought together two people from opposite ends of the world in the most unconventional way to show people that truly with Him, nothing is impossible.

    It will always remind me that life, with all of its surprises, is beautiful as it is and if we go beyond the aesthetics, it could be the one we have always dreamt for it to be.

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